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  1. If Ricky is a new artist under B2M then there's no reason why she can't promote track 4 either. A good time to get some exposure for Ricky. But yes, I would like for her to get a double track performance for her comeback as well.
  2. I thought that too, but if you look again, i think she's just taking a picture with her friend sitting beside her... hahaha...
  3. At least this time they're going through with the show.
  4. Auditions? DSP, work on the remaining trainees that you have and prep them for a debut before you take on more than you can handle. Majority of your trainees will end up leaving your company for another one before they debut anyway. And with the result of Kara, is this really a good time to be recruiting? Will anyone really apply with this type of track record?... Seeing them not include JiYoung and Nicole in Kara's picture is quite disheartening. I mean, JiYoung is still technically part of the group, her contract ends in April, it's still March. Makes me think that the split wasn't amicable. Were bridges burnt?
  5. I really want to know if this is how the new head of the company is dealing with this whole issue. You know, the guy that was formally at SBS. Wasn't he brought in from the 2011 incident to ease the tension from both sides? What is his part now, has he become more of the wife's worker, looking out more for her benefit rather than the company and the girls? I'm just really curious about this. I'm really trying to keep myself silent until everything is fully figured out but it's just really confusing and I guess unusual. Everything is playing out quite odd to me.
  6. Like how Kangta, Boa, and U-Know are like the poster child for SM, GyuRi is the poster child for DSP. Her support and loyalty for them is endless.
  7. I agree, she was literally in her own little world with the fans during the finale... hahaha... She was holding on to all the gifts for dear life... hahaha... With the way she was at the concert you would never think that anything would be bothering her, or the girls for that matter. Or even the other DSP family members.
  8. That's right Nicole, I wrote that quote just for you!...
  9. Probably just me reading too much in to this, but I find it oddly funny. In all of the DSP Festival promotional videos, every single member in each group get to say something, a line of their own, but with Kara you see Nicole and JiYoung quietly standing and just smiling. Considering the situation, I can understand why, but I still find it funy... hahaha...
  10. Here is what I don't understand. After the contract dispute in 2011, there was a new "boss" in charge, correct? I understand that at the end of the day he works for the owner(s), that would include the wife, but wasn't he brought in to smooth things out for both sides? If the "bad blood" between the two sides still exist then what is/has he been really doing? Of course i understand the wife would have a say but wasn't he brought in to run the business properly? With a mindset of business being the main goal, then why would he not try to compromise the situation and concrete his main income? Seriously, there's many unanswered issues here and not just the main focus, which is Nicole and her final decision.
  11. I have a few guesses as to who their male lead is. It's either the same guy from Bye Bye Happy Days or HyeongKon from A-Jax.
  12. It's obvious why they removed SS501, they shouldn't have promoted the group from the beginning. It just made people think that there was a possibility of the whole group reuniting. There are members who has enlisted, so there wasn't going to be a chance for them to appear. They should have just promoted who they had now and just leave the "And more..." as the mystery for the fans.
  13. Kara, Rainbow, A-Jax, and Oh Jong Hyuk are the obvious confirmations because they are still active under DSP. SS501 won't be reunited as a group fully because one member just enlisted while another is currently in the midst of his duties, that leaves the other three to possibly make appearances and perform their soloes. The only old time group I see having a possiblity of reuniting is FinKL since all members are still currently active in the entertainment field and they've gather together before. If not, I can see HyoRi making an appearance to show her support. I can also see Eun Ji Won making an appearance to show support as well. The "and more..." part has possibilities of introductions to new groups/trainees that DSP plans to debut in the near future. I really hope Puretty will get their time on stage as well.
  14. I'm excited to see that DSP is finally planning and even going through with a family concert. My only issue is the timing in which this concert is plan for. Was this something that was in talks for and plan way ahead of time or is it something that has been thrown together last minute because of occuring issues within the company and this is a saving grace/last resort attempt to save face for the company. And with the possible inclusion of previous artistes that have been with the company, it has piqued my interest even more. I wonder if @ultraman88 would know more insider information on this.
  15. Very impress with Mister. I'm more surprise with Jumping actually, but of course since Japan is the majority, it's not too surprising. Take solace in the fact that Gee was released at the beginning of 2009 (end of January, beginning of February I think) and Mister was released in August or September and Kara still takes the lead... hahaha... But seems to me that the girls haven't or aren't really seeing the fruits of their labour base on this statistic alone, if you know what I mean, but that's just me.