[2012.08.22] Korean 5th Mini Album - Pandora


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She looked aslkdfjasdlf;jd hot!! But I was hoping for more close up, like face close ups. For me the awkward part was at .07 when she was lying on the floor and the screen turns gray.. It had a sort of creepy/awkward for me but the teaser was still good. From what I see, it seems like Hara and Nicole are dance teasers and Jiyoung and Gyuri are non-dancing teasers. Maybe its like a pattern: non dancing teaser-> dancing teaser-> non dancing teaser.. So maybe Seungyeon's teaser will be a non- dancing teaser like Jiyoung and Gyuri??? I can't wait for her's tomorrow!! Bet she will look beautiful!!

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Since Hara and Nicole are the best dancers so their teaser are likely to be dancing ones.

I still love Gyuri's teaser the best, although I love Nicole and she's sexy as hell, I think a cute side is better, or something powerful like Lupin

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Kiss the Radio Played Pandora before the song release date

guys please read: pandora was played today at kiss the radio but ktr didnt check the release date and it was their mistake. ktr asked fans not to upload any of ktr's show today. So don't spread it around if anyone uploaded it if you respect kara bbies please

From: seung_triplets twitter

there's been a lot of accidental releases for Kara's comeback o.o first the website and now this, DSP must be really angry.

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All the teasers have been released!!! Please watch, like, and support :) The music sounds omg...I'm just getting too excited. The girls look so beautiful and mature!!!

Seungyeon's Teaser uploaded 8/17/2012:

Nicole's Teaser uploaded 8/16/2012:

Gyuri's Teaser uploaded 8/15/2012:

Hara's Teaser uploaded 8/14/2012:

Jiyoung's Teaser uploaded 8/13/2012:

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yay, finally seungyeon teaser is out :D, save the best for the last (sorry, seungyeon is my bias :P)... can't wait for their comeback next week on music bank :D

but i hear there is already leaked song from sukira :(, altough it's happened accidentally. i hope there is no one uploaded the leaked song to internet...

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Can't wait any more! Finally a new Korean song to listen to from KARA! From the teasers the songs sound so stylish. Synth-pop, nice genre to explore. And the concept's so sophisticated and fresh - like a combination of cyber futuristic dystopia neon-steampunk style. The teasers did the job well in making KARA stand out from other idol's styles.

A little off-topic and contradictory but I always had a fear that when I compare the new song to previous releases and if it is not good, I would feel disappointed. Or if it was better, I would listen to the previous releases that I used to love so much (like Step) lesser if Pandora's really good.

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