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  1. Everyone is stunning in her own way. I cannot pick between the members. I feel like I'm torn choosing apple over oranges. OTP7 for the win!
  2. Seungyeon! I was caught by her enchanting smile when I first saw their Girl's Power MV. She smiles a lot in that video. But my heart screams for Gyuri. But hey, I love them all!
  3. @onyxdragon : I'm back~!

  4. @onyxdragon : I'm back~!

  5. Dear Haters, take it or leave it. It is DSP's decision, not KARA's. Fin K.L. is Fin. K.L., KARA is KARA. No more, no less. Let's not compare.
  6. This promotion will be great. I'm looking forward to see more of Kara in this album. Hopefully, I can get pre-order in online websites.
  7. White lies. Lies are purchased fifty percent on Sin card. Go figure!

  8. Precisely my thoughts. I'm giving the make-up artist a scale of 10-10 for that. Anyways barefaced or covered with make-up, Youngji is verryyy pretty!
  9. I'm leaving Karaholic soon. :'(

    1. XJ Jem
    2. ilovekaramorethanthebeatles
    3. Jellylicious


      Hmmm, I already told my friend but I'm having second thoughts on leaving this forum. Sorry to make you alarmed.

  10. I'm right here even you're not coming back to KARA. Missing you, dear Jiyoung-ah.
  11. Now, welcome to an Idol's personal hell, where evils disguised as internet trolls. These haters are the main reason why Hara can't post instagram photos freely. Ugh. They're getting into my nerves!!!!
  12. Soaring, tumbling, free wheeling, through an endless diamond sky~