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  1. It is April. Nicole's Japanese site made a post yesterday (presumably due to Oricon's and HMV Japan's accidental posts) noting that the release was decided for April, that Nicole had participated in the production of it and that they'd give more details at a later date. source
  2. On Oricon's site, there's three edition listings for an album (no name listed), which has a release date of April 27th. Going by the prices listed, it'd be likely one is CD+DVD, one is CD+something else (likely a photobook) and the third one is a very obvious CD-only edition (due to the catalog number listed). None of them have any info though outside of price, catalog number and release date right now. source type A / type B / regular edition edit Oricon has since removed the information, but HMV Japan still lists all three versions. Their listings also confirm type A is CD+DVD and type B is CD+booklet. The information notes the album's concept is, "I'm always nearby." type A / type B / regular edition archived links (in case HMV Japan also takes them down):
  3. "RADIO" is currently number four on iTunes Japan's pop song chart. source
  4. "DON'T STOP" is released (some people already have their CD copies), there's longer previews of "BEST MAN" and "recall" on iTunes for those who wanted more than a 30 second preview of either song (need to have iTunes itself to play them though). https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/dont-stop-single/id1080519467?l=en
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if it's available to Japanese radio stations (which the company would be able to get play stats for), and people can also just tweet to the official account asking for it. Might be other means as well, but that was their reason for the sudden release there.
  6. "Radio" is getting released in Japan on the 17th due to the song's popularity. source
  7. There are 30 second previews of "BEST MAN" and "recall" on her Japanese label's site here.
  8. "Saigo no Sayonara (drama edit)" looks to have been released on iTunes, Recochoku and mora on February 3rd, for anyone interested in having the single before the CD version comes out. source (has links to the above mentioned store pages)
  9. Linking this thread on other sites is probably a good start (assuming you're asking how to get attention to it) :>
  10. Weird how they took my original upload of that down, yet that as well as the unsubbed version are still on YT ~_~ Also someone posted this on Karaboard, the MV is airing on the 28th in Japan. If it's the full version then I'll move my subs from the YT video over to that and toss it in the Sweet Mel Mediabox (presuming anyone is interested in it).
  11. "DON'T STOP" is going to be airing on January 18th on FM North Wave's "GOGO RADIO" (which runs from 12 - 3 pm JST). source
  12. Type A (CD +DVD): Tracklist: CD: 1. DON’T STOP 2. BEST MAN 3. DON’T STOP(Inst) 4. BEST MAN(Inst) DVD: DON’T STOP Music Video + Making Film Type B (CD + DVD): Tracklist: CD: 1. DON’T STOP 2. BEST MAN 3. DON’T STOP(Inst) 4. BEST MAN(Inst) DVD: DON’T STOP Music Video ( Dance Ver.) + Mezase Onna Joshi! “Hamaru Nicole” #2 Type C (CD + Booklet): Tracklist: 1. DON’T STOP 2. BEST MAN 3. DON’T STOP(Inst) 4. BEST MAN(Inst) Contains a 24 page booklet. Regular Edition (CD-only): Tracklist: 1. DON’T STOP 2. BEST MAN 3. DON’T STOP(Inst) 4. BEST MAN(Inst) 5. recall Links: CDJapan: Type A: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/VBZJ-1 Type B: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/VBZJ-2 Type C: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/VBZJ-3 Regular Edition: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/VBCJ-30001 HMV Japan: Type A: http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Nicole_000000000591188/item_DON-T-STOP-First-Press-Limited-Edition-A-CD-DVD_6557229 Type B: http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Nicole_000000000591188/item_DON-T-STOP-First-Press-Limited-Edition-B-CD-DVD_6557230 Type C: http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Nicole_000000000591188/item_DON-T-STOP-First-Press-Limited-Edition-C-CD-BOOKLET_6557231 Regular Edition: http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Nicole_000000000591188/item_DON-T-STOP-Standard-Edition_6557232 Type A + B + C + Regular Edition: http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_Nicole_000000000591188/item_DON-T-STOP-Set-of-4-CDs-Limited-Edition-A-B-C-Standard-Edition_6834251
  13. KARA’s Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara have parted from their agency DSP Media. As the three have withdrawn from KARA, it’s been seen as their actual disbandment. On the 15th, DSP Media revealed, “As of January 15th, 2016, Gyuri Park, Seungyeon Han and Hara Goo’s exclusive contracts with DSP Media have terminated.” Subsequently, they added, “For the sake of each other’s development, they have ended their exclusive contracts while deciding to be active in other fields. The company wishes the girls unsparing support and happiness in their futures.” Also, they explained regarding Youngji, “In order for her to show her best as an artist of the company in the future, we will do our very best to support Youngji’s growth.” Opted to put the original Korean message in spoilers due to the size. Source: http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2036936 + KARA Japan Official Fanclub Translation: dubious
  14. DSP announced a few hours ago that all but Youngji have left the company as of today...
  15. Yes, her Japanese site doesn't announce her Korean releases and appearances (or at least from what I've seen they don't, despite her fancafe announcing both Korean and Japanese activities).
  16. Longer version of the song, presumably the whole thing? Kind of curious on how "Saigo no Sayonara" and its B-side(s) will be like after hearing "Radio," namely if there'll be another song in the same genre on the single. edit Also her cut from the first episode of Higanbana:
  17. Yeah, most of it is just stuff that's already been mentioned about it. She mentioned a release event though, I imagine closer to the single's release there'll be more on that somewhere. >mid-March She should maybe push that more towards the start of the month :'>
  18. Username: dubious Name(optional): Message(200characters max): お誕生日おめでとう知英さん! ファイティン!
  19. The release date for what will be Nicole’s second single “DON’T STOP” has been set for February 17th. The title “DON’T STOP” is a bright pop dance tune singing about a “woman’s heart” and one’s real feelings towards their partner that they can’t really say to them. It is different from the elegant feminine image of her previous release “Something Special,” a pop song that gave the impression of a cute and adorable Nicole. In winter 2016 Nicole will deliver “DON’T STOP,” so please look forward to it♪ Title: “DON’T STOP” The limited editions and regular editions make four types in total! [Release date] February 17th, 2016 [Release label] CJ Victor Entertainment ♦ Limited Edition Type A (CD +DVD) Price: ¥1,800(before tax) ¥1,944(tax included) / VBZJ-1 【CD】 1. DON’T STOP 2. BEST MAN 3. DON’T STOP(Inst) 4. BEST MAN(Inst) 【DVD】 DON’T STOP Music Video + Making Film ♦ Limited Edition Type B (CD+DVD) Price: ¥1,800(before tax) ¥1,944(tax included) / VBZJ-2 【CD】 1. DON’T STOP 2. BEST MAN 3. DON’T STOP(Inst) 4. BEST MAN(Inst) 【DVD】 DON’T STOP Music Video ( Dance Ver.) + Mezase Onna Joshi! “Hamaru Nicole”♯2 (Aim to be a Woman! “Enter Nicole” #2) ♦ Limited Edition Type C (CD + Booklet) Price:¥1,600(before tax) ¥1,728(tax included) / VBZJ-3 【CD】 1. DON’T STOP 2. BEST MAN 3. DON’T STOP(Inst) 4. BEST MAN(Inst) 【Booklet】 Includes a deluxe 24P booklet ♦ Regular Edition (CD) Price:¥1,200(before tax) ¥1,296(tax included) / VBCJ-30001 【CD】 1. DON’T STOP 2. BEST MAN 3. DON’T STOP(Inst) 4. BEST MAN(Inst) 5. recall(Bonus Track) Source: http://nicole-cjve.jp/news.cgi/view/47 Translation: dubious
  20. Nicole has a calendar coming out in Japan on the 24th. Info: "Nicole 2016 Wall Calendar" - Covers January - December 2016 - Size: B3 - About 7 pages (presumably double sided? also has a cover page) - Price: 2000 yen They'll be on sale at Nicole's Christmas event on the 24th, or it can be preordered/bought here as of today: http://www.official-store.jp/nicole/products/detail.php?product_id=7 Worth noting though that it ships in Japan only, and it doesn't look to be listed on other stores right now.
  21. Thought this was posted already: source There's a new DVD/BD release for December 9th, most likely the new Karasia going by the poster description.
  22. Image source = Hara's Instagram KARA’s Hara unveiled a welcoming selca for Halloween. On the afternoon of the 31st, Hara posted a single photo to her Instagram with the message, “Happy Halloween.” In the posted photo, a long haired Hara is staring into the camera. In particular, her reddened cheeks and nice facial features, which show off her doll-like beauty perfectly, draws in one’s gaze. Netizens who saw the photo reacted with things like, “ Hara is a goddess,” “Hara, becoming prettier and prettier,” and “Have an enjoyable Halloween.” Currently, Hara is appearing in the SBS variety program “Shaolin Clenched Fists”. Source: http://news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2031904 Translation: dubious
  23. English subbed version of the first episode: (Turn captions on and select "Japanese")