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  1. Now we cling to this no matter how small the chances are or how long it might take. Until then, we will be waiting for them right here, keeping this place alive until the eventual reunion. *goes back into hiding*
  2. Edit: Replaced the first pic with the one above as it is way better
  3. time for you to get 5 gold stars

  4. We got a lot of posts from Seungyeon today boys and girls! What a time to be alive~ Translation by @yooniqda_ Thanks to my lifesaver hat, 98% of my selca on the water used the same clothes..... even though I was there for a week haha Twitter Translation by @yooniqda_ It's hard to take a picture on boat since it's shaking
  5. I bring to you more Seungyeon Probably one of The best eyesmile in Kpop
  6. That is one impressive collection. Lol. I'm even planning to splurge on Kara stuff. This addiction will no doubt bankrupt me
  7. Get to have you here ... it's never too late to discover KARA.