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  1. OMG kara's album cover is stunning!! gyuri such a goddess <3

  2. 2mm(3.14)= 6.28mm that's it right?

  3. lol i did beat up one anti at allkpop before XD i raid her profile and scold her hahah she she shot back a few times but i dont see her anymore in kara articles XD is it from the "step" article?

  4. the length and the width is the same 2 mm so if i divide them then i would get 1mm? T__T i dont get it. let me try sending the web. again

  5. it says estimate the diameter of the following in mm

    the quarters lenght is 2 and the width is about 2.5 so i'll divide them?

  6. the small lines are the mm and the inches are the big lines right?

  7. that's what was thinking too but doesn't it involve alot on the computer? I couldn't do my job properly if that's the case XD

    ...hey i need your help

    i don't know how to measure it..

    can you give me an example? here's an example

    1. estimate the diameter of the following in mm. quarter________...

  8. hahaha~ chemistry!XD..i took psychology but like the communication that i took on my 1st sem, there's a discussion and presentation 4-5 page long! i chickened out and dropped it >.< so now i can dedicate my time to chemistry :D I don't think Im going for medical field anyways :(

  9. UGH! first day of class and we already got 2 homework worth 4 to 5 pages XD

  10. thank you~ im starting class tomorrow! scary.....anyways, ya me too i expect a handshake or sitting together..tsk tsk tsk :D

  11. my school starts this sat. I only have classes on saturdays! lame~ awww poor us hyukrians 3sec. interaction makes us happy but i did think hyuk bumped her ;)

    your majoring in chemistry rite? im taking chemistry again! so if im having trouble can i ask you for help? :D

  12. Ditto! >.< since there's not much hyukri interaction i dont log on much...but the reunion definetly gave more life to us hyukrians, hehehehe....i just hope that since hyukrians is getting bigger they would notice it and give us some fanservice... like for example just being close to each other would definetly make us go us hyukrian are so easy to please.. so how are u...

  13. i would go for "go go summer" cause there's alot of sets and also its not soo cheap looking, very refreshing and they all look gorgeous<3
  14. cool, i'll read it.

    with all these younger rookies, i do feel old too >.<

  15. ya you are my unnie ;) you could write a story..hehe thats what a friend told me when i asked her wat i should do. hahaha...anyways who's excited for kara's comback??? i hope suju's still promoting by then kekekeke

  16. vacation and, just arrived from mississipi last night...killer college haha definetly, im starting my second semester this fall and dont know wat to major in yet (lame~ hehe) trying not to stress about it too much :) how bout you? what have you been up to lately?

  17. OMG~ ya itssss been a real real long time! :D wer you've been? i couldn't go on KH too busy summer for me..kekeke! ahhh omo! i know its soo late but belated happy birthday~

  18. *hugs too..wer yuv been lately?..seriously hyukrians are getting bigger! :D

  19. T_T i'd be needing a box of tissue to watch this.... I think their dance is last on the show cause as you can see hara looks like she just finished crying and gyuri's face kinda still has that hint of tears or maybe its just my imagination..anyways i can't wait to watch the ep. I want to know what their talking about so please somebody translate it ASAP....>
  20. This is by far the most awesome,epic news ive ever heard!!!!!!!!!! so excited!! when is it??
  21. not to be mean or anything but i loled at gyuri's eyes on the recent pic! XD is it the cam or the makeup?
  22. Ha! bring it on dookie!!! hyukri for the win but honestly i dont think they are *slap ma face maybe just some seriously feelings *hugs myself It'll be hard for them to go out but someday im hoping to see a scandal (headline: hyuk and gyul =dating???) yep, that's gonna be one awesome scandal *pats myself
  23. XD..i know right, there's not much of us here..thats because they are so underrated but i guess i can't blame the citizen because to be honest their songs are not that good(blame the comapany) the company doesnt know how to show off the members awesome talents..sigh

  24. that guy is kwanghee form ZE:A his been a fixed guess at SST so i guess they become friends..he doesnt really have gender so It's fine....-__- i want to see a bora with ZE:A grrrrr...whats the next sched?