Who do you consider to be the vitamin in KARA?


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I would have to say it's between Hara and Nicole for me.

Hara being funny intentionally in Invincible Youth due to her goofyness/being plain crazy and Nicole being unintentionally funny when she went to veterinary school and in Urakara due to her quirkiness/being kind of a nitwit.

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Must say that probably Jiyoung or Nicole. I watch one video on youtube where KARA member is make a video for Gyuri 23rd Birthday (I believe it was subbed by sweetmelodix). Those two are really energetic and fun to watch. Also Gyuri is no joke. Her confident everytime a question is up is really ... (can't find a word for this, I believe you all understand. I talking about the goddess here ^^).

KARA Jjang.

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