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  1. [c]: Daum TVspot + sweetieHaNi1001 youtube im being FANGIRL while watching this fancam LMAO awww flawless Hara was shining <333
  2. Title: City Hunter (시티헌터) Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance Episodes: 20 Broadcast network: SBS, Wed-Thurs (21:55) Broadcast period: 2011.05.25 City Hunter based from Popular Japanese manga with same title from author Tsukasa Hojo. ₪ Cast ₪ Lee Minho - Lee Yoonsung Park Minyoung - Kim Nana Lee Junhyuk - Kim Youngjoo Kim Sangjung - Lee Jinpyo Kim Misuk - Yoonsung's Mom Lee Kwangsoo - Ko Kijoon Goo Hara - Choi Dahye (최다혜) Hwang Sunhee - Jin Soohee ₪ Summary ₪ Lee YoonSung (Lee MinHo) works at the Blue House's National Communication Network Team and received his Ph.D at M.I.T. Kim NaNa (Park MinYoung) is a bodyguard at the South Korean president's residence, the Blue House . Na-Na lost her parents by car accident since than she made a living by doing part time jobs. She became a bodyguard at the Blue House and she falls in love with Lee Yoon-Sung. Dahye (Hara) the president's daughter, a spunky young lady who failed to get into college the first time and is studying to make up for it. [still updating] ₪ Timeline ₪ [2011.03.14] News about Hara's acting debut in SBS City Hunter were published [2011.03.15] Hara read her script at City Hunter official casting - PHOTO [2011.04.09] Hara started filming her first scenes in City Hunter at school - PHOTO [2011.04.13] Gyuri will sing City Hunter OST to support Hara - NEWS [2011.04.17] Filming with Lee Minho 01 - PHOTO [2011.04.17] One staff's comments about Hara's acting - TRANSLATION [2011.04.17] Filming with Lee Minho 02 - PHOTO [2011.04.2x] Hara with Park Minyoung - PHOTO [2011.04.2x] Hara's 2 sponsor photos - PHOTO [2011.04.29] Hara - the sexy club girl - PHOTO [2011.05.03] More info about Hara in City Hunter - INFO [2011.05.03] Hara's very first offcial photo - PHOTO [2011.05.09] One more promotion photo - PHOTO [2011.05.09] Beautiful club girl Hara - PHOTO [2011.05.09] Captures from City Hunter website - PHOTO [2011.05.10] Candy Rebel Girl - PHOTO & PHOTO [2011.05.11] Dahye in class - PHOTO [2011.05.11] Charactor caption - PHOTO [2011.05.12] City Hunter & Hara Wallpaper - PHOTO [2011.05.16] City Hunter Official Poster - PHOTO [2011.05.17] Hara at SBS City Hunter Press Conference - PHOTO [2011.05.17] Hara at SBS City Hunter Press Conference (HQ from SPD Studio) - PHOTO [2011.05.18] Hara with Lee Minho - PHOTO [2011.05.23] Cute Hara on bed hugging pink cat pillow - PHOTO [2011.05.26] City Hunter Ep01 & Ep02 rating - INFO [2011.05.31] Hara at City Hunter 2nd Press Conference (HQ from SPD Studio) - PHOTO [2011.06.02] HQ Cap from Ep04 - PHOTO [2011.06.04] BTS City Hunter - PHOTO [2011.06.06] Hara filming City Hunter Ep07 - PHOTO & FAN ACCOUNT [2011.06.07] BTS City Hunter - PHOTO [2011.06.07] New photos from City Hunter website - PHOTO [2011.06.08] Dahye cute chibi - PHOTO [2011.06.13] BTS with Lee Minho - Preview Ep07 - PHOTO [2011.06.15] BTS with Park Minyoung - Filming Club scene - PHOTO [2011.06.21] City Hunter Promo shoot - New update - PHOTO [2011.06.23] Hara with Lee Minho - PHOTO [2011.07.04] City Hunter BTS - PHOTO [2011.07.04] 2 Adorable Gifs - PHOTO [2011.07.13] Hara Filming City Hunter - PHOTO ₪ City Hunter ₪ [2011.05.07] City Hunter Preview #1 ~ Hara cut - YOUTUBE [2011.05.11] City Hunter Preview #2 - HARA CUT & FULL VERSION [2011.05.17] City Hunter Highlight - YOUTUBE [2011.05.17] Hara's 2 Interviews at City Hunter Press Conference - YOUTUBE [2011.05.17] (ENGSUB) Hara Interview at City Hunter Press Conference on SSTV - YOUTUBE [2011.05.17] (ENGSUB) Hara with Lee Minho at City Hunter Press Conference on The-star - YOUTUBE [2011.05.17] (ENGSUB) Hara City Hunter Highlight - Dahye's wink to Yoonsung - YOUTUBE [2011.05.23] City Hunter on SBS Good Morning Entertainment - YOUTUBE [2011.05.25] (ENGSUB) Hara cut on City Hunter Preview Ep02 - YOUTUBE [2011.05.26] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep02 - YOUTUBE [2011.05.26] Hara & Park Minyoung on Y-Star Curious Star - YOUTUBE [2011.05.31] (ENGSUB) Hara Interview cut at 2nd Press Conference - YOUTUBE [2011.06.01] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep03 - YOUTUBE [2011.06.02] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep04 - YOUTUBE [2011.06.02] Hara's priceless aegyo - YOUTUBE [2011.06.06] Making City Hunter & 2nd Press Conference - YOUTUBE [2011.06.08] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep05 - YOUTUBE [2011.06.08] (ENGSUB) Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep05 - YOUTUBE [2011.06.09] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep06 - YOUTUBE [2011.06.15] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep07 - YOUTUBE [2011.06.16] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep08 - YOUTUBE [2011.06.22-23] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep09 + Ep10 - YOUTUBE [2011.07.07] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep 14 - [2011.07.07] Hara cut on SBS Good Morning - [2011.07.13] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep 15 - [2011.07.14] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep 16 - [2011.07.20] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep 17 - [2011.07.21] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep 18 - [2011.07.27] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep 19 - [2011.07.28] Hara cut on SBS City Hunter Ep 20 - [2011] Hara - I Love You, I Want You, I Need You (Sweet Acoustic version) - ₪ Ratings ₪ .....Date.......Ep ....Nationwide ..... Seoul [2011.05.25] Ep 01....09.5 (9th) ....11.8 (6th) [2011.05.26] Ep 02....10.0 (9th) ....12.2 (7th) [2011.06.01] Ep 03....11.9 (4th) ....13.6 (5th) [2011.06.02] Ep 04....12.6 (5th) ....15.0 (4th) [2011.06.08] Ep 05....13.0 (4th) ....15.7 (3rd) [2011.06.09] Ep 06....13.2 (4th) ....15.4 (2nd) [2011.06.15] Ep 07....13.6 (3rd) ....16.7 (2nd) [2011.06.16] Ep 08....12.7 (4th) ....14.2 (2nd) [2011.06.22] Ep 09....13.8 (4th) ....15.2 (3rd) [2011.06.23] Ep 10....14.4 (4th) ....16.4 (3rd) [2011.06.29] Ep 11....17.4 (3rd) ....19.5 (1st) [2011.06.30] Ep 12....18.3 (2nd) ....20.5 (1st) [2011.07.06] Ep 13....18.5 (1st) ....20.5 (1st) [2011.07.07] Ep 14....18.3 (2nd) ....20.6 (1st) [2011.07.13] Ep 15....17.4 (3rd) ....19.5 (1st) [2011.07.14] Ep 16....17.5 (3rd) ....18.8 (1st) [2011.07.20] Ep 17....17.9 (2nd) ....19.6 (1st) [2011.07.21] Ep 18....18.6 (1st) ....20.3 (1st) [2011.07.27] Ep 19....17.2 (3rd) ....18.7 (3rd) [2011.07.28] Ep 20....19.1 (3rd) ....20.6 (1st) ........Average.........15.2%..........17.2% DRAMAWIKI
  3. This is 50 Q&A of Sunghee that I have saved for a long time and haven't shared them anywhere else. As you know, on cyworld (and many social networking websites such as facebook…) there are many series of multiple choice questions and people like to bring them to their own cyworld and do it for fun. Sunghee also did the same thing. I don't remember when Sunghee did this series of Q&A, but I saved them when KARA just debuted, around 04.2007. And I was really lucky to save this on time because Sunghee has deleted/or set private this not long after. Because Sunghee did this just for fun and personally, many of the answers are really frank. In additionally, Sunghee mostly used slangs so there are many answers that I cant translate. Hope you all understand. There are 50 questions, I will post them all in 5 times in 10 days. Hope you will enjoy it <3 Sunghee's 50 Q&A on cyworld Update 01: 01 - 10 Update 02: 11 - 20 Update 03: 21 - 30 Update 04: 31 - 40 Update 05: 41 - 50
  4. [c]: donk ask me that's her real uniform at high school <3 Sunghee came to DSP's party after going back from school so she still wore her uniform xD
  5. Goo Pucca hairstyle with the red knit made Hara really babyish for some reasons, she looked like a Little Strawberry Princess on Disney Film to me xD esp in the first cap with a little green of the effect on her knit [c]: Coat @ naver blog the owner of these caps did an AWESOME job, his caps were so AMAZING that i didnt dare to make another caps just posted his ones <33
  6. - School: Sungshin Women's University (성신여자대학교) -- [website] - [view more] - Speciality / Major: Media Video & Acting (미디어영상연기) - Starting Year: 2011 * * * * * ☆ Photo ☆ (updated follow the day when i found the photos) 2011.03.04 - visit Sungshin Uni 2011.03.27 - chatting with her classmates http://i686.photobucket.com/albums/vv227/yoocho/HaCole/Haraatschool01.jpg http://i686.photobucket.com/albums/vv227/yoocho/HaCole/Haraatschool02.jpg 2011.03.28 - sign for students http://i686.photobucket.com/albums/vv227/yoocho/HaCole/Haraatschool03.jpg 2011.03.31 - eating at college's cafeteria http://i686.photobucket.com/albums/vv227/yoocho/HaCole/Haraatschool04.jpg 2011.04.02 - with her teacher http://i686.photobucket.com/albums/vv227/yoocho/HaCole/Haraatschool05.jpg 2011.04.02 - with her classmate 2011.04.05 - the Dean Hara http://i686.photobucket.com/albums/vv227/yoocho/HaCole/Haraatschool06.jpg http://i686.photobucket.com/albums/vv227/yoocho/HaCole/Haraatschool07.jpg http://i686.photobucket.com/albums/vv227/yoocho/HaCole/Haraatschool08.jpg 2011.04.08 - serious Hara in class http://i686.photobucket.com/albums/vv227/yoocho/HaCole/Haraatschool09.png 2011.04.12 - Sungshin Green Campus 2011.04.20 - fresh Hara in class 2011.05.18 - "Promotion Ambassador" Appointing Ceremony [c]: DC KARA, kara-t, naver, twitter, enews ☆ Update ☆ [2011.04.08] The temporary dean of departmental assembly [2011.04.12] Sungshin Women' University Woonjung Green Campus Ceremony [2011.05.18] Sungshin Women' University's "Promotion Ambassador" Appointing Ceremony
  7. Shindong Gyuri SSTP [hide]DOWNLOAD[/hide] KARA Messages to members [hide]DOWNLOAD[/hide] [c] Orbit Download
  8. .MP3 | 320 kbps | 02:11 | MF [hide]DOWNLOAD[/hide] [c] Karaholic
  9. Skin & Status Profile translated by Yoo + hasomy @ karaholic BGM (background music) uploaded by Yoo @ karaholic
  10. - Appa - Omma [passed away] - Eunhee onni - Sunghee - Youngjoo maknae ---- with her Appa ---- i dont have any Sunghee omma photo but Sunghee wrote some diaries / msgs about her omma i will translate later ^^
  11. I find when Sunghee's in -worst- mood, she always listens to this song [ 담 [Fence] - Kim Yoonah ] Sunghee wrote "Every night, i always hear it and cry alone" when she replied for kamilia on her cyworld Visitor [i cant cap that question but i still remember, that fan wrote "[font=Arial]your current BGM is so sad, Sunghee.." and she reply like that] i think maybe it concerns with her mother's memories since everytime she chooses "Fence" for her BGM, she will def write something for her mother ---- this's first entry these sentences are Yoo Seungjun's Important Love [유승준 - 소중한 사랑] lyric, 1 of 2 favouritest songs of Sunghee <she wrote it on Audition STAR Magazine [07.11 Issue]> you guys can download it at here : [ Yoo Seungjun's Important Love ] credit: Sunghee cyworld || tistory & megaupload [4 songs] || collab & trans: FF to be continued... [/font]
  12. "KARA's 4th debut anniversary, we will always support you" KARA fans from 10 different countries gave big donation In order to celebration KARAs 4th anniversary, fans from 10 different countries have united. Ten fan-sites (Karaholic.com from North America, Brazil, Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam) have collected the total amount of $2930 to donate to the victims in Japan through The International Federation of Red Cross. They started this project with the intention of giving donations to an orphanage in Gwangjoo, Hara’s hometown. However, with the sudden outbreak of earthquake in Japan, they decided to use these donations to help the earthquake and tsunami victims after gathered opinions from members of all fan-sites. As of the deadline on March 29th, they have collected the total of $2930. In addition, they have also sent a video letter to KARA with content: "There has been a lot of happinesses and sorrows we shared together; Kamilia are here to take care and to protect KARA; In our hearts, KARA is forever the best 5; We will always Support KARA no matter what" [c]: Lee Eonhyuk @ newsen [l]: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201103291603571001 [t]: yoo + hasomy @ karaholic special thanks to AceHam @ twitter KARA's fans from 10 different countries donated $3000 to Japanese victims. KARA's fans from 10 countries have united and organized this project. KARA's fanclubs such as North America, Brazil, Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam have gathered and spread this meaningful project on March 29th to celebrated KARA’s 4th Debut Anniversary. In order to celebrate the release of KARA's upcoming single "JET COASTER LOVE" which is scheduled to be on April 6th, the fans have named this project "JET COASTER OF LOVE". They started this project with the intention to help abandoned children at an orphanage in Gwangjoo, Hara's hometown. However, a large earthquake suddenly occurred in Japan has led many people into difficult circumstances. Therefore, after gathering opinions from members of all the fan-sites, they decided to donate the collected money to earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. The initial goal was $2000, but they have raise it up to $3000 while carrying out the project. And as of the deadline on March 28th, they have collected $2930. After collecting the money from all the ten countries, on the 28th, they sent the donation to The International Federation of Red Cross under the name of KARA. This is an incredible work / unusual for a Hanllyu star to have fans worldwide gathered with this large scale; and have the fans organized charity collecting donations in support of the idol. Doing this makes everything becomes more meaningful. [c]: Han Junho @ sportsworldi [l]: http://sportsworldi.segye.com/Articles/EntCulture/Article.asp?aid=20110329004374 [t]: Yoo + hasomy @ karaholic.com special thanks to AceHam @ twitter
  13. Index

    these are not the official versions i just split and rip them from video files Sung by members .Couple - GyulHam - Selfcam - Forever Love [Fin.K.L's] .Couple - SungRi - CF - Lemona CF [sungri Version] .Gyuri - Behind Scenes - We Should've At Least Been Friends + Friend [Gummy's + Jo PD's ~ Break It MV] .Gyuri - Gameshow - I'm me [Joojoo Club's ~ 1000 Songs Challenge] .Gyuri - Radio Show - Goodbye [Jadu's ~ Park Joonhyung's FM Inkigayo] .Gyuri - Radio Show - Grace [Lee Sooyoung's ~ Park Joohyung's FM Inkigayo] .Seungyeon - Behind Scenes - No Tears on my Pillow [Mya's ~ Personal Show.Break It MV] .Seungyeon - Behind Scenes - Strong Enough [stacie Orrico 's ~ Break It MV] .Seungyeon - Gameshow - Temptation of Sonata [ivy's ~ Star Golden Bell] .Seungyeon - Radio Show - Sweet Words to Kara [Kangin & Jo Junglin's Chinhan Chingoo] .Sunghee - Behind Scenes - Amoomaldo Amookeosdo [Lena Park's ~ Break It MV] .Sunghee - Behind Scenes - In Dream [Lena Park's ~ Personal Show.Break It MV] .Sunghee - Gameshow - Aesongee [Lexy's ~ 1000 Songs Challenge] .Sunghee - Instrumental - Then It's Done - [Violin Ver. - Three Leaved Clover OST] .Sunghee - Live - Miracle [feat.Real - Monster's First Fanmeeting] .Sunghee - OST - Then It's Done [Three Leaved Clover OST] .Sunghee - Radio Show - My All [Mariah Carey's ~ Park Joohyung's FM Inkigayo] .Sunghee - Radio Show - We Should've At Least Been Friends [Gummy's ~ Park Joonhyung's FM Inkigayo] .Sunghee - Talkshow - Pyoenjihalkeyo [Lena Park's ~ Sunny Side] .Sunghee - Talkshow - Saving All My Love For You [Whitney Houston's ~ Sunny Side] .Sunghee - Then It's Done [071215 Live Wannabe] .Nicole - Behind Scenes - My Style [uptown's ~ Personal Show.Break It MV] .Nicole - Inteview - Babonkabwa [ivy's ~ Super Rookie.Arirang] .Nicole - Talkshow - Question [blaque's ~ Sunny Side]
  14. Mister Rap version [c]: s.o @ kara-t
  15. Jiyoung ft Jinwoon - Forever Love Lupin [c]: indereamworldlimited youtube channel + 카오카오 @ kara-t yesterday when i saw photos of JinJing couple, i swear i thought "did they sing Fin.k.l's Forever love? O.O" and yub, they did it xD Jing sang almost the whole song <33 baby maknae did a good job <3333 _______________ update: watch more at here: http://www.youtube.com/MrHoneyHam thanks firewater07 <3 If there is a dead link, please notify us on the Streambox Request Thread! http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14436
  16. [c]: 사이래 @ kara-t When Eunhyuk/ Leeteuk asks about their celeb friends, Gyul says she has her 88line: Younha, Yoobin, Uee, Seungyeon while Jing replies she has her 94line: Sulli, Krystal, Sohyun. After that, the show plays one song. And when the song has been done, Gyul said when the song is played, she got a message from her nice kid - Taeyeon. She said that Taenggoo's listening to Sukira & when Taeng hears Gyul talks about her 88line, Taeng sends to Gyul a msg to ask st Gyul called Taeng "my beloved kid" lol i posted it just because i think it's so cute If there is a dead link, please notify us on the Streambox Request Thread! http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14436
  17. [c]: 사이레 @ kara-t no one can deny our maknae's so cute xD If there is a dead link, please notify us on the Streambox Request Thread! http://www.karaholic.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14436
  18. [c]: Yoo @ karaholic did you ever imagine how Hara sounds when she's in broken mood? of course i dont want to see her cry, or want to hear her broken voice, but it's quite great for listening to this, her trembling voice with tears but it is not true lol Hara def will be a great actress, in the future and LMAO @ Jing's reaction
  19. Seungyeon - 10 minutes [Lee Hyori's] Seungyeon - As Time Goes By [T's] Seungyeon - Cinderella [suh Inyoung's] [c]: Yoo @ karaholic
  20. i found this habit damn adorable and just want to share with you guys you can see Hara does this action lots of times on IY. let's notice and share with us if you find any one else on Choi Hwajung radio <3 i love this one so muchhhhhhh >v< on HahaMong Show xD [c]: Yoo ; gif by Doki
  21. We know Hara's hand writing is so beautiful <33 but how about her drawing ability? check it out and decide it yourself [c]: Yoo @ karaholic a little babyish, simple, innocent but still artistic rite? as much as her hand writing <33 i love it, totally!! Update .01 | Update .02 | Update .03 | Update .04 | Update .05 | Update .06 | Update .07 | Update .08
  22. Im sure a lot of people were curious about Hara's family. Maybe we knew some stuffs about her family, but they weren't enough specific info, clear photos or detailed stories. Im curious about it too, and I did a research. In fact I was looking for all 6 girls' family. I wrote about Sunghee's family on her forum already. And I was planning to write about the rest of the girls' families following the order of GyulHamColeGoolJing. But Hara & her family is indeed a HOT ISSUE now, so I decided to write about her first. Hara family has 4 members: her daddy, her mommy, her brother and Hara. About Hara's father, I knew he was a strict father from Hara's stories about him. It doesn't mean that he is not close & nice to Hara or something like that, but he treated Hara so hard since he wanted she grew up as a responsible and mature person. He taught Hara a lot of things about how to be a nice / great person as well as how to be a person who always thinks of the others first instead of herself. He's also a busy father who rarely had time to take good care and talk to her. But Hara respectes her father. About Hara's mother, she is a mystery. You know on gasoo's THANKS TO part of their albums, they often mention about all their family members. The only one they didn't mention is the one that they have some problems / difficulties talking about them. You can see Hara never mentioned about her mom on her Thanks to parts, the same with Nicole & her father. While in Sunghee's case, we just have her only one Thanks to but she talked about her passed away mommy there. I found some other gasoo did the same thing as Sunghee too. That meant that Hara had some difficulties mentioning about her mom. I remember she talked about her mommy 3 times. The first time was on Shindong, Shinyoung' Shimshimtapa. There was a question about "did you ever imitate your mom such as using her cosmetics, high heels and all?". Jiyoung answered hers and Shinyoung asked "How about Hara?", then she did answer. The 2nd time was also on Shindong, Shinyoung' SSTP. This time was a question about "How do mother mean to you?". Hara told "Instead of mother, i want to talk about my grandma" while she was trying to not cry. At this point, I dont want to mean that Hara was sad when she thought of her mom or somthing like that, but Hara always cried whenever she mentioned about her grandma. I prefer thinking that she missed her grandma rather than the other things. The last time was on Strong Heart, when she revealed she got bullied at school by her high school's female seniors and she said that she missed her mom when she got bullied. I couldn't find much about Hara's mother, that's all i know. About Hara's brother, his name is GOO HO-IN (구호인), which mean SAVIOR. GOO.HO (구호) means SAVE and IN (인) means person / man. You can see how special Hara's siblings names are. He is older than Hara by 1 year, a 90-er. She had a lot of memories with her brother when she was a child. I remember she revealed some stories of them on SSTP. But she said she didn't meet, talk, call much to him after her debut, I guess she was too busy. That's her little family. But she has a big family from her father's side as well. The one Hara loved the most, her grandma. All I know is she still lives at Gwangju. Hara often sent tonic to her and her leg were not being well. Hara spent her childhood with her grandma and she loves her grandma by all love for her parents. Hara can cry easily when she thinks about her grandma. Hara has 4 close aunts named Hyeja, Hyeshin, Eunhee, Eunsuk and Hara sees them as her closest friends. I think when Hara enrolled to secondary school, she left her home to come to one of her aunt's house to go to school there. Maybe the city where her aunt's house was at has the famous art school of Gwangju or something like that. Hara took a class at dance academy & studied acting at that time. I remember that she was sharing the room with her 2 cousins. And on one of fan account from Hara's DC Gallery that I have read before, one Kamilia said that her aunt came to KARA's practicing room to take her to school. And she has a lot of counsins. There're some unnie (Hara called them by NOONA lollllll the way boys call their sister) & dongseng. Hara wrote her 10 dongseng name on her THANKS TO once as well: Dahyang, Yoosuk, Ahsung, Ahjin, Jinsoo, Minkyung, Jinchul, Jinsoo, Jinyoung, Naho. Well, i think that's all. I can still remember how excited i was when i knew Hara's oppa name I hope you guys enjoy reading this
  23. Gyuri - I Ask [Wax's] Gyuri - Password 486 [Younha's] Gyuri - Ruby [Fin.k.l's] Gyuri - Wa [Lee Junghyun's] [c]: Yoo @ karaholic
  24. Please check this thread again :) Thank you.