When/How Did You Become a KARA Fan?


What Year Did You Become A KARA Fan?  

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  1. 1. What Year?

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I have known Kara since the beginning, but I didn't dig deeper about them at that time. But when I heard their song, Damaged Lady, suddenly I was in a rabbit hole. Lol. I really like that song and album to the point that I bought that album first. And I'm happy and have no regrets. 😊

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I became a k-pop fan one year after their disbandment, so I never got to know them until when I move release. I saw by chance one tweet with their first ever ending fairies and hearts popped out of my eyes (if we're on a cartoon). this happened on the same day of their fansign, so after scrolling through some #KARA posts on twitter, I went to youtube and watched their music videos in earliest to latest order. I remember being amazed by sunghee's singing voice and then, upset finding out she left the group shortly after her debut. I remember being confused watching rock u part that shows members' names, because I thought youngji was seungyeon 😅😅. I looked up more songs on spotify and I had a really good time listening to their korean and also japanese albums. I was totally invested in getting to know more of these sweet and talented women.

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