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  1. Is she really the lead? cos all I see is Mizuwa(?) the Japanese girl everywhere. Judging from Hara's City Hunter thing - appearing on the main poster and then having less screen time then some extras, I wonder if DSP just sold Kara cheaply again so some show could get a bigger Japanese audience. I was really annoyed that they quite blatantly say that Jing got cast cos of her popularity in Japan - wtf is with that? we all know that she's got skills. And you don't see any of the Dream High cast having that said about them 'oh we have someone from t-ara, and 2pm, and miss a because their companies are producing and this will help them get more popular, so we don't really have a choice.' Yeah. Not. We've just got to wait for it to air I suppose, I'm sure she'll do well, but if anybody gets more screen-time then her I will be seriously miffed.
  2. Her hair... If she filmed this before the dspute... does this mean she still had Jumping hair? *hopes the stylists of this movie were good* But if she just had a cameo and they've put her name on the poster... doesn't it feel like they're using her cos of her popularity in Japan? I don't want her another 'Heroes' to happen again. Especially to Nicole. Even if it's a small part, it'd had better be really important to the overall story. No 'tea lady no. 1' role please.
  3. Oh! that too. Yes, I especially didn't like some of the comments by sones - maybe they think it's okay to behave like a douche to anybody whose not your bias. That was ridiculous. And yes, I do agree that some of Jing's whininess was a result of that - I mean how do you react to someone that rude without crying or beating them up? Jing held out. Good for her. I like your positivity; it's refreshing to see. Actually, we all like to complain a bit too much here on karaholic. lol. It's better if we're positive. Also, I think it's okay to complain a bit here, but I really facepalm when kamillia complain on public sites like allkpop or the video itself. I mean - shouldn't we leave that to the antis? it's such a... hmmm I don't know, silly thing to do.
  4. I feel like she should ditch the whiny image no? You can clearly tell that she and Boom are too comfortable with it each other and have already established an Oppa/Dongsaeng relationship to suddenly change it into a Kim Tae Woo/Hyunah one. I'm pretty unhappy about that, since in you can tell that it's scripted and that she's faking it. I also don't get the village idiot concept - how many concepts is the PD gonna levy on this girl? There's the tom & jerry concept; Hyunah concept and the village idiot concept. Plus the realy, original, cute, sharp Jiyoung that we all no is struggling to get through. So I don't really know. Gosh, if the PDs would just let her be comfortable, even if she gets less time then Bora we wouldn't be so stressed wondering which concept she's going to have to do next. Does anyone else think that Sunny shouldn't have come back? It affects the freshness of the new cast and keeps reminding me of IY1 EDIT:// But I do appreciate that Jiyoung does get screen time. Unlike Heroes where Nicole was completely ignored so the PDs could fawn over someone else with not even half as good reactions as hers and then have the nerve to sell it in japan off Nicole's shoulder.
  5. I'm sooo sorry. But I don't know how I cancel that off....But please email me at kpopamp@hotmail.com

  6. Hiya, I'm trying to send you a PM but I can't... don't know what's going on :( it's kinda urgent

  7. hello. just saw ur comment. lol. xD i'm still alive....just hiding behind the curtains....lurking around..xD miss u too....

  8. DVD

    Aw.. It's okay then - thanks for the Facebook links anyways! I'll use those 
  9. DVD

    thanks for the streaming links! but does sweetmelodix have a youtube channel? It's easier for slow connection then facebook...
  10. I agree with UknownIdiot - I'm actually getting a bit antsy not seeing any of the other 3 members getting any schedules. I know that DSP isn't going to give the 3 schedules for a while, perhaps because they weren't able to plan any what with the controversy but it just made me think - SY and Jing weren't anywhere BEFORE the controversy happened. Infact - Gyuri and Hara were supposed to go to Patayya and go to the Idol Swimming Special. It seems like DSP has been favouring Gyuri and Hara over the others for a long time now. Anyways, having said all that, I'm just glad that I'll get to glimps some of my bias (SY) soon. and she updates her twitter more often! yay!

  12. Since I last voted and now - I've changed my mind quite a bit. Personally I think Gyuri wouldn't be a good choice cos she's still a bit awkward on camera. Her speciality is mostly awesome one-liners and short bursts of craziness but I think that she needs a long way to go before being completely relaxed and herself on camera. So no, I don't want to see her on WGM. SY too - even though I think her variety show skills have improved massively since the load of being the sole promoter of kara has been lifted from her shoulders but I get the feeling that the she takes these sort of things too personally to want to be on a fake married program... sort of like... she'd want to get married for real real and this sort of thing would probably only end up hurting her? I think Hara, Jiyoung and Nicole would be great candidates - they all have natural variety skills. After IY I actually prefer Hara doing cool, funny things instead of romantic things. So Jiyoung and Nicole would be awesome. Jing with Changmin of 2AM. They'd be the next outrageous couple since Hwangbo and HJ. and Nicole with Key. Mostly because I want to know whether Key is gay or not. (lol, selfish reason but I also think he'd make an awesome jealous husband!) Although I wonder if it would be legal to put Jing in a marriage right now... any laws against it in Korea?
  13. DVD

    Does anybody know who 'Taiyo' is? Apparently he's one of the robbers. He seems quite popular but I don't even know which one he is...
  14. @KeiLin24 - Thanks! That was really interesting. I didn't recognize SY's ghost at all! He looks really good in those pictures. I was wondering whose 'Taiyo' or something like that. Apparently he's in Hara's episode but he has a lot of fans cos people everywhere are like 'Taiyo's gonna make a guest appearance on this show called Urakara. Kyaaa. !.' etc, etc. I don't even know which robber he is.
  15. DVD

    Well I didn't enjoy Gyuri's episode as much as I wanted to... I guess from all the Kara girls they've made her the most different from what she is in real life? I think it would have been more fun and eccentric if they had just let her be her crazy self. I also didn't really feel any chemistry between her and the male lead (who thankfully wasn't the old guy) but all in all I'm really impressed how much the girls acting has improved since the first episode! Nicole's reactions especially, I think she's getting more confident with her skills. Did anyone else notice? No weird sounds from the Robot when he prints anymore! Anyways - I can't wait for Hara's episode! Guns? Hold up? That has got to be awesome. (I also really loved SY's hair in some of the scenes. Cute hammie is back!)