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  1. I think I would like hara still the most if I were a Guy, sadly I think she's really shy so.. she wouldnt talk too much maybe on a date? .. I would date anyhow gyuri then : D... but I still voted for hara as shes still too cute, and many boys like shy girls so its ok LOL just then the guy (ok then me if I were a guy) would need to learn how to talk alot : P
  2. haha, I love hara so much, even we cant hear her voice in songs /performances toooo much : P I love her cutieness so much and her hair lolz : > ~
  3. I think I need to listen to the song a bit more, its not that I dont like it I just need to see a performance first before I can love a song really much anyhow haha : D but the MV is really so cute ~ I love them all so much and they look so pretty : )
  4. Wow she is really over-make-upped XD (can I say like that ? haha) but still so pretty : d
  5. hara is so pretty in here I like the second picture in first post X d she have also nice hair x 3
  6. omg so cute even she looks like I am looking when get hair cut.. xD I am Never happy with any haircut lol but she is so pretty she can have every haircut ~ please smile, hara X d
  7. so cute haha want to hug both of them now <3 lolz
  8. I totally love the U Go Girl outfit XD I try to find now a great quality of her in that outfit ~hope someone shared it here haha the first picture is one of my fav pics of her as well~ it was the first picture I saw from her at the debut time from Kara and I liked her the most cause of that pic keke
  9. haha she was always a pretty girl but now she is more pretty and cute ~ keke
  10. haha ~she's even more strong than me XD ~~ but like 1 meter more small : d no joke not 1 meter but alot size thats so cute : )
  11. OMG the second little picture with her brown hair is just too cute I would love to see it in big size T T ~~ she remember me on a really cute little dog which I always want to hug hope this sound not mean cause she is definetely more cute than a little dog haha ~ but the brown totally win over my heart <3
  12. wow she always look so different... haha but always pretty : )