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  1. I watched Hara's episode on Dramafever with english subs. It was separated into two episodes. I guess Drama Cube and Drama Fever have different schedules? @.@
  2. 'This bunch of fans' shouldn't be addressed. If they're like that then there's no point in paying attention cuz they're being stubborn. However, there are fans waiting for the girls themselves to speak up about the Kara project or about Kara & Kamilias. About anything. Also, the banner says "We oppose Kara's new member recruitment." It doesn't say they reject the new member. They disagree with the recruitment. The statement is still formal and only stating their position.
  3. I don't blame fans for opposing the new members project. But, we can't really take back the time and effort that has gone into making the Kara project. I'm hoping KARA3 makes their position clear (if they're with DSP on the Kara Project) because I could picture a few possibilities of this Kara project and why DSP is doing it. Hopefully the girls will say something that'll make the fans a little more assured on the possible problems KARA3 will face if they do get new members. I mean, we've only had one message from Gyuri and the rest are words of the company. I'm not saying DSP are forcing the decisions, but in the end, DSP makes the calls. I love Kara Addict graphics~ they're so eye catching x3
  4. Subbers are only volunteers. Translating some information from this blog. WARNING: spoiler-ish content! Suddenly the Runaway Music Video makes sense.
  5. Translation: I believe its a chance to stand on a world stage. If we can stand together on stage, it would be great. I'm going to cling on this like crazy. I really have to do this, I have to catch this (chance). That is my mindset. Her pics:
  6. woah! im so excited ^^ 10 more days~? gah! I can't wait til Nicole comes back >3< !!!
  7. OMG THAT IS CRAZY SYCHRONIZED. Even the singing omg. Okay, I have to assign them to a character now. Gyul - Sailor moon (cuz she's the leader~) BUT! She got elegance like Sailor Neptune & manliness like Sailor Uranus mwahaha Jing - Chibusa~ (cuz she's the cute and a lil spoiled but the other sailor scouts love her anyways~) Cole - Sailor Jupiter cuz of the cooking~ BUT! She got Sailor Moon's hyper personality! Hara - Sailor Venus (And Pico can be Artemis) Hammie - Sailor Mercury cuz she's the brains of Kara hehe. ALSO! Sailor Mars because she has that tomboy-ish & serious feel when she's all quiet x3 Plus, I could totally picture her working at a shrine~
  8. dsp 미디어 콘서트 일본에서 12월 1일 일반발매 시작 The start of the release of DSP Media Concert tickets in Japan is December 1st. <-- I'm pretty sure this means the selling of the DSP Festival tickets for Japan is in Dec. 1st DSP should go all out on this concert! Make it amazing! They should have some sort of storyline. But...pretty sure that won't happen. -sigh-
  9. [포스터 브릿지 내용] 대한민국 가요계의 역사를 다시 쓴 DSP미디어의 22년 만에 열리는 첫 패밀리 콘서트 [DSP FESTIVAL] 명실상부, DSP미디어가 낳은 최고의 아티스트 젝스키스(은지원, 장수원, 김재덕) / 클릭비 / SS501(박정민) / 카라 / 오종혁 / 레인보우 / A-JAX 등 총 출동 이번 페스티벌을 위해 11년 만에 다시 뭉친 원조 보이 밴드 클릭비 에이젝스, 카라, 레인보우 등이 준비한 핑클, 젝스키스의 트리뷰트 공연, 선.후배가 함께 꾸미는 깜짝 콜라보레이션 무대에 이어 일본 투어를 성공리에 마치고 돌아온 카라의 환상적인 무대까지 뜨거운 열정과 함성으로 폭발하는 퍼포먼스와 몰아치는 감동을 느낄 수 있는 콘서트 당신을 위한 단 하나의 페스티벌, [DSP FESTIVAL]이 시작됩니다. ● 나열식 공연은 없다! 전체 출연진이 공연 시작부터 엔딩까지 계속 출연. ● 14년만에 뭉치는 젝스키스(은지원, 장수원, 김재덕) 의 특별 무대 Sechs kies's (Eun Jiwon, Jang Soowon, Kim Jaedeok) special stage ● 페스티벌의 시작을 알리는 아티스트들의 레드카펫 오프닝 퍼포먼스. Festival's start is artists' red carpet opening performance. ● 카라와 레인보우가 함께 연출하는 핑클의 트리뷰트 무대. Kara with Rainbow Finkl Tribute stage ● 카라의 구하라와 니콜이 새롭게 연출하는 이효리의 “10minute” Kara's Goo Hara with Nicole Lee Hyori's 10 minute new stage ● 전체 콘서트 런닝 타임 3시간 30분! - 더 이상의 쇼는 없다. The whole concert's running time is 3 hours and 30 minutes - There is no other ideal show than that! but what source is this from? o.o

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