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  1. thanks for sharing these songs! was looking for step remix for some time now!
  2. thank you for sharing the songs! these are like rare jewels in a treasure trove
  3. thanks for sharing! i was wondering whether anyone would rip it out from the perf...
  4. Hammie Hammie GO~

  5. at least her gym sessions are paying off! she's maturing elegantly to be a fine woman
  6. Hahaha. Lovely Jing. Definitely super adorbs and future guy magnet. <3 Graduation part was kinda creepy though lol
  7. they all look good on her! but i think 'if u wanna's style suits her extremely well
  8. Oooh. That 6 in 1 is a total overload of awesome Kara. They look incredible!
  9. i'd bet it's influenced by her inner american hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm not like it doesnt look good though. suits her! FFuu. She looks so staggeringly sexy in those outfits. Street style on Nicole is superb!
  10. goddesses do not need makeup i think without makeup she looks more natural and you can see her features much more better
  11. two of my most favourite in one picture. hmm. how can i not vote for this? tonkatsu + seungyeon = <3
  12. These videos are superb, infinite potential for gif-ing. Plus Jiyoung totally rocked the her MV. Much appreciated for the share! Especially for the New Year.