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  1. Lots of KARA moments to remember, and its just an added treat when we have moving pictures of them, rather than the still photos. So post your favorite gifs, and lets re-live the kara goodness!! Nicole and Hara's aegyo Super Ji Young~ Lol. credits: baidu
  2. I think maknae Ji Young has had the most number of hairstyle changes for Rock U, but what do you guys think suits her the best? Option 1: Straight bangs, straight hair Option 2 Straight bangs, wavy hair Option 3: No bangs, straight hair Option 4: No bangs, pigtails Option 5: Straight bangs, curly pigtails Option 6: Straight bangs, high bun Option 7: Straight bangs, side buns Option 8: Straight bangs, side ponytail Option 9: Side bangs, wavy hair, with beanie If I missed a hairstyle, just add the pictures
  3. I don't know if this is the right place to post this topic, but I'll just post anyway. Mods, please feel free to move if needed. Personally, I think Gyuri is the prettiest of KARA, she was the first one I noticed. And although she tends to look different at times -(guess her look is very versatile) she looks great regardless of whether she has make-up or no make-up, her hair long or short. And she knows she looks great too! Lol. So post your favorite picture of Gyuri~ I like this one best. I think her selca's are the prettiest! She looks gangster and princess-y at the same time, if there's such a thing. Love her hair long and wavy like that <3 credits to haejin @ karabloom
  4. source: Gyuri's cyworld & mae@KARAholic translated by: coffeebeanie@KARAholic CREDIT PROPERLY IF TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE
  5. Jisook/Myungsoo credits: Jiyoung's cy, kara-t.com DO NOT HOTLINK!!! -- kang-ah-jiyoung looks so cute with her pets.. i think there was a caption beneath the first pic saying "after a long while, with Jisook"
  6. Its my graduation ^0^ It seems like I entered just the other day.. I was late because of rehearsals.. But, In the empty classroom, with my dad and teacher~ I took pictures and Sangmoo oppa also took pictures of us~ Thank you!_! (The person with me in the above picture is my dad~♥) Anyway, to all my school friends who also graduated that day Happy Graduation^0^ I miss you so much-.ㅜ.... You know how I feel right.. I'll go visit you guys later. Ye ye ye ye ye! Anyway!! Everyone study hard in high school!! I should also study hard. Hohoho.. It was graduation+Honey's first broadcast Fighting for the future!!!! Lets run, run~~~~ Ah Dadadadadadadadada~~~~!!!! source: Jiyoungs cyworld, anne translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic CREDIT PROPERLY IF TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE
  7. I realized she wears hats/caps a lot. And when they came out with the new MV, I kept on remembering her as the girl in the lime green fedora. She looks good in it right? Not everyone can pull that look off. Post more pictures of her in hats/caps if you have~ Fedoras. *Purple @ Post # 19 Orange Lime Green Red Beret. *Maroon @ Post #19 Caps. Pre-debut Couldn't find a solo pic of her in this. credits:baidu and kara soompi
  8. Just a random thing that I've been noticing for a while.. Hara loves doing poses like this? Lol. The first ever picture I saw of her was with that pose, and she did it again with the Rock U MV. It's slowly becoming her signature or something. Last: Ji Young trying it out too. Share if you have more~ credits: baidu
  9. At the onset of year 2009, the music industry now is being led my girl idol groups, more particularly Girl's Generation and KARA. Stealing the hearts of many male fans, the members of the two groups melts us with their cute smiling eyes. Let us now find out more about their charms. With the popularity of idol groups not showing any signs of slowing down, girl groups Girl's Generation and KARA are on the forefront of it all, enjoying immense popularity nowadays. Whenever the two groups appear on stage for a live music program, the chants of their male fans are so audible, showing just how many supporters they have. Lets now look at the charms of Girls Generation and KARA, who are similar, yet so different from each other. Cute Dance Moves Girl's Genearation comeback last January with mini-album <Gee>. [sNSD] YTN Star viewers, hello. We are Girls Generation. With the addictive melody and lyrics, cute and easy dance moves, <Gee> has been dominating music charts everywhere. On January 31st, the song was the top music download on cyworld. [soooyoung] Its been great that we've been receiving a lot of love since the start of the new year. The love that we've been receiving is overflowing. We're prone to getting colds, but still we're still so very grateful" <Infinity Challenge> and <2 Days 1 Night>, together with so many other programs parodied the song, showing just how popular this song is nowadays. KARA debuted earlier than Girl's Generation. They received much attention in their debut stages because of their being labeled as the '2nd Fin.k.l' [KARA] Hello YTN Star viewers, we are KARA! With vocalist Kim Sunghee leaving the group last year, new members Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung made KARA a 5-member group, enjoying immense popularity nowadays. Just recently, they held their first fan meeting, where the crowd was so big that it was hard for fans to get it. [Han Seungyeon] While we were entering, I got goosebumps all over because so many people came, so much more than what we were expecting. I hope that you guys like what we prepared for you, and also that we spend a blissful day together. Their second mini-album <Pretty Girl> affirmed and strengthened the popularity of KARA. With their follow-up single <Honey>, they came back with a pure image of themselves. Their 'Honey eating dance', where they use their fingers to taste honey, is melting the hearts of male fans everywhere. Both groups perform without any backup dancers, but still they manage to gain the attention of the viewers as the stage looks full because of their cute dance and evident stage presence. Hidden Talents All idol groups are expected to have some hidden talents. And it stands true for Girls Generation and KARA. Starting with Big Bang's Daesung, idol groups have been showing interest in trot. Recently, Girls Generation's Seohyun has released a trot single. On the other hand, Han Seungyeon has shown of her trot skills in karaoke. Always picking song number 18 when going to karaoke, Han Seungyeon enjoys trot, honing her singing skills to be able to show a different side to their fans. Their skills in singing trot is truly surprising. But because of these hidden charms, they receive much more love from both their male and female fans. Killer aegyo that captures male fans Pretty faces, cute dance, loveable song. Girls Generation and KARA are the dream romance of males these days. Once they show their killer aegyo moves, one is surely not able to recover from it. Girl's generation, being all-around entertainers, are able to project aegyo very well because of their training in acting. [sooyoung] We had to do that expression that the cat in the movie 'Shrek'. Kind of like this.. [Yuri] The facial expression that was the hardest to do was 'Save me'. It was really hard. On the other hand, KARA shows a different kind of aegyo - their charms makes the fans want to protect them. In their first fan meeting, their cheerful disposition and smiling eyes set the warm atmosphere just right. [Goo Hara] This is our first fan meeting and signing, so the feeling is strange, but still great because I feel that we are very much loved. [Park Gyuri] I also have other charms. I'm sorry. There are fans that have stayed with them right from the beginning, and is still present until today. The two representative groups of girl power nowadays - Girls Generation and KARA. These charming girls will surely melt everyones' hearts, no one can deny their appeal. We look forward to the future of these bright groups. credits: YTN STAR KOREA LINK thanks to anne! translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic.com CREDIT PROPERLY IF TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE ---- I didn't quite get this part. I just translated it as it is.
  10. KARA, who recently gained a fan, 'Ma-Wang' Shin Hae Chul, expressed their gratitude to him. KARA's leader, Park Gyuri, expressed her shyness and thankfulness to a statement made by Shin Hae Chul on a recent radio program - the new KARA fan stated that 'The trend now is KARA. I have turned by back on Girls Generation' Park Gyuri said 'It is such an honor that Shin Hae Chul actually said that on-air'. 'We will do our best so that he won't turn his back on us', she added with a laugh. Shin Hae Chul, who made a guest appearance with NEXT on SBS' power FM's Park So Hyun's Love Game, said that 'I wanted to guest together with either the Wonder Girls or KARA. I actually wanted to make a 10 member group with the KARA members with us.' He added 'We recently were on a variety program together with them, and after seeing them in person.. They are the hit thing right now..'. Also 'All of the KARA members are pretty' and that 'At first, I was a Girls Generation fan, but now I've switched to KARA', a statement that garnered much laughter. When asked 'Are you going to betray Girls Generation?', he replied 'I already did', after which the whole studio bursted with laughter. Park Gyuri, in response to their new fan, 'We were on Star Golden Bell together recently, and we didn't expect him to pay much attention to us, but as the program went on, we noticed that he treated us very well', she said fondly, remembering their first meeting. She added 'Beacuse of his 'Ma-Wang' image, he is oozing with charisma and can be very scary, but he is really different off-cam. He is really comfortable to be around. We too became a fan of him.' Another thing she said was that 'The statement he made on the radio program was just to make the story more fun and laughable, but it still, it made us feel really good.' She said with a bright smile on her face, 'Shin Hae Chul is a really good sunbaenim, and there's no one who would dislike having him as a fan. As a last statement, Park Gyuri said that 'We will do our best not to lose Shin Hae Chul to other girl groups. We will show him and all our other fans our best efforts, a group that always puts their best in everything - KARA.' source: NEWSEN LINK thanks to mae! translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT PROPERLY IF TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE.
  11. From the Wonder Girls, now it is about Girls Generation and KARA. As we move on from the year 2008 to 2009, the trend in the music industry will still be about freshness, ready to be music angels. Just a step behind the Wonder Girls, KARA is recently gaining a lot of popularity in various music charts, through their second mini-album <Pretty Girl>. Girls Generation also has been rising in the charts, with their first mini-album <Gee> which was released on the 7th. KARA showed a cute and lively image with their song <Rock U> from their first mini-album, and their second mini-album is a continuing version of this, only this time, it has become a little more mature. original source: http://blog.naver.com/newmusic2008?Redirec...gNo=80061158764 thanks to mae! translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic CREDIT PROPERLY IF TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE --
  12. Hosts of MBC's popular variety program Infinity Challenge finally meets the members of KARA. On the 15th, Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Huyng Don, Jung Joon Ha, Noh Hong Chul, Jun Jin and Gil of Intinity Challenge met the girls of KARA - Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung. The idol group known as the 'Economic Idols' were there to participate in a meaningful project. In an interview with Newsen on the 16th, MBC confirmed that "We were able to grab a slot in KARA's heavily packed schedule for their participation in the program. Although they were there only for a short amount of time, they were able to join and help out in the project. The project, which was participated by the members of KARA, is the year-long rice harvesting project of Infinity Challenge, which was started almost 4 months ago. This activity is designed to help promote the value of home grown products, and the participants of this project all worked really hard. This rice harvesting episode to be shown on October 17th is already gaining a lot of interest from fans as it is one of the last guestings of 2PM's Jaebum, who left the group and the country due to a remark made in an American social networking site -Myspace. The scenes shot on the 15th with KARA is included in the episode as well. source: NEWSEN LINK thanks to mae@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  13. Just because I couldn't decide which song I like the best.. lol. I know everyone's into Magic and Mister.. But I find Secretly Secretly and Take A Bow really nice too. Its has an old school feel to it. And after the performance for Mister, its fastly becoming one of my top picks too. So what are your guys' favorite track from this album? (:
  14. Kara's Han Seungyeon MC-ing was showcased as she smoothly progressed throughout the show with her wit. Han Seungyeon was the special MC this 21st for SBS's Inkigayo together with Eun Ji Won and Eeteuk (SuperJunior) Although it was Han Seungyeon's first time taking the stage as an MC for the program, her wit carried on the segments smoothly, and her hosting skills were evident as well, capturing the attention of the viewers. Together with Eun Ji Won and Eetuk, their stage together as MCs was simply superior. Han Seungyeon, who is currently an MC for Mnet's SSGB, was already recognized and praised for her MC-ing skills. After the program, Han Seungyeon expressed "I was so nervous that I don't know how I did as a host" and that "I am very thankful for the two guys who were beside me, helping me out through the program" Kara, the group that Han Seungyeon belongs to, is currently promoting their 2nd mini-album pretty girl, and is gaining a lot of love for the track which talks about girls wanting to be pretty and beautiful inside and out. source: NEWSEN LINK thanks to anne & mae translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic CREDIT PROPERLY IF TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE
  15. People in their late 10's and early 20's start to want a lot of things. It is the same for the members of girl group KARA who are all within this age range. Although they have already stolen the hearts of fans - from those who call them 'Nuna' to fans old enough to be their uncles, we asked them what they wanted to steal. Han Seungyeon and Goo Hara - Driver's License. Getting a driver's license is one of the musts upon reaching the age of majority. Han Seungyeon related 'Although I want to receive lessons and get exams, its hard because of the tight schedules we have as a group.' While Goo Hara said 'I'm more worried about being able to change lanes properly if ever I am able to get my license.' Nicole - Personal Practice Room Among the KARA members, Nicole has the biggest wish. She said "I want my own personal practice room". It looks like she really spent a lot of time thinking about it because she explained how it should look like - one wall would be covered with mirrors, and at least 4 big speakers. Also, there must be a water purifier in the practice room. Lastly she added "There must also be a big sofa so that I can sit there for a while and think about different things." Gyuri - Keyboards Just like a true leader, Gyuri's wish was exemplary(?). Like a true singer, she said "I want a musical instrument, like keyboards". She added "I always wanted one, but our dorm is so small. But since we'll be moving soon, I'm thinking of getting one in my room." Jiyoung - Vacation Maknae Jiyoung, who is currently in middle school told us, looking like she wanted to cry, "Its almost school season". She said "Our group activities always seems to coincide with going back to school season. But since I already experienced this last year, I think I'll be able to handle it better this time. With new song Lupin, its new school season this February. And so, she chose vacation as the thing she wanted the most. source: SPORTS DONGA LINK tip-off: anne@KARAholic translated by: coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE - Couldn't concentrate on anything else because my mind kept on going "Kyaaa~ Their moving??". Lol. Their dorm was so comfy and familiar to us.. But I'm glad their moving. They deserve the upgrade.
  16. *Only KARA related part is translated. On Strong Heart, MC Kang Hodong continued by asking "Were there any other times you felt jealous of Taecyeon?" Junho replied, "It was when KARA's Goo Hara chose her top 3 male idols.." He proceeded to explain "We were all together watching TV while eating when we saw the news that I came in at 2nd place of her top 3 male idols. I felt really satisfied while I was eating my chicken." Junho continues his story by saying "While I was so happy because of the members' reaction when we found out I was second, I thought to myself 'I feel like I've been recognized. I just hope that the 1st place is not a 2PM member.' But then it turned out to be Taecyeon. I just threw my chicken and went inside to exercise." source: TVREPORT NEWS translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE CREDIT LINE
  17. We'll soon be moving into a 4-bedroom dorm! The TV in the living room was small and old fashioned. 5 members and only 2 rooms were obviously not enough, and through variety programs, fans got acquainted with girl group KARA's dorm. Although fans described it as 'simple', others admitted that the dorm looked 'pitiful'. This, in addition to the member working hard in every show they went on earned them the unique nickname of 'economic idols'. We were curious. Last year, they had not only one, but three hits - Pretty Girl, Honey and Mister. They were considered as one of the top girl groups, capable of a triple hit.. So we borrowed one of the popular lines from Gag Concert and asked "How's your household life?" The girls burst into peals of laughter. They said they were still living in their old dorm, with two rooms and an old TV set. But they revealed that they will be moving soon. Leader Park Gyuri explained 'The lease contract with our old dorm already expired." From two rooms, the girls will be having 4 rooms. 3 members will have their own room, while 2 will be sharing. From 'Economic Idols', they can now be called as 'Life-style Idols', the girls are thinking and planning about furniture and appliances that they will be using. "There are a lot of things that can still be used, why change it? But we have to think about our refrigerator.. Oh, and we all agreed to buy a running machine. It looks like the members will be assigning the order of who will get to use it. Haha!" But how about the old TV set that brought them the nickname of 'Economic Idols'? They say that it still works well. Q: What changed about KARA? It was already one year ago when the 5 members sang "Honey~ Honey~" with that longing looks on their faces. With Lupin, they became thieves and changed their image completely that even their fans were surprised. They say that they became more 'cunning'. "Now, definitely, you won't feel that we were the same cute group we were before - our dance, our expressions.. At first it was awkward for us, but we became more comfortable with it through time. There is more 'acting' involved this time." There is also a huge difference in their styles, from their Pretty Girl days. Unlike their bright and shiny days, their style now is more neat and clean, a little more mature than before. Kang Jiyoung said "Our exposure became more elegant", which caused the other members to burst out laughing. What is elegant exposure exactly? They said that we will find out when we watch their performance on stage. Q: After the 'Butt Dance', its the 'Emergency Exit Dance'? Nowadays, when we talk about girl groups, not only are their hit songs, but also hit dance moves. KARA is no exception. They shook up everyone's hearts last year with Mister's Butt Dance. When asked about their latest dance step, Goo Hara pointed to a sign and said "There it is!". The sign was for the emergency exit, as their new dance step was named by netizens as the 'Emergency Exit Dance'. Giving a girl group a dance name called 'Emergency Exit Dance', KARA fans came up with this unique name. Compared to their previous songs, the choreography for Lupin is more complicated. However, KARA members are now 'athletes' in dancing, and so they have no problem with that. But they all said "This is because of the hardships in practices before, that we are able to do well now." Member Nicole shares "Whenever I hear our debut song Break It, I can almost hear our choreographer shout "Get in line!" "Your hands!" like that. Haha!" But now they wont have to hallucinate about hearing things like that right? Nicole, shook her head and said "Nowadays, I keep on hearing "Turn!". Turning while wearing killer heels is not an easy thing" Q: What is KARA's Sexy face angle? With the release of KARA's Lupin, many noticed that the group became sexier. It is no doubt that they have matured and become more womanly. KARA's leader Park Gyuri said sweetly, "Instead of perceiving us as just sexy, I hope they see us as a more mature KARA." When asked about what is sexy, each member gave a different answer. Kang Jiyoung said its "S-Line", Goo Hara said "Tight clothes and the color black" while Nicole said "Hand movements and the face angel." What does this mean? "When doing sel-ca's, there's a thing called 'Ulzzang angle' right? There's also a face angle that will make you look sexy." source: SPORTS DONGA LINK translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic.com CREDIT FULLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  18. Girl group KARA conitnues to soar with their latest hit Lupin. Slowly turning away from their cute image, they now take command of the stage as sexy, charismatic theives. In this interview, we get to know more about the members - Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung, based on the alphabet, using KARA-LUPIN. K: Kilogram (Weight) The weight loss of Nicole and Jiyoung from their debut days has particularly been noticeable. While Nicole shares that "I lost about 5kg. I go to the gym to exercise, and I also try to control my intake. A meal for 1 serving, I usually divide into 3 smaller parts.", Jiyoung says "I don't think I lost a lot of weight, its just that my body became more toned because of the exercise." A: Accompishment What did Nicole, who grew up abroad, want to accomplish most? "I want our group to be recognized and acknowledged by everyone. I also want to show a great performance to my friends and family back in America. Since moving to Korea 5 years ago to fulfill my dream as a singer, I've never gone back yet. I want to go back as a KARA member and show how much I changed and grew over the years." R: Remember For Seungyeon, what is the most memorable experience as a KARA member? "The day we first debuted as a 5-member KARA. It was incidentally my birthday at that time. While we were on stage on M! Countdown for our Rock U performance, I was just so nervous. It was really nerve-racking. But a lot of fans came to support us that day. I cried so much after our performance" A: Afraid Hara looks like she's scared a lot of things, because of her big eyes. What is she most afraid of? "Threats. Haha~ I'm afraid to even think about threats made. You know, we hear in the news about death threats and blackmails made to celebrities. I imagined myself being in that situation, and I think it will really be scary." L: Leader Whats the best and worst thing about being a leader for KARA's leader Gyuri? "Honestly, I don't know what's the best and worst thing about being a leader yet. You know the saying 'You think you know, but you have no idea?'. I think thats the case. If I wasn't a leader, I would easily be able to anwer what I would be able to do in a hypothetical situation as a leader. I think as a leader, you are responsible for a lot of things. You become more burdened than the other members. And I think it is able to help me grow morally and helps me in a lot of different ways." U: Unique What's the most unique thing about KARA? "We're not always made up. As girl idols, we are expected to act pretty all the time, but on programs, we show our hardworking nature instead of pretending to look good. We think thats what our fans like about us. That we are like younger sisters to them. But on stage, we try to show them a charismatic performance." P: Precious Whats the most precious thing for you? "My parents" (Gyuri) "The bible. I've been reading it everyday for the past 8 years since my middle school days, so its precious to me. I read it every night before going to sleep, and I feel that during this quiet moment, I am able to reflect" (Seungyeon) "My mom and my two friends here in Korea - 2AM's Jinwoon and Shinee's Key. Because we work in the same industry, we are able to understand each other well." (Nicole) "All the people around me. I think its because of these people who worry about me and offer me their advices that I am able to be where I am today." (Jiyoung) "Myself. Although I know that other things are important as well, I think I need to value and love myself first." (Hara) I: Invite If KARA were to have a concert, who would you like to invite the most? "Our parents. We have never performed on stage where all our parents were present. So we wish to show a great performance on a big stage to our parents someday." N: Need Whats the thing you need the most? "Trust. I think trust is most needed to be able to have relationships with other people." (Gyuri) "People. Family. Fans. Close friends." (Seungyeon) "Concern and care. There are times during our activities that we each feel tired, so I think to be able to stick together, we must always be concerned and take care of each other." (Nicole) "Personal time. Nowadays, its piano. I want to learn how to play the guitar and keyboards." (Jiyoung) source: SPORTS SEOUL LINK tip-off: mae@KARAholic, anne@KARAholic translated by: coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  19. It will be hard for Han Seungyeon to participate in the upcoming drama 'Playful Kiss'. Management for KARA stated on the 6th that "KARA will be debuting in Japan this coming August. Because of this, joining 'Playful Kiss' will be hard in reality because of the conflicting schedules. Although it is a good opportunity, it is really not probable at this time for her to join the drama. We have already told them that her joining the drama will not be possible because of this conflict." They added "Although being included in a drama is a good opportunity, the debut of KARA had already been promised to their fans in Japan and they do not want to break their promise. Debuting abroad is about good timing, and we have been preparing hard for their debut in Japan for a long time." There had been a lot of interest among netizens about the cast of the upcoming drama 'Playful Kiss', and the casting has been a hot topic as well. Among the strong contenders are Park Bo Young, Han Seungyeon and Park Shin Hye. source: NEWSEN LINK thanks to mae@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN TAKING OUT DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  20. With their impending Japanese Debut, the future of KARA looks even brighter, as their 3 versions of their Japanese debut single <Mister> which is scheduled to be released on August 11, placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the pre-order charts of Tower Records as soon as reservations for it opened last July 15. KARA is set to release three versions of their Single album. Version A (CD + DVD), Version B (CD + Photobook) and Version C (CD + Bonus Track). In the pre-order charts last July 15, Version A, B and C took the first, second and third spots respectively. The management for KARA in Japan will be Universal Japan, and they are optimistic about the release of the Japanese version of Mister, as the interest for the group has been steadily increasing, and the anticipation for their debut is becoming bigger and bigger. They are said to set another Hallyu wave. There are various activities lined up for KARA after the release of their single in August 11. They will making appearances in various popular national TV shows, and will be having interviews between their busy schedule. They are set to have a mini-live concert and handshaking session on August 14, a few days after their single release to celebrate their debut. source: NATE NEWS thanks to anne@KARAholic and SoompiNice for the screencap translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE For more information on their Japanese Single and Handshake session, click HERE
  21. We met the hottest girl group of today - KARA. When they arrived for the interview, their faces were bright and all were still ecstatic about their first win since debuting 2 years ago. The members usually get just about 3-4 hours of sleep, and yet, on stage, they perform with much energy and bright smiles on their faces. You cheer up just by listening to them, and so they are often considered as 'endorphin' as these 5 girls with 5 different personalities give the much needed boost to everyone. >Because of the hardships that they have gone through, their outlook is different and special. (Gyuri) We went on a long hiatus and also there was a change in members. When we came back with <Rock U>, the response was still not that very good, and so the original members had a hard time about it. But with <Pretty Girl>, we received much love from the fans, as well as for <Honey>. So we'd like to thank everyone who supported us, and I'd also say how thankful I am to the other members. We've always talked about wanting to be number 1, but when it actually happened, we really couldn't believe it - we couldn't think of anything to say, and it felt like we were in a dream. (KARA) We'd like to say thank you to the members for staying strong all this time. 'We want to be number 1, we want to be number 1' - we'd always say it, but upon receiving the award, we couldn't think of anything, and it was just like a dream. On the Sunday of that week, we had celebrated and had dinner with the DSP family. (Seungyeon) Before debuting, I was already having a hard time because the time of our debut and the college entrance exams were around the same period, so I had a tough time preparing for both. During our long hiatus, we also experienced a lot of hardships. Maybe because Gyuri and I are of the same age, so our timing was similar, and we have gone through similar things. The day we won for the first time, we hugged each other and cried in the dorm. After the poor progress of their album and member change, the group had gone through a long hiatus without any activities, and thus, the members suffered a lot more than the average idol groups. When <Honey> won for the first time, it was visible that Seungyeon was the most affected. >We heard that Seungyeon cried the most? (Seungyeon) During our hiatus, I remember watching the year-end festivals and award shows while eating noodles and crying by myself. The shows were until the late into the night, but at that time, I didn't have any schedules except for one weekly show. Seeing the other singers perform grandly on stage while I was at home alone, I just cooked 2 noodles and ate it while crying all by myself. >We thing that there is something unique about KARA's music. It makes one feel lighter. (Gyuri) During <Rock U>, we had so much energy on stage, jumping around, and also with <Pretty Girl>, it was just a song that made people happy. I think that when it is combined together with KARA's bright and lively image, it gives off strength to others. >Do the members get energized from hearing their own songs? (Seungyeon) We sing it everyday so the effectivity is kind of low, but it gets new everyday (Laughter) >You guys recently held a fan meeting, and we heard that it left quiet a memory (Gyuri) I think that 2009 has been full of first time experiences for us. We had a first major fan meeting. For the first time, we won the number 1 spot. I couldn't believe that that many people would come just to see only us. Because of that, I was really nervous at first, but slowly, I began to relax and had fun with the fans. >You have 'Uncle fans' and 'Army fans' - do you feel burdened by this? (Gyuri) Quite a bit. (Laughter) We have older fans and I think we have a lot of uncle fans. Since the army fans can't see us perform outside, we only get to see them online. For the uncle fans, we don't think there are those over 50 - usually its just 30-40 years old. Instead of feeling burdened, we actually feel well taken care of by them so we are very grateful. >Girl groups usually have more male fans, but we heard that you guys have many female fans? (Gyuri) Yes. Actually, before, we had an equal amount of male and female fans. But with the new track, we gathered more male fans. The female fans that we have were with us ever since our debut. They are the ones that go around cheering for us in different programs and performances. To some extent, they're like management. They are the ones that disciplines the other fans when they get rowdy while waiting in the performance halls. (Laughter) KARA successfully entered into the fierce and oftentimes scary competition amongst the girl groups and is now rightly considered as one of the 'Big 3'. And because of this, they oftentimes get compared to the Wonder Girls and Girl's Generation. But being active at around the same time, they are fans of each other, and KARA has their own unique appeal that is incomparable to that of the others. >KARA's charm that is different from that of Wonder Girls and Girls Generation is? "Nowadays, the girl groups are all cute and bright, but the charm that is uniquely KARA is our being very physically active, liveliness and the comfortable feeling that we give off. But of course we're not saying that the other groups don't also have these attributes" (Laughter) >I'm sure you hear a lot of comparing (Gyuri) We do get conscious because of the constant comparing, given that they see our groups as in competition with one another. But we are all good friends.. Of course, amongst the fans, there may be rivalry and competition, but we are fans of each other and we consider each other as good colleagues. We enjoy their music and we even sing along to it. I know that there's a lot to learn from these friends. >What do you think is the strength of Girls Generation? And the Wonder Girls? (Gyuri) There are too many. (Laughter) For Girls Generation, how do I say it.. They just look very clean and crisp. Of course, it goes without saying that they're cute and bright. For the Wonder Girls, they are cute, and at the same time, they are able to give off a sexy vibe. I think all of us have charms that are a bit different from one another. Once there were Finkl, Sechskies and Click B. Now there's SS501. Being in a company that made all these groups famous, they say that you guys also carry the pride of DSP. >Was there any burden our anticipation from DSP? (Seungyeon) Even before entering the company, I already had a lot of respect for DSP. There are responsible not only for Finkl, but also SS501, Sechskies and Click B, who are all great performers. Eventhough we didn't do as well as we expected to do upon debuting, we did not lose hope that (popularity) will come one day, and the company helped us along the way - talking to us, consulting with us, working hard with us. And so, I can't say that they were inadequate or that I every felt they lacked in supporting us. >There were of course comparison between you and Finkl (Seungyeon) Rather than comparing us, I think we became more of an interesting topic that people talk about. >Although you are active now as a group, what are your future plans? (Gyuri) I'm afraid I don't have any answer for that. Before, singers were just singers, and if one member is not able to attend a program, then the whole group won't go. But times have changed. Individual members can go on programs alone, showing off their solo talents. Its not just abour being a singer, but its about being a multi-talented artist. Although I'm concentrating on singing now, I want to give acting a try. But in the end, I want to be remembered as a singer. For example Finkl - just because they went on solo activities doesn't mean that the group does not exist anymore. >Girl groups start out as cute and bright, but changes to a sexy concept as time goes by.. When we debuted, we actually had the powerful and boyish concept. So our concept now is new for the original members. But the sexy concept.. I don't know, I can't say for sure. Like now, we are wearing girly dresses to match with the song, so at one point, we have to abandon our old concepts and adapt a new one as we move on to a new song. source: MK NEWS LINK thanks to mae@KARAholic translated by: coffeebeanie@KARAholic CREDIT PROPERLY IF TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE -- that was one long article. wheew. oh SY. i got all teary eyed at the whole noodles bit.. -- ** SCROLL DOWN TO READ"Kara Interview
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  23. "My rumored relationship with Mr. K? Its unfair, makes me feel bad~" Popular Idol group KARA's member Han Seungyeon expresed on <Misuda>, her feelings over rumors about her love relationship. "Honestly, its hard being single", Han Seungyeon says in response to an inquiry about her love life. But she quickly added "Its harder dealing with false rumors. I don't have a boyfriend right now, but people keep on writing about me and singer Mr.K, that we have something going on, so that's harder to deal with." She also added "I think it would be better if I really was dating him." Upon hearing this, the other 4 guests of the program began to wonder who this Mr.K is. This is also garnering the curiosity of many others. source: NEWSEN LINK thanks to mae! translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT PROPERLY IF TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE. T/N: Did not translate non-kara related parts.
  24. 5 member girl group KARA's popularity can no longer be ignored. Aside from their fans ranging from 10-20 years old, they have branched out to the 30-40 year bracket, showing their diverse yet strong fanbase which proves true that they can now be considered as a popular idol group. After losing their vocalist Kim Sunghee last 2007, Goo Hara(18) and Kang Jiyoung(15) joined the group, and together they released their first mini-album <Rock U>. They were able to gain popularity, but the success was not as much as they had expected. They release their 2nd mini-album last December with the concept of cute and lively, wherein they were really able to identify themselves, and find their true colors. "The reason why our team became a cute group is because of the new members Hara and Jiyoung. The two of the are young, and also they both look cute. Especially on stage, their charms really shines through when they do the bright and lively dances." (Park Gyuri) The title track of their second mini-album <Pretty Girl>, received a lot of attention just moments after it was released - it was able to rank on different online charts, and their popularity has since then been steadfastly improving. "There isn't a particular moment where we realized it, but when we saw our song on the online charts, we became aware of the popularity. Whenever we hear our song while walking on the streets, we are just so extremely happy." Their increase in popularity is reflected by their daily killer schedules. With just about 2-3 hours of sleep each day, they are experiencing the ups and downs of their activities. KARA says "Our bodies are tired, but our hearts are happy", with a smile. "There were times that each member took turns getting sick, but it was the first time that all members got sick at the same time. Maybe its because this is the most amount of love that we have felt ever since our debut, that even though we're tired, we're happy about it." After the popularity that they have gathered with <Pretty Girl>, they move on to the track that was the most well received by their fans - <Honey>. This follow-up single was written by Song Soo Yoon, with melody by Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo. The track was actually up against <Pretty Girl> as their title track, and up till the decision to make <Pretty Girl> the main track, <Honey> was a strong contender. The song being a strong one can actually seen on their homepage, where the fans could vote for their choice of next single for the till February 1 - this afternoon, <Honey> was already leading with a whopping 57% of the votes. "The main point in the song is the pure yet sad voice in the beginning and ending part of the song. Differentiating it from <Pretty Girl>, <Honey> is more womanly. The song is about hurting because of loving someone." KARA was able to find their own colors because of the new members. But as much of a good thing that it was, each member had to work as hard for them to be able to mesh well with one another and get along with new personalities. They have had to deal with times when they differed in their opinions when it comes to their music. They had to go through it together because it is of common knowledge that many groups are breaking up nowadays. "All the members of KARA have Type A personalities, so we have many similarities with one another. Most of all, we have the same tastes when it comes to food, so we always have something to talk about. Also, we are confident about our team's walking.", they said laughingly. They expressed that they wanted to be a group with longevity, and just like Shinhwa, they want to be a group who will be remembered for a long long time. "We want to be able to perform for a long time with the name KARA. Just like Shinhwa sunbaenims, who are able to work hard as solo artists but at the same time who shines the most when they are together, we want to be able to pursue solo activities and showcase our individual talents." (Park Gyuri) "I want our group to be stronger as time passes by but still remain ever-thankful . If we don't change our passion right now, I think we'll be able to stay long in the industry." (Han Seungyeon) "I'll do my best to be able to perform as a part of the group KARA, and at the same time to be able to go into solo activites." (Goo Hara) "I want our group to be know as the group that does the best and gives everything in whatever task is given." (Kang Jiyoung) "We are doing our all to be able to remain as the group that loves music and treasures fans." (Jung Nicole) source: COOKIE NEWS LINK thanks to mae & anne translated by coffebeanie@KARAholic CREDIT PROPERLY IF TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE imagecaps by coffeebeanie@KARAholic DO NOT HOTLINK!
  25. It was revealed that Yoo Jae Suk and No Hong Chul are big KARA fans. On the Jan 31 episode, the cast of Infinity Challenge took on the bobsleigh challenge. And before leaving for Japan for the challenge, they cheered for themselves by raising their hands and singing along and doing the 'Ye Ye Ye Ye' dance. This dance is actually a part of the routine of KARA's <Pretty Girl>. Yoo Jae Suk after shouting "Put your hands up in the air!", Jun Jin, Jung Hyung Don and Jung Jun Ha dutifully followed, raising their hands and following along with the steps. Yoo Jae Suk, after seeing that Park Myung Soo couldn't keep up with the steps asked him "Hyung, don't you know this dance?" to which Park Myung Soo replied "I don't know the dance. I've been busy taking care of my daughter." No Hong Chul then asked Park Myung Soo "You don't know KARA, the group whose maknae is just 16 years old? And you have to at least know Nicole and Goo Hara.." To this, Park Myung Soo asked "Nicole Kidman?", making the others burst with laughter. After excluding Park Myung Soo from the group, the other members of Infinity Challenge sang "Walking confidently anywhere you go~" and did the Ye ye ye ye! dance. Being left out, Park Myung Soo shouted "Oh! Those jerks!", bringing laughter to the televiewers. The Infinity Challenge members continued to show their love for KARA as they were still singing "Pretty Girl" in Japan, while jogging early in the morning, showing that they are true KARA fans. source: NEWSEN LINK and DAILYSEOP LINK thanks to anne! translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic CREDIT PROPERLY IF TAKING OUT. DO NOT ADD IN OR REMOVE watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpTGEZMn3xE credit: thesweetsix @ youtube / Mae @ KARAholic