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  1. Name : Yuki Yap Country : Malaysia Message : Seungyeon, happy birthday ! Thanks for giving your best to KAMILIAs. I appreciate it and even grateful that you're with KARA and KAMILIAs ! Once again, always be healthy and happy ^^ All the best !
  2. Thanks for this post ^^ Now, we can watch it ^^
  3. Vote for #KARA #CUPID by tagging @SBS_MTV and using the following hashtags!! #더쇼 Please share and tweet! #카라

  4. KAMILIAs, trend #CUPID and #IN_LOVE for their comeback !

  5. KAMILIAs, trend #IN_LOVE for their comeback !

  6. KARA 8th Anniversary is just around the corner !

  7. Link to article: Language of article: Korean Date of article: 14 March 2015 Title of article (in original language) : [스타포커스] 前 카라(KARA) 니콜, 탈퇴는 ‘불가항력’이었나…노골적인 ‘차별대우’ Karaholic translators, where are you? OMG, now KAMILIA didn't know what is KARA latest news !!! If you didn't post the news, how could K-Pop social website posting KARA news ???? This is making many KAMILIAs upset, including myself. KARA have many news, at Korean news media. Japan media also writing report of K-Pop ~
  8. If both of them are making Korean comeback in the same time, I'm happy ! Both of them are top girl groups ! > _ < I wish both of them will have collaborations one day !
  9. No matter what happens, she shouldn't give up her life. Commit suicide is NOT the way to solve problem. She should share her inner problems with her families and dearest friends. I'm shocked when I'm reading this news at K-Pop social website. Actually, I had observed all Baby KARA, and looking forward towards all 6 of them will debut in a new girl group. R.I.P, Sojin. May your soul rest in peace and continue blessing your loved ones.
  10. HYPERLINK Sorry for posting here, since it's not related, but please follow up with this topic, as I posted the hyperlink ! Nobody is follow up ! KAMILIAs seldom hear some news from KARA ~