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What future concepts do you want the girls to adopt?

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We have seen alot of cute and mature/sexy concepts through the years. Now what concepts/styles do you want to see the girls in?

I like a cool bad girl kind of concept. something like seungyeon's guilty concept. make them look like cool, rocking or badass girls...

By the way I also wanted to ask what types of songs you guys want to hear from our girls. For me i like Follow me and Rider cuz they sound cool so somewhere along that type.

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yes that's what thought watching Guilty. Expand that even further and have them form a band where each member plays an instrument.

Seungyeon - vocals

Gyuri - keyboard

Nicole - violin / bass

Jiyoung - guitar

Hara - drums

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A band concept is not a bad idea. Even if they just imitating on playing instruments, that would still be awesome. Imagine Jing rocking on stage ! Jamming on that drum/guitar lol !

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Well, they had a band concept before, but it wasn't a promoted song or release. Search Same Heart MV. But it wasn't the rock band kind of concept though.

There's many concepts they haven't tried, like 2NE1's kind of concept or retro styles, but I don't see them fitting KARA. Maybe fantasy will be a good concept? Or maybe going back to redo their hip-hop KARA4 concepts?

Well, I don't really mind the concept, I just wish their MVs have storylines, like their solo MVs.

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At first, I thought about them doing something more sensually, provocatively updated, like when I first saw Nicole doing something like this not too long ago, . . .

Then I thought about something more heavier towards the modern hip-hop-esque style with more of the members rapping with matching rhythm and beats. Won't mind having all of the members give out a few lines in that regard. :thumbup1:

Naturally, they uphold a very prevailing symphonic-ballad-R&B-Pop with very sweet touches of a few genre mixtures here and there on a few occasions, and shift towards the rocking alternative a little bit, while sticking to the traditional sense of music schools and harmony. Staying on the enlightening side of the gospels is a good thing with their nowadays bright imagery and soaring vocals of will. I'm not really against them leaning a bit towards the trot, but I won't mind them exploring other concept avenues that appeal towards the younger demographics these days.

Rock-N-Rock Band would be a tall order for them to master because they will have to jam easily on instruments, as if they have been playing it for years. I don't think it is impossible for them to accomplish this, but should they consider this approach, they "must" top other band approaches to make that happen.

I still hope that they will consider a full English album release in the U.S., and the sheer thought of a country-type song concept did actually cross my mind rather amusingly. :lol2: After all, both Hara and Jiyoung had done their parts on the farms for the Invincible Youth program.

Since they are currently holding strong in Japan, I would like to see all of them as Samurai Daimyos with their very own Clan, and Ninjas/Shinobis/Geishas. :ph34r: Maybe take an artistic alternative history rewrite approach at Hakata Bay, when the Mongols/Koreans first battled it out with the Japanese.

I'll post up in here again, if I think of anything else. :jogging:

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Since they r already learning to play the guitar. how bout rock, rock n roll, or classic rock?

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What's awesome is that they took that awesome manly concept that I always wished for lolol. Hm, other than that, I want a badass one! Just like Lupin and Speed Up but awesomer XoX

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