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  1. they messily performed the choreography in the audience Love them for doing the butt dance even if was messy, it's the thought. <3 they would always want to return, as Nicole, Gyuri, and Seungyeon's fluent English along with themselves brightly shone. What? Gyuri & Seungyeon is fluent? I just remember Seungyeon studied abroad ad Gyuri saying she wants to learn, maybe Nicole teaches her. Awhs, Hara it's alright. Lol, falling asleep in the bathtub, but hope she doesn't overwork herself. Thanks for translations.
  2. I was thinking the same throughout the whole article. I wished Hara won, but it proved how strong she is. I saw the clip of her pulling the car and I really like how KARA sings trot. It was dorky and cute, but they made it look like it was comfortable with them. & the bare faces, they all look pretty and natural. Nicole's Good morning & I'm going back to sleep was cute. I like KARA for being so natural, hardworking, but they make everyday worth spending, by being themselves. (:
  3. I'm glad that they are close, even when far away. They have such a close bond with eachother.
  4. I want to go. ): I hope there are pictures and fancams.
  5. To be honest, I like it. They are more relatable as a person from what I see. It just shows how hardworking as a person is can get you somewhere. This is the reason I like KARA, so much, they are slowing progressing and differentiating from the other idol groups around at the moment. But, I wish DSP gave a bigger dorm or a better one, but if KARA likes it that way, no problem.
  6. I'm glad they are safe and unharmed. I hope it doesn't happen again , but Kamilias of course love KARA!
  7. From the title I thought of kissing. >_< Yay, for Seungyeon for a duet performance.
  8. Happy Anniversary! I hope this forum keeps on going & love from both Korean&International Kamilias grow.
  9. I'm glad they are combining the girl groups, I lot fans make it seem like they can't be fans sometimes. Hara doesn't get that much solo, right? This will be fun then. (:
  10. I can't wait for the CF, with different girl groups coming together. (: To me , it's amazing how much work in a CF's production. Like a full song and music video. & I really want to the song.
  11. Nicole is so cute. (: Lee Hyori is pretty well rounded from a singer to actress to variety, etc. Nicole's journey to becoming a singer sounds interesting to watch. Thanks for translating.
  12. Hara is such a doll. (: Who wouldn't like Hara?
  13. CHICKEN CF! (: KARA's CFs are so cute.
  14. FAQ

    I want to help. (: I'll promote in other forums. EDIT : Was it alright if made affiliates with other forums, I did 2ONEDAY & WGSpectacle. (: And 2ONEDAY & WGSpectacle back KARAHOLIC.
  15. Nicole is someone you makes you smile no matter what& I don't think anyone can't be unhappy with Nicole around. She has that likable quality.
  16. Not really look alike. A lot of people bash each on this, it's sad, since I like both and they aren't perfect, but they are human. In terms of performance-wise, they aren't the strongest in vocals, but solid dancers. I like both Hara & SoHee to be honest.
  17. This is why I love KARA, very hardworking girls. (: I think most people would of quit after losing a member (Sunghee), but it was a difficult change and worked hard to where they are. I kinda wish DSP promotes them more.
  18. I hope for fancams. (: It seems very fun for KARA. & that's a lot of people there watching them.
  19. More KARA (: I really want to the pictures.
  20. Nicole does stand out in a good way. By being on shows like Star Golden Bell & Nodaji, but also, on stage with Mister's butt dance.
  21. I would be scared too. Seems like an interesting show. Thanks for the translations.
  22. Hmm, before I used to go to coolsmurf's youtube, I found the english subbed Honey music video it was really catchy and was stuck in my head. I remember I read somewhere someone mentioned Nicole from KARA, so I searched for KARA, &listened to KARA's previous songs and I liked basically all the songs.<3
  23. In my opinion, KARA is one of most hardworking groups I see, they worked very hard to reach where they are, humble of who they are. I think they had the most difficult time to get noticed and set themselves from other groups at the time. I'd prefer a simple and comfortable home since I like their dorm. (x KARA will have their spotlight very soon<3 This is a great article.
  24. I'm so proud that they won. They worked very hard & I think they deserved it. I was almost crying when they started to cry. KARA congrats again. <3
  25. I really like "Love Class", the lyrics are so sweet. (: But, didn't IU also preformed "Love Class" once? "Mascara" seems so cute & I can't wait for Nicole to preform it with Mighty Mouth. I watched Music Core, Music bank, & Inkigayoi's Mighty Mouth performances & Nicole's so cute with great energy and full smiles. (: