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  1. I must have voted for Nicole #1, but since people are voting Jing/Youngji, I'll change my vote to Nicole/Sunghee #1.
  2. I hope Sunghee returns, or, at least, they mention her.
  3. the whole site needs updating but I don't know who is supposed to do it
  4. You should try asking on the KARA channel on discord. This invite is good for 7 days
  5. Thank you so much. I'll go with the 1st GGS image.
  6. My records say it's from 20130906. I searched on yt, and was not able to find the video.
  7. could you contact Palaverist to see how he's doing
    iirc he was a big Hara fan

  8. Hi!!! Haven't seen you in a long time. How u doing???

  9. hopefully, you can make it to the Reunion KARA meetup in Tokyo

    1. HitsuKid


      Definitely impossible. I am fighting on my career path right now.

      As you might know, Singapore, a country that never rest.

  10. ok ... in the SB too (I don't think it's a shoutbox anymore, it's a chatbox now)

    1. HitsuKid


      That's......a pity. Sorry for not shouting my share for months(or a year more likely). I dunno how to use the shoutbox anymore.