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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have more to come! ♥

  2. WONSOKA<3 OMGAWD it would be so awesome to see all three girl groups on the same stage (: They would show all the groups that just debuted whos boss xD I really want them to make a song together x3 For boy groups.. SS501 (:
  3. Hara runs like the wind<3 or is it with the wind? w/e~ As much as i felt sorry for her for not winning (which she obviously would have) i could not stop laughing when she fell xD Congrats to though for winning
  4. ROFL i was really scared on where she signed xD kinda random though, i would treasure that glove<3 i would never use that glove to wash dishes lmao
  5. can't say i'll miss them, theyll be back next month x3 hoping for another winter album (: also, i wish they would perform Let It Go for the goodbye stage~ gosh, it's coming so until Kara goes to Japan. I hate when artists go overseas, but it's good for them so that they will be more well known first , now Kara Dx
  6. Old news with the whole Seungri thing, but her knowing Minzy is new to me Dx Thats so cool they're all friends. And the same dance school?! Must be a really good dance school rofl. All 3 of them are such amazing dancers. (:
  7. OMGAWD Aegyo overload xD LOL she always does something cute/weird on stage e.g doing the crocodile clap rofl Stealing xichigo's gif (i'll credit if i post it somewhere)
  8. OMGAWD she was so (and still is) adorable D: She has gotten even more gorgeous over the years x3
  9. OMGAWD i love all these gifs xD Thanks for sharing, this is my fav gif (: idk if it was already posted :\
  10. LMAO WG must have watched the match with Hara & Eunjung (& must have watched Idol ShowS4) Hara is one scary powerhouse >_> Don't judge a book by it's cover...DON'T (: Too bad they couldn't participate on the show T_T
  11. i'm glad no one was hurt (: i wonder how it must have felt for Kara? (LOL i keep imagining like a resident evil sort of thing xD the college students grabbing for Kara lmao)
  12. Kara - Pretty Girl It looks so vibrant I also chose it b/c it was the video that made me love & find out about Kara (: The song/MV always cheers me up too♥
  13. I honestly didn't like the MV, i still don't today. T_T I just find it so random from the songs, especially from the part where they are dancing. I just find it so odd LOL DSP was stepping up with the song & the teaser, but ruined it for me with the MV plot. Oh well, no matter DSP's, i still LOVE KARA & i still love the song (:
  14. Kara - Honey played 689 times xD I don't have any songs from their old album, i refuse to download rofl i want their first album D: But Let It Go is slowly climbing to the top