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      Hey Karaholic! Since all of the members are now with different agencies, we thought it'd be appropriate to create new subforums so members can stay in touch with their activities. Please try to post here from now on with future updates and events.  Here are the new subforums we've created:
      Park Gyuri: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/158-park-gyuri-solo-activities-motion-media/
      Han Seungyeon: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/159-han-seungyeon-solo-activities-jwide/
      Goo Hara: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/157-goo-hara-solo-activities-keyeast/
      Jung Nicole: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/160-jung-nicole-solo-activities-b2m/
      Kang Jiyoung: http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?/forum/161-kang-jiyoung-solo-activities-sweetpower/ For Youngji, we've opted to leave the forum as is as she is still with DSP Media.  Thanks for your attention, hope you continue to drop by and visit.. new members and old! 

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  1. i love GyuRi but i don't think she's a princess.. she's a queen or goddess..xD so i voted for HaRa.. anyway i think all of them has their own charm 8D
  2. *hyung joon i mean..

    sorry typo..xD

  3. hi there =]

    what's your name again?

    i'm sorry i forgot ._.

    anyway, you like hung joon?

    he's my fave in double s..xD

  4. how have you been?

    i've been busy with school..xD

    i can't wait for double s comeback~8D

  5. you're like my dongsaeng..xD

  6. hi there 8D

    sorry for the late reply..xDDD

    you're so young ._.

  7. fangirl <3
  8. OMG O . O i already know that she's really pretty and gorgeous but i don't know.. i think i always got shock every time i see how pretty and how gorgeous she is on pictures and in everything..xD look at her face, totally perfect O . O thank you for sharing <3 8D
  9. your fave color is orange?..xD

    wait, do you love reading fics?..xD

    just want to know 8D

  10. haha..xD

    jooyeon is my fave 8D

    she's really an uLzzang..

    a crazy one..xD

    i can see you love almost all of sm town artist..xD

  11. aww~ how can you resist not to love her? she's just too adorable and she looks so lovely 8D her innocent looks can captured everyone's heart..xD
  12. woot~

    i <3 your avatar 8DDD

  13. i think kara will be promoted at japan also.. hara can be really popular in japan if that happens.. she's good at dancing and she's petite.. they just need to study japanese language 8D
  14. the dorkiest of them all..xD i love the pic where she's going to kiss gyuri..xDDD and how she makes the gorilla dance..xD i suddenly missed her ._.
  15. i think she's always there..xD jiyoung's so lovely with her poses.. i want to pinch her cheeks..xD she's too adorable <3 thanks for sharing 8D
  16. she looks so feminine and demure with headbands..xD herk dork side doesn't appear at all..xD she's so pretty <3
  17. ji young's so cute and very bubbly..xD you can see her dork side on her poses..xDD jiyoung~♥
  18. aww~ she's sooo cute @___@ she looks so innocent while eating..xD she looks like a baby angel <3
  19. when i first saw them, i got interested with them..xD i was a fan of snsd then i saw on yt snsd vs. kara.. but it was just pics and their song.. when i saw kara's pictures with their song 'if you wanna', i got interested with them because i think gyuri's pretty 8D i did research and dL all of their songs..xD and got addicted to them 8D i was sad when sunghee left but i think once a fan will always be a fan.. now i still love them even the new members 8D kara~♥
  20. love the first pic..xDD gyuri looks good with or without glasses 8D anyway she can be sexy looking or cute looking wearing glasses depending on her pose..xD gyuri gorgeous goddess <3
  21. very pretty 8D her features doesn't change that much.. her parents must be very proud of her..xDD
  22. thank you for this 8D i've been looking for gyuri's ringtone <3 thank you very much again~♥ 8D