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  1. omg long time no see KH hhahahah

  2. well its kinda sad nicole will leave kara soon. no more mood maker in kara wish the best for her futire
  3. yeah she didn't renew her contract and that's so sad for kamilia but she wants to keep contact with kara members and that's good thing
  4. wow daebak i'm looking forward their DVD just like Tokyo Dome DVD yeah
  5. wow that's really awesome indeed. i mean for example take a look for AKB48. they're idol group from japan even took 6 years for to preform there. and now KARA? they're really great in japan compare to other girl group in korea. good luck KARA! i'm gonna watch you perform there :3
  6. thank you very much for this. i really luv seungyeon's voice here. glad seungyeon has more solo songs these days yay. <3
  7. finally.. DSP did a good job. i mean, common KARA is a big girl group in south korea but the heck they dont have YT channel and im glad at last DSP make a YT account for KARA (:
  8. so whats wrong with it?? its awesome tough. DSP really did a good job at this time. and the MV just looks so 'WOAH'
  9. hi caly still remember me??/ ;~;

  10. ohh i see you're ikamilia already. where's the moderator curbow??? - - hahah. me too~ i just creeping here. suddeny i luv seungyeon that much hahah