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  1. My first thought? "I DIDN'T KNOW THAT HARA DID A PHOTOSHOOT WITH SHINEE?!" So, I scrolled back to the title.. LOOK ALIKE. Ah! Right. Woaaah! But I agree, Hara is so much prettier.
  2. FANGIRL HERE! And proud of it! I don't really understand why female idols are expected to only have male fans. :/ =))))))) I'm glad that there are a lot of fangirls here
  3. It's a shame that Hara (or any of them) are going to be in WGM. I think they'd do really well!
  4. Now what is adorable? Nicole! Hahaha. Don't ever change, Nicole! Don't ever change!
  5. That glove just lost it's purpose.. but in doing so, gained a new one! Never use that, display it! But never use it to clean. Instead, preserve that glove! =)) LOL.
  6. Definitely that cute morning look! Maybe that's why I'm always giddy whenever the idols are shown in their dorms.. They look so natural!
  7. I should probably start watching Heroes.. =)) But, awww! Cutie Nicole! Being a fangirl! LOL.
  8. I actually don't have any complaints about the results! just glad that all 5 of them got in buuut, Hyoyeon higher than Nicole and Gyuri? no offense, but I didn't expect that..
  9. 'It's always better when we're together!' - *iforgotthesongwhereigotthislinefrom* But yeah! I prefer them doing group activities! Idol show!
  10. Family Outing and We Got Married!!! Happy Together also! But Dream Team too! \:D/
  11. Hm, I wish I could say that I was a fan of them since the beginning! But I'm not I'm glad I am now, though I got to really find them interesting was when I saw them on Come To Play with SNSD. Back then, SNSD was the only group that I liked. But I saw them there, And then Nicole on Star Golden Bell! then more on Hara in Invincible Youth
  12. I don't think it's allowed to promote other groups in other forums.. ? Unless they specifically indicate that you can talk about other groups. I have an account in SSF as well, but I don't think they allow this? Not sure though. But then, you can occassionally see comments about other groups on the s-box especially during streaming And I like it that way, because it's their personal forums.. I mean, the forums are for the fans of that specific group. Just my opinion! Also, I've heard of Alizee! I actually had to study or analyze her once for class. That girl can sing!
  13. Funniest would probably be Hara! But then, when you see Gyuri and she starts talking about her "concept" or about being a goddess, it's actually pretty entertaining as well!
  14. I've never seen SNSD with this kind of pictures.. do they have also? :o I didn't think SM would allow such pictures.. Hm, I don't think they're promoting it since you can't actually see the brand..
  15. As a solo artist? Hm, either Gyuri or Seungyeon! But I'm leaning towards Seungyeon.. But I really do want to hear more from Nicole or Hara! Definitely them. They don't have to go solo.. just an OST will do for me