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  1. Album

    Is it me but I can't help think this album full bloom reminder me of kara first album first blooming. Maybe it because they have fully bloomed from little girl s to fully blow women
  2. Single

    for some reason, it reminder me of Honey days. But the girls look so pretty. Love the song, can't wait to see them perform this song on shows
  3. This is exciting, imaging the girls advance to UK. This would be totally awesome if DSP accept it, I think they are going to have to learn english. Know nicole she going to have to help the other members with their english. It would be totally awesome, I think there first song would be the song that hit korea and japan by storm(mister). Plus imaging cole getting to sing more in english(which I think her voice is defintely stronger in english). I hoping DSP accept it, this step would be a big step first the uk and maybe the us. I can imaging butt dances everywhere in the uk. Maybe they can sing with one direction or the wanted
  4. Spazz

    I think this we got married would be interesting. I always want to see cole on we got married, since she the social butterfly. I think with cole not having a bf yet, wouldn't be a issue. Just because she haven't had a bf it would change anything. I think with cole ability to speak japanese, english, and korean, she may have a person from japan, american. If she doesn this I really hope she has someone from american, i want to heard cole speak english
  5. I think we all hoping for a break it concept, seungyeon and nicole both have a great image to pull off the break it concept. I happy that cole and seungyeon is paired up together, because I believe with them together they were have powerhouse vocals, and fierce concept. I hope it true, I want to see cole and seungyeon with a fierce concept, not something cute. Something with a powerful house song, so they can show their vocals, but something that they can dances to alot. I hope that cole doesn't just rap and seungyeon sing, I want both of them to sing.
  6. Spazz

    I really would love to see her in variety shows like star golden bell. The whole mess up with korean language just make her cutest, most of the korean american when they mess up they laugh it off. Nicole need to be able to just laugh it off, and move on. I want to see her mc a variety show. Like what she need in 2009, with star golden bell and nojaila(whatever it call). If they are focusing on solo activites, maybe let cole promoted lost. But I would just love to see her as a regular on dream team or running man, I can't wait to see cole perfrom with yonghwa and because of you is such a good song. I wondering which because of you, there is the neyo which is more r&B, or the kelly clarkson because of you which is more like pop/ballad. I hoping it the neyo version because it r&b, it fit cole. Plus it a good upbeat song, and I can see cole dances to it. I hoping that cole getting to choice her solos, I mean humpin around was so unexpected from her. I mean the whole MJ was understanded because it MJ. But bobby brown was a total surprised. True is on I know more MJ song then bobby brown songs. But I guess I understand that in the 80s,90s they had good dances song, and cole want to dances. I just wish it wasn't bobby brown, and it a better song. But I do love that she stick to R&B, cause I feel that cole love r&B. Even her solo song sound r&B, I believe that she should stick to r&b songs.
  7. Spazz

    nicole performance is so hot, I think most of us like SBS performance more since we get to see her in dazzling red. Most KBS shows was boring to me, but cole was fierce when they were doing to perfomance, I love the rap and the fierceness of cole. The dances break was ok to but I know it could be better. But I'm dissappointed with cole lacking of lines in dazzling red, but maybe cole want it to be that way,
  8. Spazz

    I think with jinwơn vocals along with nicole play a part in the viewship. Maybe it take a while for us to know about cole performance, is because she trying to get jinwoon to sing with her. That would be so awesome. I think with the way cole look in the mv and the song,, I not surprised that she would hit 1 million views. I just thought that since she not that popular compared to hara(basic on the fancam) she wouldn't have that much people view the mv. I can't wait to see this on music program, I wish that cole can do a whole long promotion for this song. I think cole defintely stick out to be a solo artist. It just one song, she singing, she rapped, and she dances, plus she look mighty fine do it. I know it probably crazy, but I wish cole could promotion this song fully, I think this song could win something if she got to be on mnet or music bank. But I think DSP is just going to let the girls on music program that doesn't gave out awards. I happy that cole got number 1, she deserve it. I think it a new genre from cole, that why people are interested.
  9. Spazz

    Like everybody say, I love her dances break. I always want to see cole do more powerhouse dances rather than sexy dances since we do see her do a lot of sexy dances. So when cole does powerhouse dances, I get totally exciting, but when she does sexy dances I just wow that good. I always want to see cole do hip hop style, since I believe that more her elements. The outift and everything just go well with the dances, plus her abs was hot. I wish she gets better songs to dances to, that one was good, I wish to see her dances to tik tok actually. Since she sang a little of it, I was to see her dances to it.
  10. Single

    It like really weird that KARA is going up and down, wondering what they would be on the chart. I ok with the sells, there are probably be different reason why KARA is so low on the chart, but I'm satisfied on how the girls places on the chart. ARe the girls not going to promoted this single, I'm meaning the only time that they promoted this single was at the sigma festival and music japan. Can the girls win a triple crown are rechoku, I don't think the rechoku is like korea where they may win a award because of triple crown.
  11. Single

    yeah I can't wait to see the girls perform electric boys, I think the song sound so good when they perform it. I love that the ninki poll think that the girls are going to sell that much, but I still don't know. Is the ninki poll for the whole week, or just for one day. I believe that the girls are going to get number 2, just don't believe in the sell. If they manage to sell 100K, wouldn't that be the first single that sell over 100K within one week
  12. Wow, they already still promotions for electric boy. Wondering when the girls are going to get invite to music station, since ususally the girls would be invite to music station early, but I guess music japan is good to
  13. Spazz

    I was so glad to see cole on the pageant thing. The yellow dress was so beautiful on her i like the cut on the dress. I love how she whoop her opponent in the basketball. 3 straight went to cole she was amazing. I want see more sporty cole i think she surprimoresed most of guys for how athletic she is. I want to see hrt on more sporty show. Like dream team she would domestic it. I glad that she won second snce hara was naturally going to win i just glad that cole won yo. Maybe she got dome vote because of the sporty thing
  14. Single

    We just have to see what happen. It seem after their first single they been release things very close together. I believe that some did jeopardy kara sells but they always manage to sell well. I think that the first day would be 35k first week would be 55k but overall they would get gold.
  15. Single

    right when I heard the title, I immediately though of electric shock. So maybe it would be more techo pop, just hope no autotune please, just because it techo doesn't mean it need autotune. I can't wait to hear the song.
  16. Spazz

    I love that cole won the arm wrestle too. I think she could of won another round. Remember one of the mc was the mc for Heroes, so he probably knew that cole was going to be hard competition. I think most of the games was just ok, it didn't seem like cole kind of games beside the arm wrestle and the limbo. If the games were like the handball game(from oh my brother), vault(let go dream team), pole jumping(let go dream team)I think cole would of won the game. Remember the girl leader of secret hyosung she was with cole and seungyeon on dream team, so knew how good cole was. and I glad that cole took care of her in the arm wrestle.
  17. Photobook

    wow so much KARA stuff come out it japan. The new single, the dvd, and now this. IT going to be hard on the jkamilia to choice so much.
  18. Single

    man, they didn't say anything about this new single. Didn't know about this, I think sells is going to be tight because they are release an single and a dvd tour. People would have to choice which one they want. I can't wait to hear Electric Boy, it reminder me of f(x) electric shock. The covers reminder me of Pandora outfit, I love all the outfits and the cover.
  19. Spazz

    I cant wait for the mv of cole. So far what i have seen she look so pretty; love the whole cooking scene it definetly cole pick. Some of the scenes have to include food. The guy is actually the mc guy i saw a picture and it was him. I think jinwoon just particapte in the chorus. I think the mv woild have a storyline it would have flashback of a happy time with her bf before yhey break up. With the way the song sound like that what going to happen. The song still sound amazing even in japanese. I think we are all suprise abt cole drinking yhink she can drinking more than her 91er friends
  20. Love the cute beast and KARA interaction. Love how beast try to dances with the girls, it just make everything more perfect to me. I guess it reversible now, KARA got to interview BEAST when they had there comeback for beautiful night, now BEAST is interview KARA for Pandora(is it just be or did anyone notice that there is 2 members of each group interview the group, like hara and cole for beast interview, and now yoseob and doojoon for KARA interview)I love the performance, they defintely brought the fierceness.
  21. Album

    that amazing, I think it hit more than Step video did. I love the music bank performance. I love the outfit is look so good. But I heard that they may have to change the choregraphy because music bank is worried that it too provocation. But I like the choregraphy the way it is. I love how they defintely brought the fierce ness out of the song. I love pandora is so addicative. I just thought the other songs was good to, just not my favorite because I thought since Pandora show KARA mature side, I thought the only songs was going to be more mature and not cutesy(just my opinion don't hurt me
  22. everything about pandora is awesome. Cole look so good with her blond hair and her orange outfit. Her singing was good, I like how it was just the right tempo for cole. The dancing was amazing, I defintely want to see how cole would change up her dances for each time they performance. I think cole has defintley grown, in her singing her dances.
  23. Album

    OMG I love the song, it just song some great. Love the moves, I do agree that gyuri, seungyeon, and jiyoung brought the femine side to the song. Yet cole and hara brought the fierce side to the song. Love seungyeon high notes, I miss hear that. I love the outfit in this mv. I think we are all disappointed that they didn't have a storyline, since I think just the title pandora you can defintely come with many storyline for that title.
  24. I love everything about cole look in pandora, I can't wait to see how they do on stage. Cole is defintely going to bring the fierceness on stage.