[2014.03.04] Han Seungyeon New Drama


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KARA Han Seungyeon and Kim Jihoon. Brother and Sister will be in casting role in “Jang Bori Is Here!” drama weekend!
Kim Ji Hoon and KARA Han Seungyeon will casting in the drama “Jang Bori Is Here” in the (tentative) in the MBC Weekend Drama.
2014.02.03. Afternoon, MBC have Officialy revealed that Kim Jihoon and Han Seungyeon starring role as brother and sister in Jang Bori Is Here.
Han Seungyeon will be playing the role of Joo Ga Eul, the youngest child of a rich family, who has strong personality.
While other , Jihoon will be playing the role of Joo Ga Eul’s older brother, Joo Chan Woo, a prosecutor (a person who haven't seen for long time appear at the firm).
Kim Jihoon and Han Seungyeon are prepared for plan as brother and sister along with other actor Oh Changsuk. 
[Jang Bori Is Here] the appropriated Story of 2 women Status has Swift. Baek Homin the director of "May Queen", "Flame of Desire" & "Jewel Family" and the combined work of Kim Sun'oku which firm in " The Birth of a Family" and " pianist of blue". 
[Jang Bori Is Here] will be broadcast in South Korea at April due to other program currently airing now is "The love for yourself".
Article Translated by: Viperion@karaholic.com 
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I know she is going to get a lot of hate for this but I hope she take this as a good opportunity to improve her acting. 

Happy for our Hammie. <3


Omg haaaaaaaaaaaaaaai!

& yea I agree, but she improved a lot on HLH!  :gemheart: 

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waaaaahhhhh new drama for Hammie!!!!!!!!!! so happy for her  :gemshout: so far I am liking it cause there's no love story yet hahaha i've had enough in her lovely heels :D but who knows, she might get a love line  :gemnoway:  but will still cheer for our Hammie! Hwaiting!!!  :gemcheer:

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