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LOL nice observation! You must have watch the mv's a lot to notice something like that. It'd be funny if KARA was trying to send some sort of subliminal message to us. Trying to tell everyone they need more sleep maybe? haha

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oh btw i've put the bed from Same Heart and Jumping in the first post.

That's a good idea since a few of the replies seem to show that people missed the Same Heart pics I posted earlier. Thanks.

somebody could help me to put the Bed from Mister and Good Day here? :D someone told me there is/are beds too LOLOLZZZ

Now that I think about it, I've never actually watched the Mister MV (I guess I need to download that), but I don't recall seeing one in Good Day. There is a big couch in several scenes, but I don't recall a bed offhand.

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Ah, Sharp eyes!

I never realised, and after I was going to argue Lupin didn't have a bed. But I guess the moon was a bed in disguise!!

It fooled me!

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jcl doesn't have one. so it's confirmed, only korean mv has the bed practice. :)

but are we expecting another korean album soon? :(

Speaking of non-Korean MVs. One interesting bit is that the Japanese version of the Jumping video doesn't have a bed but the Korean one does. However, they later released the "individual member" versions of the Jumping videos (in Japanese) and those *do* have the scenes with the bed in them.

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hahaha LOL

I never realized it till I saw this post, so funny :))

KARA really work so hard, if I don't remember wrong, some members have to go to hospital because of the tight schedule :(

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