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  1. I just got done watching an episode of We Got Married and was like, what if one of Kara's member Was chosen to be on it? Kara also said that they wanted to be on the show so, it'll be awesome if one Of them were chosen, which will be unlikely Seung Yeon is pretty wantable for fanboys, even Some of the male artists out there so what if she was the one who was chosen! Anyways, I don't know who she should be with on WGM so I'll just choose Taecyeon. They've Been on many shows together and I think they'd look extremely cute together =) And I'm really Bad at finding pictures so someone want to help put up some pictures ? I can't find any pictures Of Taecyeon & Seung Yeon, mainly because I don't know how to take caps or whatever =P
  2. Clip

    I have a great feeling this song will be a bigger hit in Japan! It's got the Japanese feels :3
  3. It's no wonder Gyuri is the leader. Her words are wise yet straightforward. It's very rare to see a leader, an idol, speak up about their real feelings on these kinds of situations. I admit, I was really disappointed in the admission of Young Ji, but as a fan who's been following them since debut in 2007, I felt it'd be wrong to give up and leave them after all these years. I have hope in these ladies & DSP!
  4. Ya, I'm still kind of stuck on the old Kara :/ Lol, my favorite songs mainly consist of songs from the previous years!
  5. Eh, not a big fan of the songs the composers have previously composed. But I believe they will be able to give Kara some songs that will definitely fit them. August 18 seems too far of a wait :/ I swear I saw August 8 & not August 18!
  6. I'm really liking this concept. It's simple yet beautiful. Gyuri definitely looks like a goddess!
  7. Holy crrappp . It's been months since I've been on here. But yes! Kara is finally coming back after such sad news of members leaving Excited to see what new things DSP has to show to us! This will be interesting with Young Ji now in the picture.
  8. ** CREDITS TO HDnakkyun18 @ YOUTUBE * LIVE @ their showcase in Japan (: I don't think anyone shared this yet ? So I'm gonna share it. Saw it last month but never thought of sharing it on here. Anyways the ladies did a good job though they started off kind of off and weird. I love how this performance showed their wonderful vocals. It's no surprise Gyuri is the power vocalist, she sounded just like the recording. Seung Yeon's voice is extremely stable and beautiful. Nicole has a wonderfully unique voice. Ji Young's voice is so sweet and soft, she seems a bit shy though! && Lastly, Hara's soft husky voice is just as good as the others (: I just wished the both of them would have more confidence.
  9. * By sexiest i mean, their voice, style, and whatever you think is sexy. * By prettiest i mean, who do you is just naturally pretty and beautiful? For example, i think Gyuri is naturally pretty and Seung Yeon and Ji Young are naturally cute Anyways i vote Nicole for sexiest IDK, when i saw her dance to Hyori - U Go Girl, i thought she'll be the best one to pull off the sexy concept. For cutest i voted Seung Yeon! She's very adorable and her personality is very bubbly and outgoing. And for prettiest i chose, Gyuri. She has a very unique look, she doesn't look full korean. She looks like Isak
  10. I know a lot of people have a lot of opinions on each member's talent, like I do. Well, I'm the type of person who likes / loves to ranks members in a group. It's not For a bad thing but I guess you can say I like to voice my opinions ? ? There's two common important categories that everyone always focus the singers On. Of course it's dancing and singing live. Well here's mine ranking - Best @ Singing Live ; who's the most consistent, stable, strongest, and confident at lives? 01. Seung Yeon - She's pretty amazing at live. She's one of the few that can stay consistent and stable During live performances. During "Pretty Girl" performances, she was always the one who carried on The group with the vocals in the chorus. 02. Gyuri - I used to think she was the best at live, but nowadays her lives are lacking things. I can't Really describe or say them but . . . She seems breathy and seems to lose control of her voice at a lot Of times. 03. Nicole - I wouldn't say she's the best at live or the worst. I'd say she's average at live. Her voice to Me sounds like it can crack and break at any time. But I love her husky sexy voice =) She's improved Drastically since the old days! Lots of more confidence now. 04. Ji Young 05. Hara + As for Ji Young & Hara, I feel they need more work on their lives and vocals. They trained for so Little so I can understand that. They just need their confidence level to boost up. If they can have Confidence in themselves, I'm sure their hidden talents will come out. Best @ Dancing ; who's got the funky, smooth, unique moves that no other can do? 01. Nicole - Her dancing reminds me of the American style of dancing. It's sexy and she always does Whatever she wants. She was very cute&sexy when she participated in the dance battle @ MKMF '07. 02. Hara - I can't promise her NO.1 for dancing yet, because she hasn't had a chance to really show What she's got. But since she attended a dance school with 2NE1's Min & BB's Seung Ri, I'm sure she's Got a lot of funky moves inside of her. 03. Seung Yeon - Her dancing is cute and sexy. I remember her sexy dance at School Of Rock xD When she dances her cute and bubbly side comes out. But when she's serious, her sexy side comes Out, like in Hyori - U - Go - Girl. 04. Gyuri 05. Ji Young + I wouldn't say they're the worst but they seem kind of stiff? Jing once said dancing wasn't Her thing so I can understand xD Their dancing is cute & unique. # Rank ahead!
  11. At first i really didn't think Sung Hee was the best singer in Kara. The reason was because i was more attracted to Gyuri's vocals. Her vocals seemed so smooth but yet so strong. But after they started Performing "Secret World", it was the first time Sung Hee sent chills Down my spine! It was amazing But Gyuri's vocal definitely attracted me.
  12. I don't know if any of you guys have noticed but, A lot of people have been comparing Hara and WG's So Hee. I see a lot of comments on Hara about how much she looks like So Hee. I'm not seeing this as a bad thing, but others are . . . I don't think they really look alike it's just, at some angles she Looks like her. But i think both of them are really cute and adorable! * Credits fanpop.com for So Hee's picture Friendly Discussions Please. No bashing on either artists.
  13. I'm surprised that this hasn't been posted up yet. When Hyo Yeon's picture teaser was released, I automatically noticed that she was wearing the same thing Hara wore for her Lupin outfit! Anyways, I think that the both of them wears it beautifully and sexily (: They sort of look similar too. New twins born! * Credits to the owners of the pictures - sorry I forgot where I found them T_T
  14. Hm, i just kind of wanted to bring this up because my sister brought it up. Last year around June - July 2007, i went to a tournament. A tournament is for all Hmong (Asians) to come together and sell food, clothes, medicine, cd's, have volleyball, football, soccer and basketball contests, etc. etc. These tournaments come every year in different cities and states. Well to get to the point, last year i went to a tournament in Manictowoc, WI , and i heard KARA's 1st album playing on one booth. Every single tournament usually has a korean / japanese / chinese booth. They sell CD's, Posters, Movies / Dramas, ETC. By this time KARA had debuted already, and truthfully at first i never really cared for KARA, i was too busy with WG's. But surprisingly and weirdly, i fell in love with KARA's song "Broken Promise". I remember walking by and hearing the song, i immediately stopped and walked over. I asked the Hmong Lady, owner of the booth, who and which artist was being played. She said, "KARA, a popular female group in South Korea". She also stated, if i bought the CD, she'll sell it to me with a discount of 5 dollars because she knows i won't be disappointed. Eventually i got my mom to buy it for me lol, and the amazing thing was, throughout the whole tournament and day, she only played KARA's 1st Album. I mean, on her booth she was selling so much of WG's, DBSK, BoA, Super Junior, ETC, and all you heard was KARA. A lot of people were complaining of how she repeated the songs, they of course wanted to hear DBSK, Big bang, SuJu, etc., let's just say, all the hot korean boys I mean the point is, it's rare to hear any news of KARA, or just any promotions of them in public. I indeed was surprised and happy when i heard and saw KARA w/ a big banner of their album photo. They obviously were the main of that booth, they totally outshined the other artists there , lol. Sorry, if i'm to broad and it doesn't make sense . . . * Where have you guys heard or seen public promotions of KARA ?
  15. AHHH. Finally KARA returning (: I've been waiting for a while. Nowadays, the music performances have quite boring =.= Now I can wake up knowing KARA will be performing and appearing on shows!
  16. Aha, well you can make the videos private on YouTube & only send me the link ... but sure, just send me the link when you are done.

  17. Ahaha, lol. Well, I don't have a Facebook anymore so upload on YouTube & share the link with me on here?

  18. Oh yes, you should upload all the pictures/videos you took at the event.

  19. Oh yeah... oh well. As long as you get to see him!

  20. Me too me too! OMG, I so want to meet KARA (:

  21. Oh that isn't bad. I wish he'd come to my place. I have no problem spending money to see him!

  22. OMG! How much was it?!

  23. Wonderful! Well, make sure you upload the videos and pictures you get of him! I want to see.

  24. Uh huh sure... well have fun! Don't go nuts on him & attack him though (: