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  1. ^ I LOVE THAT GIF. XD SO CUTE. >.< I'm not surprised she got on the list. XD Seungyeon should had got #1 but #5 is good enough.
  2. I seriously love this layout! Thanks to all the tech admin and people who worked on this. YOU'RE AMAZING!
  3. Congrats to KARAHOLIC! I didn't donate though TT.TT But I'm still proud to be a Kamilia
  4. Aww, she so sweet. It's their 4th anniversary today and finally she tweeted something. She don't have to be sorry.
  5. Poor Hara. Yet she is still smiling after than incident. hope it didn't hurt.
  6. So cute! I wonder how she carried 2 at the same time xD keke, hammie looks like a bunny too! xD
  7. After watching some of the latest episodes of URAKARA, her hair is growing back! YAY! I love her hair in Lupin, but I didn't like her hair in Jumping that much ><
  8. keke, thanks for welcoming me! ^^

  9. Welcome Welcome =)

  10. Thank you for welcoming me. ^^

    I'll work hard.

  11. Hi, Randy! :D Welcome to the team :)

  12. It make her look very mature and sexy. I wonder why they don't do the MV version of the hairflip live.
  13. LOL She's so cute! I love how she fell down doing it. It makes it even more cuter!
  14. BROWN! It's more better than black. Black is too plain for her. Brown suits her.