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  1. I am looking for some help too since I'm new with these. I badly want to go to the fanmeet T^T
  2. waaaaahhhhh new drama for Hammie!!!!!!!!!! so happy for her so far I am liking it cause there's no love story yet hahaha i've had enough in her lovely heels but who knows, she might get a love line but will still cheer for our Hammie! Hwaiting!!!
  3. Thank you! Keep up the good work admins btw I really love the play house
  4. kekeke hard working Hammie~ hope the drama will do good. Hammie chaego!
  5. glad she's enjoying herself. I miss her tho
  6. I hope Nicole will be able to think of her next plan and DSP allows it. I can't afford to see them as a 3 member tho, Jiyoung's plan seems final, I wish our maknae well I've been mourning about this ever since the news break out and I still can't get over it
  7. i almost died seeing those gifs she's so cute!!!!!!!!! Hammieeeeeeee
  8. oh saknasfnkasn i want to have that calendar hihihi so happy for aechak fan support. Hammie must be feeling the love
  9. she's so unearthly in those magazine scans i need too breathe and those airport pics and the latest ep with Hammie as expected of our yeoshin
  10. she updated her insta with a cake kekeke i think it's her father's birthday or something like that glad to know she's doing fine. they should update their sns more often