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  1. ji young was cute in the performance as always but with a little more FIERCE in her performance.
  2. OOOO! the remix was awesome. thank you for the upload. the neon colors
  3. i love their english. XD so cute yet so funny. thank you for uploading these. Hara~goo <3
  4. YUp. that one is like my forum home =)

  5. ramyun is REALLY bad for you... but it TASTES SO GUUUUUDDDD!!! =( i can't stop myself from eating it... T-T

  6. i'll be sure to take MANY MANY MANY PICS. how about pork belly? ramyun doesn't make you gain much weight. =/ XD

  7. HAHAHA. ^^;; i wish i could. well, good luck on ur ap tests. =) get a bunch of 5's. YUPPPPP!!!! XD but i might end of staring at snsd that i forget to take pictures. >3< idk.. =/ the person who is running HB said that there would be no autograph session... TT-TT

  8. random visit to the person who visted randomly on soshified. WonSoKa JJJJJJANG!!

  9. yup. snsd <3 XD i see that you also adore snsd. ^^ that's kewl~

  10. school assignment?? computer science skool assignment?? =)

  11. hello. i have a question. do you know how to make a .gif w/out using adobe image ready? any help is much thanked. =]

  12. i have AP test...but.. I'M STILL GOING. XD the korea times (the peeps running the HB 09) said that there will be no autograph sessions. =( i guess i can take pics ^^;; w/ my awesome canon slr rebel xti =]

  13. kind of random....but do you know how to make .gifs without adobe imageready?

  14. hahaha. ^^ oh. thats kewl~. yup. i'm going to HB 09! w00t w00t! w/ mai pink S♥NE shirt. =] i was hoping that KARA would come. =/

  15. southern cali. around los angeles.

  16. hahaha. my mom is all like "math is so simple. what happened to all the genes I gave you? Maybe you got all your dad's genes!" ironically, my dad went to high skool in korea and he graduated 1st in his whole grade. XD

  17. econ is difficult for me cuz it's SO BORING... =( but i want to be a business management major so...yeah... i need to know the material... absorbing all the material is kind of hard like all ap classes... =/

  18. you live in in cali?!! i live in cali too. =)

  19. math is like mai weakest subject... TT-TT i'm a disgrace to the koreans... >3<

    history is somehow my fav subject. =D

  20. hmm...i not much of a remember the whole periodic table kind of person. i find bio more interesting. =) yeah i am. ^^

  21. good luck. ^^ ap chem is yucky. =O i prefer ap bio =]

  22. what's the GFX team??

  23. nothing much. =] i just finished watching BOF ep. 18 and i'm studying for mai econ test. =/

  24. hmm... no. =/ if i had to choose a couple, yuri + yoona. =)