[2009.04.11] Kara's thoughts on ending promotions: "We got first place...it's been such a significant period for us"


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4 months?

how come it felt so much shorter?

well yeah..this year was really precious and significant for us!

im gonna miss them performing!

but we'll still see them on variety shows! :)

i cant wait for their new album and concept!

kara fighting!

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Hi? You guys, what's up? I just joined. This is my first post..

Anyway, Kara fans, this doesn't sound as bad as it seems.

They just got their own show on one of the better cable tv networks(MBC ever1, I guess a sub-branch of MBC)

Most boybands and girl groups(and even some big-time musicians) in S.Korea do most of promotions by appearing on variety shows.

Getting on variety shows is much more meaningful than getting 3-minute air time on music programs.

How did "Kara" get popular? Kara got popular because Seungyun did a ton of TV shows and radios when Kara wasn't well known. Seungyun even did a hosting job for Starcraft TV. (on a show called MSL Break, where she went over Starcraft 'matches')

So they'll still be busy as before, which means we still get to see Kara often.

And just for the record, they haven't got their second album out.

they've only released one full-length album(before the member change) and two mini-albums.

Hope you guys had a great Easter weekend~

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awww well its nice that theyre gunna take a break since they didnt have one during their promotions for their second album. im excited to see their comeback after their break and at least we can see them on shows and stuff

thanks for the translations

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it is so sad to see them stop performing but still I understand that they are tired..

and i'm so excited for there comeback already hahaah!

thanks for sharing...

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4 months straight without rest?

they really do deserve a break...

and come back with a better, stronger & prettier KARA!

and they really do deserve the no.1 spot especially gyuri, seungyeon & nicole(the original members) seeing that they were here since 2007 & having to change their members & all.

it was a tough job but i'm glad that they achieved it.

i really think that KARA is one of the most hardworking groups out there.

thanks for sharing=)

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