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  1. I listened to this song more times than Damaged Lady. Like the sounds, the rhythm everything!
  2. I thought Jiyoung is also 166cm in height? Yes welcome to Kara!! I was one of your biggest supporters during the project!! Dont give yourself too much pressure. Its the first step to failure.
  3. I try not to think too much about things like this. Whether they add one or two members....its not in my control. Its their decision and I respect it. Im happy that Youngji got in as she is my fave. Seeing comments like saying her supporters are not Kamilias by Kamilias is quite hurtful though. Anyways Im glad shes attracted positive responses from K-Netizens. All of a sudden Koreans seem to have a positive attitude towards Kara.
  4. I'm tired of everything and want to destroy everyone and everything including myself.

  5. hello hello!! Where did you get that gif in your sig? that Jing gif.

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      oh damn needle in the haystack D:

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      found it! lol that was quicker than i thought!

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      Ahahah Congrats. ^^

  6. "They've also been spotted together at KARA's and Supernova's concerts, and when Jiyoung said "I like paper airplanes", fans found a tattoo of a paper airplane on Gunil's shoulder." Is this crap true?
  7. America is less stressful when it comes to education I think. Expanding her ability in english will net her better opportunities in the acting industry. As for communication in english, Hammie has been to a US school too so why not Jiyoung too?
  8. Let us appreciate the 7 beautiful years KARA gave us. Let us be grateful the girl group KARA even existed in our world and time. Let us be grateful that these girls were able to meet and work with each other and we were able to meet, love and support these 5/6 girls For in a different world, these girls could be living their own lives never knowing, meeting and working with each other n KARA didnt exist.
  9. OMg I just had a dream last night and I bet this one beats yours all cause it could be real. I just dreamed about what could be KARA's future korean song. I cant remember the song itself but I know theres Nicole's rap in it. One bit of the MV had 5? flying saucers fly through space. Im not sure if the members were surfing through space on them.
  10. MY ALBUM ARRIVED!! Thanks Ron. Thanks to all!! Ahhhhhh my first KARA full length album.......