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  1. I think they are the best girlsband with the cute concept, so i choose it. But actually I prefer their mature songs like Lupin or Mister... and just now i'm listening to Rider and how much I love this song haha. But my favorite song of them is probably Love Is because it's soooo cute and cheesy and... i love both of their sides but more the cute and fresh one ! ( I think Pretty Girl is a bit too much lol )
  2. On a Role Play forum, i wanted to play someone cute just like Hara... So I did some research on her through pictures and videos... So I get to know others KARA members. I liked one or two of their songs but no more than that. I watched some of their lives and right after I listened to their albums and... i fell in love with them and their cute side haha 8D
  3. Just before reading this I was doing the 'Honey' chorus dance lol~~ For their dance I know Jumping, Mister and Lupin, and some basics steps of Step, Wanna, Honey... Their dances are really addictive ! o_o
  4. I'm young ( 15 y.o duh ) and that's maybe why I like their cute side? lol...
  5. So much hesitation between Nicole and Hara ! Because Hara is probably the one with the most haters too, and all the non-fans I know likes Nicole ! But since Hara is the one who is always on Kpop polls etc... i voted Hara Goo~
  6. Nicole ! She has that aura who makes her particulary cool ! If I was a guy and i could date her, i will be so proud lol~
  7. She's not bad at acting, and if she appears on more drama or movies, she will be better ! If KARA come to an end ( lool ), I hope she will become actress <3
  8. I prefer her with the sexy look, because she has a face to do cool and sexy expressions haha
  9. Her photo from 03/17 is so daaaaaamn cute ! OMG I want her smile and her perfect skin
  10. I think the girl looks like a girl from 5Dolls ( Co-Ed ), who looks like Hara lol But Hara Goo is prettier <3
  11. I really want to see them in Paris... Maybe if tomorrow i'll go to the Louvres i will see them? Arg, almost crying.. T_T
  12. Lupin is my favorite I think, but i'm getting tired of this song. I really like their " happy " songs like Take A Bow, Rock U ...
  13. Hara, enough said. She's amazing in every photos, even with her bare face <3
  14. Jing & Hara ! I love them in variety show and I love Hara with her immature jokes xD
  15. All of them ! I don't really like Hara's and Cole's hairstyle but JiYoung & SeungYeon are pretty.