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Status Updates posted by UЯмan☆홍윤성

  1. welcome to the forum Ilovekangjiyoung!

  2. A Gossip girl & a Pretty girl

  3. Merry Late Christmas! I hope you had a good one ^__^

  4. Can you share Gyul with me ><

  5. Hello smiley^^ Are you still taking request? I feel bad always asking you, its cause youre work is just amazing ><

  6. My fave member is Gyul for sure. But sometimes SeungYeon...how about you? ^^

  7. I really like your Avatar ^__^

  8. TaeHun^^ Also DongJun lol

  9. Im glad to hear^^ I think I saw you on EC too :D Anyways whos youre fave ZE:A member?

  10. Yeah^^ So you hara biased?

  11. SS501 Happy Anniversary <33

  12. Thanks Yuda for the wishes^^

  13. Thank you for the wishes^^