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  1. Will be adding prefromance pictures when M!net uploads them
  2. Ill be ordering my Album on June ;-; But do you know how the poster looks like?
  3. Official website update (no borders) HQ & without DSP watermark
  4. MelOn Premiere Showcase Highlight with ENG/JPN/CHN Subs Cupid + In Those Days + Introduction + Starlight Cr: 1thek
  5. I agree fully! Youngji looks so derpy on her solo XD im glad the press was able to catch the moment XD
  6. Link of Article : http://kpopherald.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=201505261739184734328_2 Title Of Article : Kara's trademark cuteness grows up for 7th EP Date Of Article : May 26th 2015 Link of Article : http://kpopherald.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=201505261724074557260_2 Title Of Article : KARA's Hara reveals upcoming solo album Date Of Article : May 26th 2015
  7. The Purple reminds me ole Speed Up with the purple hair- now thats something special
  8. Cover of Version A reminds me of In love album art, while Version B reminds me of Bye Bye Happy days with pink instead of blue
  9. Okay im expecting them to bust out in the cute outfits and do Peek-a-boo
  10. Ah so Cupid will be streamed? : o so does this mean will be able to see it on youtube later ahk cant wait annd I cant wait to see the Dream concert Red Carpet pics
  11. Woah overflowing beauty! The reason why she is the face of Kara ahh she did get a tan thanks to Thailand, but the lights make her look like she didnt get a tan lol. Just look at her legs Gorgeous Hara Hara fighting
  12. Magazine shoots over and over and in Japan too! Way to go Jiyoung Look at that attitude when drinking that tea hehe
  13. Kawaii thanks for sharing! lol those lucky fans and that guy, I would want a dance session too
  14. LOL Jiyoung is wearing the same outfit as Hara on A style for you Also reminds me of her Pandora days with the bun and all thanks for sharing im glad to see Jiyoung rocking it
  15. Im pretty sure Gyuls Blonde hair was to achive a lighter shade of brown... either that shes going to stay blonde so who knows. anyways I cant wait
  16. Thanks for sharing the SUBS.... lucky fan!! I just didnt like her reacaction... if I was her I would of jumped or something lol
  17. Woah what a very overalls lol more like a jump suite, love the pattern looks good on Hara ya! Anyways wonder what she is going to do at Thailand... to shoot a lakorn? Swadee Krub P'Hara
  18. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CEpcQHeUIAEztd6.jpg%C2'> LOL the fan behind Youngji... and look at that Bay max doll!! Funny how shes not wearing glasses like the rest too... love that smile!