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  1. lol woooaaahh nicole definately has muscles her leg muscles, i really wouldnt have thought that haha she must work out alot haha thanks for sharing!
  2. awww thats really cute, jing is the maknae at home too her sister and her really look similar, shes pretty just like jiyoung thanks for sharing!
  3. lol in the picture it does kinda look like their is a ghostly hand, but in the vid i really couldnt see it at all im pretty sure it was just jiyoungs handm sucks that nicole slipped. i wouldnt have that that would ever happen thanks for the translations!
  4. hmm yea i can see the similarites they have like similar eyes and kinda the facial structure too
  5. i seriously love mister and secretly secretly mister is really catchy and secretly secretly has a really nice beat to it aha is pretty good too, i love this album!
  6. i totally cant wait for tomorrows performances the special stages sounds really interesting plus they are like collaborating with my fav artists haha cant wait for honey! ahhh that totally sucks that the list was fake, i was looking forward to that list oh well the two special stages will be fun to see
  7. wow the forum looks amazing i love the new layout and the colours, purple really suits the girls i was wondering when you guys were gunna change the layout cant wait to see the gallery haha thanks for all your hard work guys! good job
  8. awww the letters look really cute hopefully the girls will one day come online here! that would be so awesome nicole can read the letters to the girls lol
  9. oh wow jiyeon and her little adorable puppies are so cute! i love the brown one! ahh maknae and puppies are love lol thanks for sharing!
  10. awww she still looks awesome even without makeup shes definately very natural, haha theres so many faces thanks for sharing!
  11. yay! the girls totally did amazing with their comeback performances theyre bound to win^^ plus their outfits and dance are really nice imo mister is more catcher tho thanks for the translations!
  12. ahh..hahaha...okie

    I'm just a little bit pressure because exam is already near... :(

  13. lol heyy not much just jumping from forum to forum wbu??

  14. haras so adorbale in the pretty girl days and i really love her smile lol are we suppose to be looking for the real hara? i cant find her anywhere XD