Which KARA member are you?


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I am GyuRi....hehe... :tongue:

You're GyuRi. You're very confident and some people might think you're cold but you really aren't once they get to know you. You're fun and caring.

p/s:- im so happy with the result...since gyuri is my ultimate bias...

i do..want to be like her....<3<3

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You're JiYoung. You tend to get angry easily and snap at people. You're more uptight than the others but they love you anyways.

Hm, I really wasn't expecting this outcome... I thought I would get SeungYeon. Well, anyway, I got Ji Young! Haha, but it's so true, our personalities are really alike. I wonder why everyone is getting Gyuri, haha. And well, isn't it weird to want to get the result of your favorite member? Just because it's your favorite member doesn't necessarily mean that she has the same personality as you...

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