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  1. One of my favorite dramas, I cried so much on s2...
  2. I'm speechless, I get a little worried when I saw her IG posts (not only the last one) Hoped my worries would not get real, since the only thing I can do is send her positive messages, even on her V-lives she looked sad We love you, Hara, please don't hurt yourself, you deserve to be happy
  3. I can make photos of my albums, but do I need to put my nickname or something?
  4. Just a stupid question... must be photos of us or a FC? Cause I have a lot of photos but I'm not there and are fantaken from South Korea lol
  5. This was made before Youngji get join to KARA, but makes sense right now Stay strong, stay together Being together doesn't mean necessarily on KARA, being together as the family we used to be, not only because of KARA, remember on some hours we'll be on Christmas, share some love and forget the issues about contracts, members, OT-X, whatever Best wishes to all of you, Merry Christmas!
  6. 엠스테 30주년 10시간 생방송에 나온 X-Japan.... 나이가 들어서도 멋지다.. 요시키상 카리스마가 말로 표현이 안되네 Anyone has the translation of this update?