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  1. Maybe it's a trainee...? o_O. At first I thought it was Ricky from Dream Team but I don't think he does singing, plus if it was Ricky from Teen Top, I think they would've put it right?
  2. Why is the 19th so far away?!?! Someone, please stop me from keep playing the replay button. I can't stop!~
  3. Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to listen to it. I hope I'm not too late, I just recently found out about this interaction now >.< Thanks again!~
  4. I think there's are new admirers!~ One is N from VIXX. He said that he liked Nicole on "All About KPOP". Then there's Hara's brother who likes her the best out of kara.
  5. For me, I was on youtube when I stumbled upon a Star Golden Bell Level with Me video. So I clicked on it and watched the video. When i was watching it Nicole was so freakin funny and cute so I kept looking for more Level with Me videos but couldn't find some at the time so I just had to go searching for more information about her. I found out she was from Kara so I searched on some videos on them. And I soon got into them just like that, they were cute, natural, and funny ^^ But I have to say the Level with Me videos mostly got me into Kara.. hehe
  6. Kiss the Radio Played Pandora before the song release date guys please read: pandora was played today at kiss the radio but ktr didnt check the release date and it was their mistake. ktr asked fans not to upload any of ktr's show today. So don't spread it around if anyone uploaded it if you respect kara bbies please From: seung_triplets twitter there's been a lot of accidental releases for Kara's comeback o.o first the website and now this, DSP must be really angry.
  7. She looked aslkdfjasdlf;jd hot!! But I was hoping for more close up, like face close ups. For me the awkward part was at .07 when she was lying on the floor and the screen turns gray.. It had a sort of creepy/awkward for me but the teaser was still good. From what I see, it seems like Hara and Nicole are dance teasers and Jiyoung and Gyuri are non-dancing teasers. Maybe its like a pattern: non dancing teaser-> dancing teaser-> non dancing teaser.. So maybe Seungyeon's teaser will be a non- dancing teaser like Jiyoung and Gyuri??? I can't wait for her's tomorrow!! Bet she will look beautiful!!
  8. Gyuri's teaser: Someone has to be blind to think she's ugly So pretty!! Always a goddess~ Next is Nicole's, I can't wait!!
  9. Hara's teaser: 3 words: Drop Dead Gorgeous!! I can't wait for Gyuri's, Nicole's, and Seungyeon's teasers!!
  10. I AM NOW IN SPAZZING MODE!! Kara releases 1st image teaser for "Pandora" ft. Jiyoung After an exciting announcement that KARA would be returning with their 5th mini-album, "Pandora," at the end of the month, the first solo image teaser has been revealed on August 13th! As the maknae of the group, Kang Jiyoung reveals her transformation with an intense pink color suit and matching lipstick. Her hair seem to shine with a hint of silver mixed in it. Her image teaser has amplified fans curiosity behind the group's concept of "Pandora," the most beautiful woman created by the gods. KARA already caught attention with the beautiful jacket cover photo of their 5th mini-album, which is set to be released on August 22nd. They will also perform their comeback showcase that day. Other solo image teasers featuring Goo Hara, Park Gyuri and Nicole will be released in the next following days promptly at noon through Naver Music, with the music video teaser set to be released in 5 days (August 18th) through KARA's official YouTube channel. Taken by Koreaboo Teaser release Schedule: KARA Pandora Member Teaser 8/13 : Jiyoung 8/14 : Hara 8/15 : Gyuri 8/16 : Nicole 8/17 : Seungyeon I CAN' WAIT!!! Jiyoung looks amazing! And supposedly DSP has a dress code for Kara's showcase. You have to wear a black jacket. O_O
  11. ^ Actually Pandora Instrumental was listed on there not Pandora. (I don't know why though) But Pandora should be the remaining song. I can't wait for their comeback!! I wonder what kind of songs they will be releasing... CAN't WAIT CAN'T WAIT!!
  12. I wanted to go but the prices of the tickets are expensive, and there wasn't any refunds. SBS wasn't very good at giving information about the tickets before it was on sale so that was also a problem for me.. Oh well maybe next time. Good luck on gathering 1,500 Kamilias in LA. It seems a bit hard but it's possible ^^ Sorry I couldn't help :I Please do take some fancam of KARA! Especially if Hara and Nicole is going to MC Thanks!
  13. Chincha!?! Me jelly x) My questions are: 1. What was your first impression of your dongsaengs, A-JAX? 2. Are there any other countries you would like to travel too? 3. Jiyoung and Hara has already starred in dramas, will the other members do the same soon? That's all for me right now ^^ Sorry for giving you alot of questions >.<
  14. So hard to choose Had to decide either Beast or Shinee. Ended up with Beast I ship Dongwoon and Nicole
  15. For me, Step and Let it go from new Kara Already 1 year (actually a cover but i like it still >.<) Maybe not a lot of people know this song: Gyuri's and Nicole's rap