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  1. Wow i am so jealous of your dreams they are so good. But i am super jealous of the Seungyeon dreams SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS When I was reading this I was a little mad that you didn't save Gyuri but since it worked out fine its okay. I would have cried as much as Jiyoung if I dreamed of that. I wish I could have a dream with Gyuri looking so godly
  2. Your dream sounds so funny. "No! We kneel together!" Just that part with Seungyeon would keep me smiling the whole day
  3. I know who jay park is I just thought you nicknamed jaebum because you said " jaebum and jiyoung's child is around 2-4 years old" when you already know its mine and Jiyoung's child
  4. I guess you can call me jaebum if you want to but I would rather not be nicknamed lets stick with 5missing1 instead
  5. Nope but something else I can tell is that mine and Jiyoung's child was around 2-4 years hold by body length. Although I only saw half of Jiyoung's you can tell she was still young like mid to late 20's
  6. What the heck Is that supposed to be you? you need to learn how to eat properly
  7. You think you are funny huh you won't be laughing for long pal Come on Jiyoung lets go home
  8. I like your little pun there buddy but in a few years that dream will become a reality and I know who i am going to send the baby photos to first and that's you. Also I will send a letter with our child's stick figures to prove that she is my child
  9. No its not that its that in my dream instead of saying my kid has a cute laugh which would mean that its mine and Jiyoung's child I said Jiyoung's kid has a cute laugh which means the child might not be mine but I hope it is heheheh the pictures would be really bad stick figures if I drew it
  10. Don't worry I will a great husband to Jiyoung Sorry that I am going to make you jealous heheheheheh Just don't think about having a dream of Jiyoung. For me all my Kara dreams happen when I don't think a lot about Kara that day You two are lucky to have enjoyed my dream because I was happy and sad about it because in my dream I said Jiyoung's kid has a cute laugh so I am not sure if she is mine
  11. So last night I had a dream about Jiyoung with her child. We were in a crowded place walking in a bright sunny city. I was behind them but not like a stalker. Jiyoung was holding her child in her arms running and hopping around laughing with her child. I couldn't see her full face but when she turned around and looked at me and I saw Jiyoung's smile. She had her long wavy brown hair and her dress had a long brown bottom. Her kid was like a mini version of her with a blue jacket and her hair had the Jiyoung's flat bangs like she had before. What I remember thinking in my dream was Jiyoung's kid has a cute laugh.
  12. Actually I share your feelings about disbandment but its not from their solos. I get the feeling of disbandment because Kara's popularity keeps increasing. I don't know why really but its most likely because i am anticipating it so when it does happen its not a surprise. All I can say is enjoy and support them while you can(didn't know how to word that out but I mean something like go with the flow) and don't think of the inevitable just hope for the best for KARA's future
  13. I still voted for STEP because of the same reason I voted for it last time but I do still love Pandora I didn't like it at first but it grew on me
  14. I picked STEP because it was my first home on youtube. A lot of memories on that MV
  15. @ red4summer it felt good letting that out. Also thanks for all the photos you shared on this thread. I've been hunting down Sunghee and Kara pictures from the old days but you put alot of pictures here that I have spent hours searching for and with better quality