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  1. When i got to know KARA for the first time through the MV "Mister", I thought Nicole was the leader back then.... She kind of gave that confident vibe xD When I researched on them in wiki, I was kinda surprised ( idk why though ._.) that Gyuri was the leader. But after watching more shows of KARA, Gyuri indeed fits the leader role. Like everyone else said, she has a more mature image. I also like her wits and confidence!
  2. Welcome to Karaholic. The magic of KARA awaits.

  3. I picked ""Everything" of course! xD Totally love everything about her, especially her eye-smile. Its really adorably expressive!
  4. Don't know if its kinda late of me to say now but here's the link for this episode. Its still available. The Teacher Is Coming - KARA Han Seungyeon It really saddens me to see poor Hammie being left out (even though it was a prank). I mean, who likes to be left out?! Such a depressing feeling :(/> But i'm glad we fans got to know more about her through this. She's such a strong and hardworking girl! SEUNGYEON HWAITING!!!