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  1. Wahh, baby is technically having her first solo song! Lol, I can't wait to hear it And I think the phone she's holding in that baby kara video is her sister's. You can see her sister using it later in the video.
  2. Proud to say my first kpop purchase is Kara's 6th mini album!! :)

  3. Gyuri, you're perfect and beautiful the way you are. You're a goddess! Lol, but seriously. She's gorgeous and you can tell she's lost a whole bunch of weight compared to a year or two ago. Her legs are getting thinner. It worries me. Stay healthy Park Gyuri!! <3
  4. Aww, look at my baby Even if she's not a Kara member anymore, I'm still so proud of her for going after her dreams. And this gives me a reason to start watching j-drama's and movies haha
  5. Gahh, I'm loving this version too! I hope they'll perform in these outfits in Korean too. And Idk if I mentioned this before but those blue outfits reminds me of GGS. They're so cute
  6. Ahh, I see. That's why YoungJi looked thinner since the Kara Project days. But let me just say, their hard work and exercise really paid off! Seungyeon's and Gyuri's abs are more prominent And Hara's body has always been great. OG's starting to get some abs too! Gahh, they all just look fab.
  7. Man, I can't believe it's been 7 years already. I practically grew up with these ladies! haha, I've been listening to them since seventh/eighth grade. Let's keep going girls!
  8. Well..if they're gonna answer it like that then yes, of course. It just has to be! haha Sigh, Story is such a sad, beautiful song. <3
  9. Oh yes! Spazz threads are my favorite cause all I do is spazz about Kara haha. But about the song, I like the song, I do but it had a lot of idk..breaks? in the song. I do like how Hara finally has actual lines but man, from that video, seems like 0G had only one line. But idk, maybe it's just me but I really think she has a small part of the chorus? one of the "Shijakhae~" or "ireohge" kind of sounds like her but I'm not really sure. AND! It sounds like it's actually in their range this time Soo yeah, I enjoyed the song and video. I'm really waiting to see their whole dance. That's what really pulls me in haha And can I say, I'm really like their whole image! The hair, makeup, and style is all on point! I hope they perform with the purple outfits too; those are really pretty. In the BTS, I really wanna know Gyul's message to YoungJi a little before her solo shot. It looks like the girls are taking care of her nicely. Hara is the sweetest little thing
  10. From that short version, I can see why it's like Lupin. Hello, the dance?! The way their arms are moving are like the emergency[?] dance. And my gawsh, I just can't get over how good they look! DSP needs to release the music video right now! And I just ordered the CD!! dkjfklsdfjasdkfl! My first Kara CD!
  11. Her face looks so anime ish with the circles lens, makeup, and the hair. My gawsh, she's just too pretty for life!
  12. FOLLOWED! Haha, man I feel so proud of Kamilia. As strange as that may sound. Last night when I followed her, she had around 3000 but now she's in the 8 almost 9000s! I honestly didn't expect much followers but man. I feel so proud haha Now I'm just gonna stalk the other three to see when they follow her
  13. Oh my gah! They all look so damn gorgeous. So I'm guessing their clothing style is going to be lupin ish? and song is going to be step ish? haha, idk. But yeah, I love Hara's curly curly hair. The last time I've seen in that curly was a bit during Mr. promotions. I was really hoping they'd get rid of back up dancers and only use them on HUGE concerts and such haha but whatevs, I'm still excited! The end scene is definitely my favorite. They all look so cute and happy. And Gyul has her arm around OG askdgjaksl!
  14. Oh gawsh, I didn't even know there was a thread created for this in July! Gah, so behind. But anywho's! When I first heard the preview of Live, I was like "hey! this reminds me so much of Miss U". Idk why, maybe cause of all the instruments and such? ..Idk what i'm talking haha but I guess it has that same feel to it. Mammamia almost reminds me of their Japanese songs haha. I just wanna hear the whole song already! askdljgklsadgj. So Good makes me want to spazz out cause of the "ringa"? part haha. Okay, 24/7 has got to be my fav. It sounds very cute but not to the point where it can be too much. It's perf. #5 sounds really good too! Probably would have to be my other favorite so far. And then #6. I was very happy to see our girls take part in it but I am a bit ...nervous? to read the lyrics or that it might cause problems. It just sounds so sad... But anwaays, this does have a Kara sound to it and I'm excited to hear Youngji..and Hara. Haha, cause I swear, all I heard was Seungyeon and Gyuri. Their voices are clear. Buuuut! I do want to hear a rap in at least one of their songs!
  15. Ahh, my gawsh! I feel like we've been waiting forever! Man, I'm just so excited. I'm really curious if they changed Youngji's image a bit. But anyways, the picture is actually really pretty. I like it!