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  1. Haha, sounds funny! 1.- I'm a big fan of you! Can I get your autograph? 2.- I heard that you speak a little spanish, could you speak to me a little on spanish? 3.- Can I invite you to dinner? 4.- Why are you so beautiful? I love you! 5.- Can I be your friend?
  2. Exams, exams everywhere :$

  3. Gyuri looks so pretty! <3, I like her. Youngji too... Thank you so much for the photos.
  4. That's all I can say about this. I love you Nicole, I didn't saw that side of you!
  5. Nicole's comeback? I didn't realize at all 'cuz my activities

  6. Timing SNS... it's too long :(

  7. I think the same too. That song is about Nicole and Jiyoung, why? because thay spent 6 years together, 6 years spending the time as mates, friends but specially as sisters... but well that's past time, and I loved the comeback, I watched the MV today and was much better than expected.
  8. I will contribute with this... I miss you Nicole
  9. So let's wait what will happen I can't wait for the MV teaser. I shouldn't watched this... Thank you for the news dude!
  10. What can I say?... Simply everyone has their own point of view, I accept, and I'm happy that Youngji joined the group, but, for the other side I agree with BboyWing and Red4summer, this couldn't work for many motives: First: Nicole and Jiyoung are irreplaceable, even put on KARA many members they can't be KARA. Second: Thinking ahead: As BboyWing said: What if Gyuri, Seungyeon, or Hara wants to left the group? What they are (DSP) gonna do? Add new members? In this situation could be better keep KARA with 3 members, just we need wait and hope their comeback, and wait that all gonna be ok... Unfortunately we can't back the time and go ahead, support them because they are whom is suffering with all this conflict. That's my opinion...
  11. I listen to KARA via PC, PSP, Cellphone, or rarely on PS3. I hear them when I have free time, or actually when I have to study It's no productive in those cases
  12. Once again, Welcome Young Ji, but I'm still complining that DSP should chose two of them! Forgeting that. I hope she will do her best, and she'll do, probably I will love her as my Nicole. But for now Young Ji fighting!