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  1. I spent too much time for this, tell me your thinking thank you
  2. Their thief style and the song's tittle mention Ars
  3. Lupin, Broken promise, , Magic, Secretlyx2, Yigemwoya (plastic ver.), Pretty Girl (Bani ver.)...
  4. thank you. Maybe you miss this one : I added download link 8->
  5. It's mine , it's mine , this is mine waiting for your comments thanks Download MU link: [hide_me][/hide_me] If there is a dead link, please notify us on the Streambox Request Thread!
  6. my Seungyeon I feel hurt to see and hear the sound when she fall hope she will be ok...
  7. xoxoxoxoxoxo I CAN'T WAIT xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  8. oh, it's look coool , thank you
  9. Did Guyri really cut her hair? I see her hair still long in showcase XD the pics remind me Gothic-lolita style. Thank you for the news. Hope they will success.
  10. [hide_me][/hide_me]