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  1. graphcis updated! in part2

  2. After long months of hiatus... XD

  3. OMG? I never thought she looked like that when I saw the news! She must have been really crying so hard! I think she really needs our support and comfort! Seeing that inflicts pain to me too!
  4. Busy busy busy me.... :(

  5. Seeing the third picture makes me miss Gyuri's short hair! Short hair suits her also. And on the next couple of pics, you can see Seungyeon's long hair! Awwwww... full of memories.
  6. ^^ Now, you should notice it all the time. It's super irresistable. You will fall in love with our maknae's cuteness!!!
  7. She looks like Bora on the red haired version of her. Well of course that's because of the red hair. Can't wait for Jiyoung's episode too! I can see her slicing some things with that samurai thingy.
  8. I really think it was because of the soccer game too! Of course you will get tired cheering and jumping after watching the soccer game. And I CAN'T WAIT FOR JIYOUNG'S EPISODE TOO!!! WAAAA!
  9. This has to be a smart move! With crazy things going on, at least they find themselves together and continue!
  10. 10 age difference! That must be true love! Well, congratulations for Sunghee! We wish them all the best!
  11. It's starting to grow in me that they are really really in a bad situation right now. How can they continue as 5 if there is something going on inside that we can't see if they present themselves to the public.
  12. I really want them to continue filming! I want to see all the 12 episodes! I'm dying to watch it!
  13. That's a great relief for us! I can't wait to see them being active again. It's really right to stay as 5 no matter what the situation is.