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  3. For me Seungyeon is the one... 🩷 Source: @CuteGirl_HSY (Twitter) but Hara shines in every spontaneous photo too 💜
  4. Park Gyuri has grown on me since the beginning. I can not with her personality, always making me smile.
  5. Last week
  6. Also... WAITING FOR YOUR COMEBACK, QUEEN 💜 I think it's in June (?), gonna be great as usual. Just hope she takes care of herself preparing for both this and KARASIA.
  7. Exactly, I love the rap and the energy she puts in. I sing even louder during her part in honey, just can't help
  8. THIS IS MINE I swear the hair flip... everything is so impressive. She slayed with what she had, despite the fewer lines. AS USUAL, QUEEN
  9. BIG THANKS She definitely shine on and off camera... you did NOT DISAPPOINTED, Hara. Thank you for everything, Hara.
  10. Well... hi, I'm from Brazil too. The trip is gonna be super expensive and long, but it's definitely worth it. I'm gonna try my hardest for the tickets.
  11. Well, im from Brazil, so its really hard go to japan, but im so excited to watch fancams and everything of karasia!!
  12. I'm not going to lie, I cried a lot. When the MV came out I couldn't stop crying, it was a cry of happiness, I missed seeing them SO much together, in a comeback. I cried with happiness at being able to see them come back so powerful, beautiful and perfect. When listening to the bsides I cried a lot too, I remember sending messages and audios sobbing to a friend who was also a fan of Kara. It was a great moment to see them enjoying this comeback and promoting together on various programs, their performance at MAMA was simply HISTORIC! Ultimately, it was a moment that will forever be etched in my memory.
  13. There was a time when they were both doing live on Instagram and suddenly I was noticed by them and I almost went crazy with happiness
  14. all of them!! But, i really like the spontaneous photos of nicole, like, shes gorgeous
  15. When i saw Mister in 2013, i was 9 years old, now im 20y!!
  16. At first, Hara and Jiyoung in Mister!! I was so young when i watch mister in 2013 and i was enchanted seeing this two!!
  17. shes so talented, so pretty!! i wonder if she's still talking with the girls
  18. just thinking of jy with blue hair in 2024 makes me insane!!! would be so good!!
  19. I've been part of the fandom since 2013 but I've never been much into interacting with other kamilias, especially because I barely used social media. But it's been a few years since I started interacting more and following more people in the fandom and it's been great. It's a shame that I'm Brazilian and it's very difficult to find Brazilian kamilia, but I found some really cool and incredible ones! I hope to make more friends in the fandom!!
  20. Her blue hair was SSOOOO GOOOODDD during Pandora era. The impact 🤌 may be delusional but what if we get a JY with blue hair again in Karasia 2024? I'll freak out!!!!
  21. Doesn't age anymore. Like she looks the same if you compare the photos from 2010 until now. Girl, what's the secret?
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