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  1. wooo happy birthday! (again) =D

  2. Thnks for the wish Meme :D

  3. Thanks so much ven :D

  4. happy birthday! i like your profile background (:

  5. Happy, happy birthday :D:D:D

  6. Best news in quite a while. Altough it wasn't a large amount, it's all good because of the sincerity and effort that Kamilia have put in to make this a huge succes! Here's to wishing success to all of kamilia's future endeavours!!
  7. keke, thanks for welcoming me! ^^

  8. Welcome Welcome =)

  9. Thank you :D Let's make this team a whole lot super! :D

  10. Grats on your new Group! ^^

  11. not so good ... and you ??

  12. Hi how are you doing

  13. WOO~. Thank goodness i managed to get a first press edition of the japanese album. I believe this streak is going to continue, beating destiny's child. Anyone think 750k in sales in possible?
  14. Hello, thx for the add ^^