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  1. of course my love ;o; when I saw your name in my inbox I got excited! How are you, bb? <3

  2. mummy! it's me, nicole! remember me? <3

  3. darling! I haven't seen much of you lately >< but happy happy birthday! <3

  4. hm..i haven't seen u in a while or on twitter lately o.O how are u??

  5. i thought who is this. Keke. meme's daughter! Nicky! (:

  6. i almost didn't recognize you (:

  7. New fan! I only became a fan early this year... I know that's very late but at least I'm a fan now right?
  8. Whut?! Jing is the last? No way! In my opinion Jing's eyes are the prettiest so big!
  9. For me it's Wanna~ I won't get addicted to it. But I'll get addicted to other songs like mister, jumping and Lupin.
  10. Group activites obviously! They looks so bonded and happy during group activities
  11. i <3 your Jing Forum~

    Victoria's teaser was my favorite~

    She's truly a GODDESS~!!!!! ;D

  12. Hmm.... Actually, she isn't SUPER tall. She's just tall But yes, she's super tall as compared to the other members.
  13. ♥ I'll be waiting for your comeback XD

  14. Momma! I'll be more active at Sweet Melodix as soon as possible! Really sorry <3