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  1. thanks! i thought this was bora, but i guess hearing their voices would be good enough. thanks again!
  2. Just a correction, Gyuri actually tweeted to Nicole "I wanted to do it with you too, but you were having your makeup done ㅠㅠ♥" NOT "you used to be my favorite." hope that clears things up!
  3. With their impending Japanese Debut, the future of KARA looks even brighter, as their 3 versions of their Japanese debut single <Mister> which is scheduled to be released on August 11, placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the pre-order charts of Tower Records as soon as reservations for it opened last July 15. KARA is set to release three versions of their Single album. Version A (CD + DVD), Version B (CD + Photobook) and Version C (CD + Bonus Track). In the pre-order charts last July 15, Version A, B and C took the first, second and third spots respectively. The management for KARA in Japan will be Universal Japan, and they are optimistic about the release of the Japanese version of Mister, as the interest for the group has been steadily increasing, and the anticipation for their debut is becoming bigger and bigger. They are said to set another Hallyu wave. There are various activities lined up for KARA after the release of their single in August 11. They will making appearances in various popular national TV shows, and will be having interviews between their busy schedule. They are set to have a mini-live concert and handshaking session on August 14, a few days after their single release to celebrate their debut. source: NATE NEWS thanks to anne@KARAholic and SoompiNice for the screencap translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE For more information on their Japanese Single and Handshake session, click HERE
  4. It will be hard for Han Seungyeon to participate in the upcoming drama 'Playful Kiss'. Management for KARA stated on the 6th that "KARA will be debuting in Japan this coming August. Because of this, joining 'Playful Kiss' will be hard in reality because of the conflicting schedules. Although it is a good opportunity, it is really not probable at this time for her to join the drama. We have already told them that her joining the drama will not be possible because of this conflict." They added "Although being included in a drama is a good opportunity, the debut of KARA had already been promised to their fans in Japan and they do not want to break their promise. Debuting abroad is about good timing, and we have been preparing hard for their debut in Japan for a long time." There had been a lot of interest among netizens about the cast of the upcoming drama 'Playful Kiss', and the casting has been a hot topic as well. Among the strong contenders are Park Bo Young, Han Seungyeon and Park Shin Hye. source: NEWSEN LINK thanks to mae@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN TAKING OUT DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  5. In the first half of the year, it may seem like girl groups are performing much stronger than the boy groups. In various TV programs, girl groups seem to be more active. However, the album sales indicate otherwise, because according to the Hanteo charts, out of the 9 albums of idol stars that made the top 10 best selling artists so far for the year 2010, only two groups are able to represent the girl idol group - and these are Girls Generation and KARA. On the other hand, 5 boy idol groups take the rest of the spots, showing that boy idol groups perform better on album sales. The chart is consisted of sales made until June 22 of 2010. 9 member group Girls Generation took the second spot with their second full length album Oh! released last January, with 117,633 albums sold, and the repackaged version took third place, selling 48,827 copies. KARA released their third mini-album Lupin late February of this year, and with 23,276 copies sold, their took the ninth spot in the chart. Their title track Lupin showed a sharp contrast from their usual bright and lively style, showing a more charismatic image on stage. The fact that there are only 2 girl idol groups in the list in gaining much interest because these same two groups will be entering the Japanese market very soon, and fans are anticipating the rivalry between them once again. Both groups are scheduled to release singles in Japan sometime in August, and because they are going to be promoting around the same time, the competition between them are gaining much interest as early as now. Other artists on the list are Super Junior, who is on the top spot with Miinah, selling 119,167 copies, and the repackaged version selling 45,733 at fourth place. At fifth place is 2AM with I can't let go even if I die (34,474 copies sold), seventh place goes to 2PM's Don't stop, can't stop (29,381 copies sold), eighth place is Beast's mini-album Shock of the new era (24, 236 copies sold) and rounding up the top 10 is SS501 with Destination (19,790 copies sold). The only non-idol group artist in the top 10 is world star Rain, who is at 6th place with his special album Back to the basic (33,764 copies sold). The complete list is: 1. Miinah (Super Junior) 2. Oh! (Girls Generation) 3. Run Devil Run (Girls Generation) 4. Miinah - Repackaged (Super Junior) 5. I can't let go even if I die (2AM) 6. Back to Basic (Rain) 7. Don't stop, cant stop (2PM) 8. Shock of the new era (Beast) 9. Lupin (KARA) 10. Destination (SS501) source: STAR.MT NEWS LINK thanks to anne@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. Credit fully when redistributing. Do not remove or edit credit line. T.N: Albums are released at different times, and these are just the numbers as of June 22. Of course if one artist released their album earlier, they will likely have more sales than one who released it just last month. Please no bashing. Thank you.
  6. will they promote the songs too? i doubt that though, since both meant to cheer the teams, and not exactly for charts. nonetheless, i wish the best for both groups, although i'm a teeny bit more biased towards our girls.
  7. A more mature KARA took the music industry by storm. Now, they are ready to face the camera as endorsers, as they continue their domination from charts to CFs. KARA's latest track Lupin, proved to be a grand slam, as it took the number 1 spot, not only in the regular broadcasting stations, KBS, MBC and SBS, but also cable stations as well. After taking these charts by storm, the members of KARA will add 3 new products, from home electronics, beverages to food, to their long list of advertisements. DSP entertainment said "Recently, KARA finished negotiations for the CFs for three products - home appliances, beverages and food. The love calls from telecom and clothing companies have been non-stop as well. Because of their recent change in image, a lot of different offers for advertisements have been coming in." With Lupin, KARA showed a more mature image compared to their original cute concept. Because of this, a lot of companies have become interested in them as endorsers. It has only been a month since they started their Lupin promotions, but they already have 10 advertisement offers waiting in line. The members recently wrapped up filming for a commercial for TV, and also a health drink. The advertisers said "With their CF's, we tried not to stick with one image, but to show different sides of them." source: HANKOOKI NEWS tip-off: mae@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE - yey! I love cfs~
  8. aww.. thank you! nice to know our efforts are appreciated! (:

  9. Girl group KARA conitnues to soar with their latest hit Lupin. Slowly turning away from their cute image, they now take command of the stage as sexy, charismatic theives. In this interview, we get to know more about the members - Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung, based on the alphabet, using KARA-LUPIN. K: Kilogram (Weight) The weight loss of Nicole and Jiyoung from their debut days has particularly been noticeable. While Nicole shares that "I lost about 5kg. I go to the gym to exercise, and I also try to control my intake. A meal for 1 serving, I usually divide into 3 smaller parts.", Jiyoung says "I don't think I lost a lot of weight, its just that my body became more toned because of the exercise." A: Accompishment What did Nicole, who grew up abroad, want to accomplish most? "I want our group to be recognized and acknowledged by everyone. I also want to show a great performance to my friends and family back in America. Since moving to Korea 5 years ago to fulfill my dream as a singer, I've never gone back yet. I want to go back as a KARA member and show how much I changed and grew over the years." R: Remember For Seungyeon, what is the most memorable experience as a KARA member? "The day we first debuted as a 5-member KARA. It was incidentally my birthday at that time. While we were on stage on M! Countdown for our Rock U performance, I was just so nervous. It was really nerve-racking. But a lot of fans came to support us that day. I cried so much after our performance" A: Afraid Hara looks like she's scared a lot of things, because of her big eyes. What is she most afraid of? "Threats. Haha~ I'm afraid to even think about threats made. You know, we hear in the news about death threats and blackmails made to celebrities. I imagined myself being in that situation, and I think it will really be scary." L: Leader Whats the best and worst thing about being a leader for KARA's leader Gyuri? "Honestly, I don't know what's the best and worst thing about being a leader yet. You know the saying 'You think you know, but you have no idea?'. I think thats the case. If I wasn't a leader, I would easily be able to anwer what I would be able to do in a hypothetical situation as a leader. I think as a leader, you are responsible for a lot of things. You become more burdened than the other members. And I think it is able to help me grow morally and helps me in a lot of different ways." U: Unique What's the most unique thing about KARA? "We're not always made up. As girl idols, we are expected to act pretty all the time, but on programs, we show our hardworking nature instead of pretending to look good. We think thats what our fans like about us. That we are like younger sisters to them. But on stage, we try to show them a charismatic performance." P: Precious Whats the most precious thing for you? "My parents" (Gyuri) "The bible. I've been reading it everyday for the past 8 years since my middle school days, so its precious to me. I read it every night before going to sleep, and I feel that during this quiet moment, I am able to reflect" (Seungyeon) "My mom and my two friends here in Korea - 2AM's Jinwoon and Shinee's Key. Because we work in the same industry, we are able to understand each other well." (Nicole) "All the people around me. I think its because of these people who worry about me and offer me their advices that I am able to be where I am today." (Jiyoung) "Myself. Although I know that other things are important as well, I think I need to value and love myself first." (Hara) I: Invite If KARA were to have a concert, who would you like to invite the most? "Our parents. We have never performed on stage where all our parents were present. So we wish to show a great performance on a big stage to our parents someday." N: Need Whats the thing you need the most? "Trust. I think trust is most needed to be able to have relationships with other people." (Gyuri) "People. Family. Fans. Close friends." (Seungyeon) "Concern and care. There are times during our activities that we each feel tired, so I think to be able to stick together, we must always be concerned and take care of each other." (Nicole) "Personal time. Nowadays, its piano. I want to learn how to play the guitar and keyboards." (Jiyoung) source: SPORTS SEOUL LINK tip-off: mae@KARAholic, anne@KARAholic translated by: coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  10. We'll soon be moving into a 4-bedroom dorm! The TV in the living room was small and old fashioned. 5 members and only 2 rooms were obviously not enough, and through variety programs, fans got acquainted with girl group KARA's dorm. Although fans described it as 'simple', others admitted that the dorm looked 'pitiful'. This, in addition to the member working hard in every show they went on earned them the unique nickname of 'economic idols'. We were curious. Last year, they had not only one, but three hits - Pretty Girl, Honey and Mister. They were considered as one of the top girl groups, capable of a triple hit.. So we borrowed one of the popular lines from Gag Concert and asked "How's your household life?" The girls burst into peals of laughter. They said they were still living in their old dorm, with two rooms and an old TV set. But they revealed that they will be moving soon. Leader Park Gyuri explained 'The lease contract with our old dorm already expired." From two rooms, the girls will be having 4 rooms. 3 members will have their own room, while 2 will be sharing. From 'Economic Idols', they can now be called as 'Life-style Idols', the girls are thinking and planning about furniture and appliances that they will be using. "There are a lot of things that can still be used, why change it? But we have to think about our refrigerator.. Oh, and we all agreed to buy a running machine. It looks like the members will be assigning the order of who will get to use it. Haha!" But how about the old TV set that brought them the nickname of 'Economic Idols'? They say that it still works well. Q: What changed about KARA? It was already one year ago when the 5 members sang "Honey~ Honey~" with that longing looks on their faces. With Lupin, they became thieves and changed their image completely that even their fans were surprised. They say that they became more 'cunning'. "Now, definitely, you won't feel that we were the same cute group we were before - our dance, our expressions.. At first it was awkward for us, but we became more comfortable with it through time. There is more 'acting' involved this time." There is also a huge difference in their styles, from their Pretty Girl days. Unlike their bright and shiny days, their style now is more neat and clean, a little more mature than before. Kang Jiyoung said "Our exposure became more elegant", which caused the other members to burst out laughing. What is elegant exposure exactly? They said that we will find out when we watch their performance on stage. Q: After the 'Butt Dance', its the 'Emergency Exit Dance'? Nowadays, when we talk about girl groups, not only are their hit songs, but also hit dance moves. KARA is no exception. They shook up everyone's hearts last year with Mister's Butt Dance. When asked about their latest dance step, Goo Hara pointed to a sign and said "There it is!". The sign was for the emergency exit, as their new dance step was named by netizens as the 'Emergency Exit Dance'. Giving a girl group a dance name called 'Emergency Exit Dance', KARA fans came up with this unique name. Compared to their previous songs, the choreography for Lupin is more complicated. However, KARA members are now 'athletes' in dancing, and so they have no problem with that. But they all said "This is because of the hardships in practices before, that we are able to do well now." Member Nicole shares "Whenever I hear our debut song Break It, I can almost hear our choreographer shout "Get in line!" "Your hands!" like that. Haha!" But now they wont have to hallucinate about hearing things like that right? Nicole, shook her head and said "Nowadays, I keep on hearing "Turn!". Turning while wearing killer heels is not an easy thing" Q: What is KARA's Sexy face angle? With the release of KARA's Lupin, many noticed that the group became sexier. It is no doubt that they have matured and become more womanly. KARA's leader Park Gyuri said sweetly, "Instead of perceiving us as just sexy, I hope they see us as a more mature KARA." When asked about what is sexy, each member gave a different answer. Kang Jiyoung said its "S-Line", Goo Hara said "Tight clothes and the color black" while Nicole said "Hand movements and the face angel." What does this mean? "When doing sel-ca's, there's a thing called 'Ulzzang angle' right? There's also a face angle that will make you look sexy." source: SPORTS DONGA LINK translated by CREDIT FULLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  11. People in their late 10's and early 20's start to want a lot of things. It is the same for the members of girl group KARA who are all within this age range. Although they have already stolen the hearts of fans - from those who call them 'Nuna' to fans old enough to be their uncles, we asked them what they wanted to steal. Han Seungyeon and Goo Hara - Driver's License. Getting a driver's license is one of the musts upon reaching the age of majority. Han Seungyeon related 'Although I want to receive lessons and get exams, its hard because of the tight schedules we have as a group.' While Goo Hara said 'I'm more worried about being able to change lanes properly if ever I am able to get my license.' Nicole - Personal Practice Room Among the KARA members, Nicole has the biggest wish. She said "I want my own personal practice room". It looks like she really spent a lot of time thinking about it because she explained how it should look like - one wall would be covered with mirrors, and at least 4 big speakers. Also, there must be a water purifier in the practice room. Lastly she added "There must also be a big sofa so that I can sit there for a while and think about different things." Gyuri - Keyboards Just like a true leader, Gyuri's wish was exemplary(?). Like a true singer, she said "I want a musical instrument, like keyboards". She added "I always wanted one, but our dorm is so small. But since we'll be moving soon, I'm thinking of getting one in my room." Jiyoung - Vacation Maknae Jiyoung, who is currently in middle school told us, looking like she wanted to cry, "Its almost school season". She said "Our group activities always seems to coincide with going back to school season. But since I already experienced this last year, I think I'll be able to handle it better this time. With new song Lupin, its new school season this February. And so, she chose vacation as the thing she wanted the most. source: SPORTS DONGA LINK tip-off: anne@KARAholic translated by: coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE - Couldn't concentrate on anything else because my mind kept on going "Kyaaa~ Their moving??". Lol. Their dorm was so comfy and familiar to us.. But I'm glad their moving. They deserve the upgrade.
  12. i think instead of 'my muscles are tight' its 'i'm craving for a lot of things'? its kind of a slang. like somethings pulling me. pizza's pulling me = i want to eat pizza. "I want to sleep early to be able to eat breakfast tomorrow". Nicole's hilarious, our little shikshin!
  13. After shaking up the music industry with their 'butt dance', what does girl group KARA have in store for us? Girl group KARA released their music video for their third mini-album title track Lupin today, at 1pm (KST) through Gom TV. With this music video, they shed off their cutie image and went for a more charismatic performance. The MV took the number 1 spot on real-time charts and within 2 hours from its release, the music video had been viewed 90,000 times. At 6pm today (KST) the number of views rose to 160,000. With their butt dance being all the rage last year, netizens were looking forward to the new dance craze the 5 girls of KARA will bring with Lupin. There are already a few dance steps that are pointed out by fans, the hottest of them being the 'Emergency Exit Dance'. Netizens named the dance step 'Emergency Exit Dance' because the choreography seemed like the girls were running and climbing a flight of stairs to exit through the emergency door. Another choreography that caught the eyes of the netizens is the dance during the 'Halla~ Halla~' part of the Lupin. Moving their shoulders and stomachs, and also their chests, in a circular motion, this dance step shows the powerful and sexy image of KARA. The netizens also love the part of the dance where Goo Hara flips her long straight hair, and the dance step where the members look like Bond girls, holding out a gun. The track Lupin, which was released on the 17th have been performing well in the charts. On 22nd, the song was still holding the number 1 spot in Melon,, Dosirak, Soribada, and Monkey3. KARA will comeback through M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo this week. source:NEWSEN LINK translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE What was your favorite part of the MV? - Similar news articles: here and here
  14. KARA's Goo Hara teared up because of just one thing closest friend Nicole said. In the February 19th episode of 'Invincible Youth', KARA's Nicole made a surprised appearance with the invitation of Hara. In the said episode, when asked about Hara, Nicole said "She was really shy at first, but because of appearances in variety programs, it seems like she found herself, and now she looks comfortable with herself." Because of these honest words of Nicole, Hara teared up during the speech. Be sure to catch this episode where G7 invited people to join them in invincible youth such as KARA's Nicole, SNSD's Hyoyeon, Beast and Super Junior's Heechul. source: NEWSEN LINK thanks to mae@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  15. Girl group KARA released their title song Lupin at 12mn on Febuary 17, 2010 through various music sites. Even though they released the song so late into the night, Lupin still managed to claim number 1 spots on various real-time ranking charts, showing a good response from the fans. And next, the mini-album is slated to be officially released at 12mn on February 18. Including the title track 'Lupin', the mini-album has a total of 5 songs. The song 'Tasty Love' has a band feel to it, combined with the natural cute and lively atmosphere the members of KARA brings. It maximizes these factors for a true KARA dance track. With a 1980's Europop feel, with melody that appeals to the sensitive side, KARA shows a fun track with 'Tasty Love'. 'Umbrella' is a pop dance song which sounds like a song from a musical. It has an acoustic sound to it, making it comfortable to listen to, with its lovable lyrics and interesting melody. One of the highlights of this song is that all the members rap in it. The song 'Rollin' is composed by the composer of SS501's 'U R Man'. It showcases strong rhythm and sounds which no one can ignore. The lyrics, which is about wanting to play and party all-night long, goes well with the sound of the track. 'Lonely' is a ballad track that completes the 5 songs of their mini-album Lupin. To celebrate the release of Lupin, Naver music will pick 10 people who downloaded the mp3, for a chance to have dinner with the group. Melon, on the other hand, is preparing an event, where they will be giving away chocolates prepared by KARA. The mini-album will be released later at 12mn, February 18 on sites such as Melon, Dosirak, Soribada and Monkey3. * FRIENDLY REMINDER FROM KARAHOLIC: Please don't share leaks. We understand if you wish to hear them and you can go elsewhere for that. But we don't want to endorse it, so please SUPPORT KARA, BUY LUPIN. Thank you! source: BETANEWS LINK thanks to anne@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT PROPERLY IF TAKING OUT. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  16. Shedding the pretty girl image, will a stronger KARA win the hearts of fans? KARA released their title song to their third mini-album entitled Lupin. After the teaser was released last February 12, various portal sites went overdrive. The response for their new single has been hot so far, with their name shooting up to number 1 on search engine sites. Because of this, many are awaiting their comeback. KARA was slated to comeback last November 2009. However, due to the individual activities of the members and CF endorsements, the album release was pushed back to February 2010. The group KARA is known to be the representative 'Cutie girl group', their trademark being cute and bubbly. However, with the release of the teaser and album jacket, the girls showed a more mature and stronger image, much to the surprise of fans. Although many were delighted, other fans became worried, remembering that the last time they went for the 'strong' image with 'Break It', wasn't well-received. DSP however, is confident about the change. They feel that the group has had enough of the pretty concept, and since it has already been 3 years since their debut, its about time to show a different charm to the fans and other viewers as well. They are not worried about other girl groups changing up their concepts as well, as they analyze the current situation of the industry and say that they believe in the capabilities of the members of KARA. The company also could not contain their excitement for KARA. Although 'Break It' did not receive much success, it is a totally different story now, with all the mania and attention surrounding the group. With good music and the talent of the members to convey the music through their performances, they are positive about the change. And also, it was revealed the song Mister which received more love than their title track Wanna, was originally made in the male chord. One of the main reasons why Wanna won as the title song, was the fact that Mister was actually intended for a male group. One insider pointed out 'KARA is one of the representative girl groups who showcases individuality in each of their songs. With songs like Mister and Break It, they are able to put their own spin to it. Adding their individual charms to the song, they are able to make it their own. It is indeed something special that they can take a song, and make it match to their true colors.' KARA is scheduled to return with Lupin on the 25th at Mnet Mcountdown. source: NEWSEN LINK thanks to mae@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  17. *READ BOTH PART I & II TO GET THE WHOLE PICTURE OF THE FIASCO MINI-ALBUM LUPIN WAS SUBJECTED TO. Part I: Internet shopping mall 'A' encountered problems with KARA fans when they announced on its site that the only album sales that will be included in the Hanteo Chart are those sales made from February 17, when the mini-album Lupin will be released, till February 22, 2010. Fans who have bought ahead, or those who have placed reservations on the mini-album protested this measure. In response to this, Internet shopping mall 'A' announced that it will include sales from February 11, which includes those who have placed advanced orders, till 22 for the chart rankings. Among KARA fans, there has been talks for a movement for the purchase of the mini-album to be only from Feburary 22, and not on the date the album is released. This is for the purposes of ranking in KBS2's Music Bank, wherein album sales is given the most importance in its judging. For group KARA to be able to win #1 for the first week of March, the album sales from the 22nd to the 28th will be counted, and thus, there has been agreement amongst fans to purchase the album during this week instead of purchasing it on the week of its release. The fans allegedly requested Internet shopping mall A to make it reflect that sales made before 22 will just be counted on the 22nd and not on the day it was actually made. To accommodate the request of the fans, Internet shopping mall 'A' agreed. However, fans of another singers protested, saying that 'They are manipulating the charts. Its okay to be number 1, but they should be fair and honest.' The fandom of the other singers were the ones who leaked the agreement amongst KARA fans. Because of this, the officers of KARA's fanclub asked the Internet shopping mall 'A' to disregard all the request of the fans. Part II: Because of this Internet shopping mall 'A' announced that 'All album sales will be made to reflect starting on the day that they are delivered from the warehouse, and on the day that they are actually made. This will be reflected in the Hanteo charts.' Netizens however, were sharp to point out that fans don't usually ask for this to be done, and that no legitimate seller would give in to such baseless request. They ask 'Was it really the fans who asked that the sales be counted that way? Or was it a strategy on the part of the Internet shopping mall 'A' to do so for them to get more customers?' Internet shopping mall 'A' denied this accusation, saying that they were merely accommodating requests from their customers seeing that they could possibly do so. It is clear for all concerned that DSP and Mnet Media had nothing to do with the situation and were unaware of such controversy. Internet shoppping mall 'A' has apologized for this happening. However, KARA fans are not pleased, saying that 'Because of Internet shopping mall 'A', KARA received unnecessary criticisms.' The fans are getting together, agreeing not to purchase the album from their site. They also expressed their dissatisfaction towards KARA's company, who decided not to release the album on the 22nd saying that 'They can't even plan the promotions properly.' source: DCNEWS LINK tip-off: mae@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  18. Girl group KARA has just released the teaser for their 3rd mini-album Lupin, and amidst the hot responses, more and more people are wanting to see the full version of the MV. The teaser was first released at 12nn today, February 12 through the portal site Naver on its Naver Music page. In the teaser for Lupin, the girls shed off their cute image that has always been their main concept, and shows a more mysterious image, with only the silhouettes being shown. With the release of this teaser, the interest for the full version of the MV has been increasing. With the opening of the teaser at the Naver Music page, fans can now anticipate for the 3rd mini-album of KARA. KARA will kick-off their comeback performance with Mnet's MCountdown on the 25th, followed by KBS 2's Music Bank on the 26th, MBC's Music Core on the 27th, and lastly, SBS' Inkigayo on the 28th. source: MDTODAY LINK tip-off: anne@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE - I don't know if I'm happy that their comeback stage will be on Mcountdown or not.. I hope Mcountdown treats the girls well, so that they'll have a good start on their promotions for Lupin..
  19. lol. anne, i agree. they got it from us, so kh deserves the credit. can't wait for their teaser though. sometimes they deceive us with concept photos and come out with something totally different. so i guess i have to wait for tomorrow. and i think its good that they'll comeback on the 26th, for the song to gain some momentum before they go up and perform. and they do need the extra practice time to polish, since they're fresh from their japan showcase..
  20. 5 member girl group KARA will soon release the teaser to its mini-album Lupin. On the 12th, at 1:00PM (KST), the teaser for their third mini-album will be released on the portal site Naver for the first time. With Lupin, KARA transformed, showing off a fresh new concept as seen in their jacket photo. Through the release of these photos, KARA has been gathering much interest regarding their comeback. After the teaser (February 12), they will release the song, then the album (February 17), and then the music video. They will have their comeback stage on KBS 2's Music Bank on February 26.It is said that they are currently at the finishing stages of their choreography. With KARA's comeback, idols are reigning once again, together with SNSD and 2AM. source: NEWSEN LINK tip-off: anne@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE source: translated by holyknight@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN TAKING OUT. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  21. *Only KARA related part is translated. On Strong Heart, MC Kang Hodong continued by asking "Were there any other times you felt jealous of Taecyeon?" Junho replied, "It was when KARA's Goo Hara chose her top 3 male idols.." He proceeded to explain "We were all together watching TV while eating when we saw the news that I came in at 2nd place of her top 3 male idols. I felt really satisfied while I was eating my chicken." Junho continues his story by saying "While I was so happy because of the members' reaction when we found out I was second, I thought to myself 'I feel like I've been recognized. I just hope that the 1st place is not a 2PM member.' But then it turned out to be Taecyeon. I just threw my chicken and went inside to exercise." source: TVREPORT NEWS translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE CREDIT LINE
  22. Popular girl group KARA flew to Japan for their first showcase, and yesterday, February 6, we had the chance to interview them at Tokyo's New Otani Hotel. With around 100 people attending the event, the KARA members greeted everyone in Japanese, expressing that "We are very nervous for our first showcase here in Japan." When asked what their charm is, leader Park Gyuri answered "A lot of people tell us that we're warm and fresh and lively.. I guess we are like the girlfriend who lives in next door" The showcase to be held today, February 7, was originally supposed to be a one-time showcase only. But because of the number of fans that had wanted to attend the event, another showcase was added, making it 2 showcases, with around 3000 fans attending. Han Seungyeon, who spoke in fluent Japanese, said "We're really happy. Its our very first showcase but a lot of fans are supporting us, so we are very thankful for that. All the members are nervous and excited." When asked about their individual talents, leader Park Gyuri answered "My mom used to dub for Japanese Manhwas, so I got her talent of voice impersionations", and went on to show her cute talent. Maknae Kang Jiyoung said "My strongest trait is that I'm the youngest." Meanwhile Jung Nicole stated that "Its dance and cooking. I really like to cook." Han Seungyeon went on to say that "I'm not young anymore, but my talent is looking younger than my real age", while member Goo Hara said that "My free-spirited nature is my strong point." source: NAVER NEWS translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic tip-off: anne@KARAholic CREDIT PROPERLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE
  23. Economic Idols KARA is going into business through Mnet's KARA Bakery. On December 3, we met up with KARA at a certain building in Seoul, after they had filmed for their reality program. The building was still bare and empty, and the members of KARA have only two months to transform the place into their own bakery. On this particular day, Nicole had another recording, and so it was the remaining members - Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara and Jiyoung who interviewed the applicants for a part-time job in their bakery. The 4 members, like a true CEO, was very particular in their questions, even asking older applicants without any hesitations. After recording, Jiyoung said "We are all conscious about the time limit of our program. We shoot a lot, but we're disappointed that only a few scenes will be included because of the time constraints." She continued "All of our members like bread, so we're having a lot of fun with the bakery. Since it is a bakery unique to us, we keep on thinking that we have to do our best. I hope it gets our through word of mouth so that we'll have more customers." For the bakery, members Park Gyuri and Han Seungyeon took out a loan amounting to 70,000,000 Won. Member Hara said "Since we have loaned money for it, we feel more responsible. We will work hard and make a good bakery so that we'll be able to make profit." KARA Bakery is a Season 2 of the program Wonder Bakery which aired last year. Since popular groups have done similar things, it is natural that the two groups be compared. But there is no need for comparison. Hara and Jiyoung were quick to point out that "In Wonder Bakery, the focus was about baking, while our program is about opening a bakery. So from there you can see that the concepts are different from each other." They added "Wonder Bakery did well last year, so I hope KARA Bakery does well too." KARA also shared their plans for next year. Hara said "This year was about making the people aware of the name KARA. Next year, we will be advancing into the Japanese market. Foreign fans can expect that we will be more active overseas next year." Seungyeon added "Next year, we hope to spread the name KARA to more people. Instead of being viewed as stars who are no longer within reach, we want to be the comfortable KARA, who will be reaching out to the fans." KARA Bakery airs every Wednesday at 6pm. source: STAR MT LINK thanks to mae@KARAholic translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic. CREDIT FULLY WHEN REDISTRIBUTING. DO NOT REMOVE OR EDIT CREDIT LINE