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  1. really haven't been active for the past .. or should i say this year >_< there have been alot of revamp and everytime KH revamp it gets better and better. So proud to be a member of this forum .. Keep it comming~ Karaholic FIGHTING!!
  2. i voted for Seungyeon hehe .. she is the one helping Nicole in her Korean and i think she's doing a great job XD .. woots~ nobody voted for Jiyoung lol.. because she's more like a student? hehe
  3. ^kewl.. i was going to ask that too XD thank you~ .. from the gifs alone i can say its another good episode (as always).. i stopped at 16th can't watch ..my connection stinks XD ..
  4. wt?? Hara ... *slaps face* erm.. hehe Jiyoung looks like a manager .. where Hara is the Star XD
  5. i love Kara.. but K-pop industry is really huge there are a lot of talented groups/artists to like, not saying i can't be pure Kamilia though keke~
  6. yeah .. i'm also anticipating for her hair flips everytime i watch Lupin perfs rrr.. very sexy .. just like the time where they were performing mister and erm.. yeah haha anticipating that too hehe~ ^^
  7. hmmm.. if i remember it right i have posted in this thread already XD .. Kara haven't been in my dreams still :/
  8. hmmm... i have a habit, where an idol group pops out i tend to pick my favorite at the very first time i see them .. hehe .. so basically when you pick your favorite at the spot you would base it in their looks .. and yeah Hara caught my attention with those big rounded eyes and small face she has XD .. untill now Hara still is my favorite,her being outgoing in varieties are just lovely nyahaha ... Hara Hwaiting! ...
  9. totally lovin it~ ... one more thing she has to do is sing i Love rock en roll na na na na~ baby~ XD lol .. SeungYeon rockin the short hair baby~
  10. yeah .. she's a thief alright .. she even stole my heart XD ... wtfish .. where did that come from?
  11. woops~ sorry .. i didn't stay long, i replied on your message and went off XD .. didn't intend to snob you >_< sorry .... maybe next time ~ ^__^v

  12. Yay!!You've replied!!I miss u,lol^^So you're busy at school..drob by at sbox ratz!It's been a while>.<

  13. i voted for nicole i was going to click Seungyeon but it slipped to nicole haha XD
  14. haha i rememberthe same thread in one of the forums i'm in her face is also being covered by the logos because she is so tall XD poor girls 200th post!