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  1. aww man i really want to see they sing it live. Oh well...
  2. yay i knew it would be a bit hit. congratz to the girls!! Karaya fighting <3
  3. top 3!!!! i so happy for them. Kara good luck<3 can't wait to see kara in japan music shows. fighting!!
  4. natural goddess!! so beautiful, i like her extension lol
  5. kara good luck!! hope j-pop fans will support the girls fighting!!
  6. wowo the mv looks so cool they all look really pretty
  7. snacks from goddess and shindong? that would be awesome Gyuri looks pretty in the picture
  8. lol seung yeon and her soju<3 kara needs a better dorm !!!!
  9. yay goddess gyuri made top 3. her body is perfectt Congratz!!
  10. OMG!! this wil be awesome if Seungyeon gets the role. This movie seems really good i want to see Seungyeon acting skills.
  11. cool cant wait to watch this. Nicole is on variety show again so happy
  12. aww their Japan activities will begin really soon. Can't wait to see the mv Gyuri is a greatest leader.