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  1. LOL , I was like, what are you talking about ? No you don't have too.

  2. lmao should i change it?

  3. Your sig is pervert'ish! lol .

  4. lol yeah she was really funny i think she is close with lee hyori!! and definitely with tiffany
  5. Woww it looks really nice.. Red kitchen im gonna go there one day.... one day
  6. lol her calf muscle looks funny muscular NICole!!!
  7. lmao she alwasys sticks out her tongue its a habit for her!~ but it is really cute
  8. lmao oh brother was funny.. she was suprisingly good O.O lolll athletic nicole ~~
  9. lmaoo froggyyy she does jump pretty high with heels on O.O
  10. OMG i almost died o.o she is sooo cute apple hair ahaha best hair on hara
  11. LOL i love G7 !! some of my favorite idols in a show! hahah shinyoung is so funny in it, and haras lame jokes she's so dorky <3
  12. she is very pretty with or without make-up ^^
  13. brendon annyeong! welcome to karaholic :)