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  1. ahh..hahaha...okie

    I'm just a little bit pressure because exam is already near... :(

  2. lol heyy not much just jumping from forum to forum wbu??

  3. haha really? i recognized eunjung/hyomin/jiyeon immediately haha the wigs were pretty o_O but i'm just really excited there's ifnally news...hope we get more soon!

  4. yea ive pretty much been around to a bunch of other forum sites. been checking diadem for some news too. lol yea!! i was like woahh. i was trying to figure out who each member was, but i couldnt really tell who was who. what did you think of it? and ive been pretty good lol. how are you?

  5. and oh my! what did you think about the new t-ara picture??

  6. hi tara!!! haven't seen you around in a while...d5 is so dead cuz we're all waiting for some news...hopefully they stick to the july 7th thing -_- how have you been?

  7. hehe heyy ting!

    its tara, how have you been?

  8. I know.. two more months!! can't wait to go travel in the summer x)

  9. awww yea same here!

    i really wish summer was right now cause i really need the break

  10. ahh...ok ^^ hehehe....

  11. mhmm, hmwk-ing and procrastinating as usual >< can't wait for june to come around :D

  12. lol np. not much just pretty bored right now and leaving things off as usual. wbu??

  13. hello! ummm... I'm fine... how bout yah? ^^

  14. teehee, thanks for the comment :3 what's up?